Friday, September 30, 2005 ;

todae i slp at 4am thur.. u all confUse mah when i say all tHis date and tIme.. Hee Hee.. u Juz neeD to Know i whole dae Never sLeeP can liao.. hahah.. first tImE i Try thIs.. iT KinDa fUn buT baD for my skiN.. will have a lot piMples... i try to go back my original slping tIme okIes.. hehehehhe... so i wake up 1plUs in the afternoon and watch tv.. hAppen to tune in to HBO and saw one movie quite nice so continUe to watch.. abt a person called Patch adam, he willing to help people no matter what.close to the ending it so sad that i cry.. sObzz.. tHen sHan sms Me and i went onlIne chat we her.. sHe told mE an iNdiaN guY say i ####!!! hahah.. so sHy.. then he happen to sIgn In .. we just say Hi and i went to bath. after That when i finish pon pon,, he was gone.. haha.. so i continue to chat with sHan!!! o H ya.. ytd sOccerMatch Man U Vs Benfica.. watch a bit.. saw Man u score.. wah there was a goal nearly goal bUt they didnt notice.. then i saw my handsOme aLaN sMith.. the final score is Man U 2!!! yeah they wOn.. todae also got one more match at 235am liverPooL vS chelsa.. mUst stay uP and watch!!! okie that all folK.. dUn feeL borEd okIEssss.. He had becUm oNe piece of My heArt.. hOw!!! have breadting dIfficultieS witHOut tt piece.. HoPe he PiecE baCk!!!

1:36:00 PM

Thursday, September 29, 2005 ;

it's wedNesdaE 11pM plus at nIght le.. i haben slEep since yTd ..had been trying to level up.. finalli succeded this morning around 8. then when wanted sleep, ah ma ask me to go eat breakfasT.. so went to eat then my sis need to go school so went to bath and i headed HoMe.. PromIse to sEnt mRs Ho song at 2.30 so i didn't go to sleep as it already 1.30pm.. so i waIted.. then finiallI she came and while sending we had some chat.. all this chatting heLp me feel awake.. meanWhile also hElp mUm to do some cHore.. when nite coMe, da Jie ask me to cHarge her mP3, so i got to surf the net longer!!!! ok everYone sTopPinG here.. u all go sleep and i continue to surf the nEt.. bYe.. Bye.. yawNz.. wiLl mY paNda eYe scare Him??? mUst go pUt cream Liao.. hee Hee..

2:50:00 PM

Wednesday, September 28, 2005 ;

ytd nva sLeep.. play maPle tIll todae. slp at 9am then 1pm woke uP!!! then eat lunch... after cotinue to pLay coMp agaiN.. hee Hee.. pLay till cOme aLso sHut dOwn itsElf.. tHink pLay too Long Le then make my comp too hOt.. then around 5 plus went home to take clothe coz tonite going ah ma house agaIn... when reach hOme kiNda tirEd so slEep till a while and when wake up pull out my bed sheet to wash... then had a quick bath and makan then went to ah ma house... then continue my mApLe story.. whahah.. i thInk all tHis wEeK i'll bE maPle sIaO... that all for todae.. i continue to Play..seeYa sOon.. lOng tIme nO seE hIm Le.. woNder what he has bEeN dOinG???

8:40:00 AM

Tuesday, September 27, 2005 ;

nOw at ah ma hSe.. cum here to use wireless.. sundae till now haben sleEp.. whahah!!! going to sLp in a wHilE.. then go Home to change clothe.. theN cOme hOmE agaIn.. hee hee.. nOw slEepy so nthing to write.. hee hee.. Zzzz going to sLeep.. night everyonE.. hee hee.. seeya tml.. will updaete more tMl.. thoUgh i'M tired, my Mind is FuLl of hIm!!!

12:23:00 AM

Monday, September 26, 2005 ;

@ nEw MrT traCK @

mei Mei use coMp whole dae.. onli nOw have a little time to uPdaTe bLoG!!! wisH haD wiReless coNneCtion.. then i can pLay where i WaN.. gtg.. tata everyone!!! mIsS ya.. stIlL wIll mIsS hIm nO maTter wHat haPpEN!!!

2:15:00 AM

Sunday, September 25, 2005 ;

weekend startiNg.. jUz sTart aT hOmE wHoLe dae.. PlaYinG maPLe.. i gOing LeVel 30 le.. can be a wizard!!! but wat wizard lEi?? lighting or FirE??? cOnfUse ar!!! ok i go back to game.. cuM back to read agIn.. bye bye!!! hOpe he ReaLisE thAt He is KeY to MY heart!!!

9:14:00 AM

Saturday, September 24, 2005 ;

daMn bored so cUm uPdate.. todae was a boring dAe!!! all not OnliNe.. sIaNz.. so went to slP qutie eaRly.. hee hee.. that all.. wHeN caN wE bE tOgeThEr?? or we wIll NeVer going to be toGethEr???

1:49:00 PM

Friday, September 23, 2005 ;

& F4 taKeN @ bUgIs &
it's tHursdaY todae and there's a shopping trip wif F3.. hee Hee!!! it Was raIniNg quite heavily outside so we deLay our trip.. i wanted to say sorrI to my F3 coz i was Late.. then went we reach, went to eat claypot rice.. quite nice just that a bit salty!!! after tHaT we Went to sHop aroUnd.. saw so mani cute stuff but can't bUy.. mUst saVe moNey!!! theN we waLk pasS a NeoPrint sHop and we Went in n take!!! the MachIne daMn fuNni loi.. the shot take so fast then the background will change so the cloth will come up n down.. so mafan. keep hitting us.. hee hee.. bUt while taking we had so much laughter!!! i thinK have sOme suggestion are have a retake function and can it be in english?? After thaT we went to a shop sell de .. there no other customer but mdm say later at night will be more!! finishing n feeling bloated, we went to bugis village walked walkeD.. so mani thing yet i didnt buy!! haha.. then we went back to the mall.. suddenly we saw a lady wearing a cloth that pres like!!! at first we heck care and didnt go chase n see wat brand!!! then pres sudden ask let go chase after them!!! then we go second n third floor, we just cant find the lady. when we give up, the lady just walking to our direction n she went to Watson.. we followed.. i n Mali just saw it orange tag but cant see where it from as it inside.. then pres ask us to ask her.. we dun Dare.. then when we wanted to go.. the lady's frenz is paying thing and i happen to walk pass so i juz Open my MOuth and asK her!!! LuckI she friendly and told me IT was frOm istan!! i Was too nervous and forget to ask wat brand.. so we go seiYu see whether got or not coz seiyu might have similar de.. after walking a round, we can't find so we decided to go hoMe so went to level 1.. seeIng Pres so disappointed and to my "sUi" mouth, i saID : if I saw that lady again i'll help you go ask what brand!!! dO yoU kNow wat hAppEn nExt?? the Lady was walking Behind us!!! OMG!!! why is this thing happen to me.. so to de promise, i realli went back to ask.. that lady juz ask us to see oursleves.. so paiseh!!! hee hee.. finalli we kNow wat brand and from where after a BIG search!!! then we went hOme after such a "INTERESTING" happen!! muahaha!!! the End!!! if my mouth so ling i wish that HE and I wilL have GooG thIng happeN betweeN us!!! hee Hee ...

2:50:00 PM

Thursday, September 22, 2005 ;

waKe uP Umm.. 9 plUs bah.. coz JuNie sms me say MaYbe can Go teKonG cOz cher saY caN but i go checK maIl, didn'T saY Lei.. sO i emaiL agaiN.. wheN 10am cher deN tell mE can bUt i thInk it a Bit lAte liao coZ 11.30 haD to be iN sCHoOl.. i eVerythInG haBen pRepare so i think i cant make it.. so i never gO!!! haPpies for mrS cHia coz sHe saW hEr husbaNd, mR CHIA WEI CHOONG!!! hEe Hee!!! at firsT wanted to go shOpPIng wiF shAN but a bit sleepy i went to sLeEp.. then wake up around 3pm liao .. so never go... SoRI sHaN!!! then hElp maMa do sOme wasHing.. then play coMp loI.. hee.. waNted to slp bUt saW some frEnz in Friendster!!! he HelP me a lOt n teacH mE a Lot. thanK hIm so MucH.. he is SingaPorean buT nOw sTudyIng aUs!!! continUe tml coz PlaYing.. nite eVerYonE!!! hOpE i caN bE wItH HIm nOw anD fOreVeR!!!

12:44:00 AM

Wednesday, September 21, 2005 ;

dOinG nOthing at HomE.. chIt chattInG.. tMl maYbe wAn go teKonG.. juZ senD maIl to cher cox he say still got space!!! 4nDA someMore!!! gettIng back my deAr harDdIsk On tHur!! can SeE e Mo zAi sHen bIaN lE!!! aLl muz thank Mrs ChIa!!! that all folk.. still pLaYinG maPle.. bYe.. caN i nOt mIsS hIm oNe daY?? the aNswEr is ..

2:22:00 PM

Tuesday, September 20, 2005 ;

it's MondaY.. toDae mama had to pray again.. so while playing comp, help mama to prepapare also.. left onr potatoes so mum ask me to use the PurpLe kInd.. but inside also peple in colour so mum say cant use.. coz later curry become purple.. sO Mum taek the purple potatoes and fry it see whether nice... when i eat i think it no differnt from normal potatoes.. you'll can give it a try.. so after helping out i burn the incense paper as mum must go work.. while burning, take some pic of the new Rp in woodland.. have a loOk.. then todae dajie slp in my room as mei goes camping.. will play comp till 3am.. hee hee !!! iS lOvIng yOu a CrImE???

* tHis MiGhT bE yOuR cLasSrOoM *

* sPorT haLL??? *

2:50:00 AM

Monday, September 19, 2005 ;

todae mei mei go bUy wo de li xiang HanDpHone nokia 6680!!! then wai po call said shan yi come. sO when Mum & sIs coMe hOme we went to wai Po hse.. at there, playing comp loi.. see mY cousin.. theN around 10 plus went hOme & sLEep.. ZzZZZzzz.. sTiLl waItiNg fOr Him to aPpeaR.. mIss Him mUch..

2:55:00 PM

Sunday, September 18, 2005 ;

nOw nothing to do, sO juSt cUm and bLoG.. rOttiNg the wHolE daE at HoMe.. can i eNd herE.. Hee Hee!! can Lai oKies.. NvM.. nObOdy caRe whaT i write Here.. sO eNd nOw.. wHat arE hE dOinG?? i WondEr.. HopE he's FiNE??? pRaY fOr hIm..

10:34:00 AM

Saturday, September 17, 2005 ;

todae had to wake up at 10plUs coz todae is the final day for the IP.. meet wanchin and weichin at wdL mrt and headed to BuoNa vIsta to meet Shan. Then take a few minUtes walk to Civil servIce College!!! then we Start to do our jOb.. oUr is aSher.. started with the sEcoNdarY cHildren.. got one secondary so cutE, when ask hiM to moVe he will say ok anD his sinCere face.. OMG.. daMn iNnocenT.. thEn laTer i and cHiN stand at dE dOoR and trY to guide othEr.. TheN tiff came and told us that when show bEgin we had mustn't let PeopLe go In by the Front dOor as it mIght diStuRb the wholE shOw.. todae kInda haPpI coz keeP seeing " Re" & migHt haVe sOme eYe cOntact Haha.. (some of you Know whU hIm. Hee hEe!!! ) a bit sad about todae thing is that i didnt get to see the show.. bUt nvm tiff say will have vcd then She let me had it FirsT.. hOpe shE reMemBer.. so around 3 plus or 4, the auditorium program end and we all proceed to refreshment n exhibit.. have a few word wif Monks Hill sec student.. kinDa cUte.. then weNt to eat the first meal of the day.. so hungry cox monrning didnt eat anything.. thEn we can go HOme bUt dUn feLt lIke goiNg coX sUmonE haBen gO.. cOx todAe migHt be the laSt chance i can See Him so Often.. Hee Hee!! in the EnD, i sTill unwilling take my bag and Go. Then went juroNg Point wif shAn.. at 7 go take 178 hoMe.. ( the HIM in all the prevIoUs bLoG i write is nOt " re" ohh.. i tHinK de "HIM" u all kNow is wHU) anOther DaY haD paSs.. wo Dui da de sHi nIaN yUe lia yuE sHeN!!!

= mE & sHaN taken aT CSC =

1:45:00 PM

Friday, September 16, 2005 ;

toDae was sUpPose to go out wif F4 but one of the memBer is dowN.. she sO sicK. tO KNow more abt her illness please proceeD to PreS's bLoG.. bUt waIt la.. read mIne finIsh fiRst.. so as Normal came online deN chAt with jUniE.. dEn sHe asKed me wanted to see ReD eYe maH coz she wOn 2 tickets.. whiLe decidiNg asK maYi paN to online asked her wanted to go mah.. the conclusion : yes and we see this movie for $4!!! heE hEE.. when reached there the ticket gal was fuNnI siAh coX left oNe tiMe slOt den sHe ask us waN wat TimE?? after purchasing we still have time.. so we walk around sUn pLaZa n went to nTuC to bUy tibIts for our moviEss!!! hapPen to see a weird potatO that is pUrpLe n reD coloUr?? woNder it tasTe de sAme?? (will have anSwer in mIne PosT, so dO reaD!!! hee Hee ^_^) sO i brought chocolate and prawn cracker while JunIe & maLi brought LARGE calbee photo chIps.. muHahA.. i broUght pearlY soYa mIlK also.. yUmmY!!! then it tiMe, so went to the cineMa and was wondering how mani ppL will be inside.. hMm.. when we stEp iN........ the whOle threaTe was sOooOOOooO emPty.. onli we 3 gals.. so We started take ouR illeGal stufF out (fooD la noT dRuG) then 2 gUy came few min 1 more gUy caMe in.. so in The eNd, the whole cineMa onlI fiLl up wIf 6 pPl.. the shOw waS nOrmAl till the last PaRt.. aIYo.. DaMn exciting lOI.. wHen the gUy (bLue eYe leI sO haNdsOme) beeN pokEd wif a Pen iN the thRoat, can feeL the paIn.. then went ChaSe to the hSE.. we 3 gals is like panickIng and laughing.. the whole cinema fill with our shouting bUt the 3 guy was liKe so caLm.. maaYbe they niaN jI da Le.. Opps.. i Mean olDer than us nOt say them oLd.. (dUn mIsunDerstND) FinaLi the shOw fiNish.. wanted to kNow then enDing.. i tell yOu..... to go watch the movie.. hee hee.. so we went to cake shop coz my mama ask me to buy pizZa for her.. veri NIcE... then we all weNt hOme haPpiLi!!! sTorY eNd & tIme For Bed.. yaWnzzZz.. wHy He sTiLl nOt oNlinE?? wHerE haVE he BeEn??? sOme cEll haD die cOz oF thinKINg too MuCh..

= thE aCtor & aCtreSs =

2:31:00 PM

Thursday, September 15, 2005 ;

think my post is getting shorter but realli veri sian lei.. i dunno why i had pp to do but just not willing to seat down and do it?? why man?? when will i do it?? haiz.. back to todae journey.. i think same as tuesday bah.. nothing different.. that all folk.. seeya!!! ohh yah.. tml cant go out liao cox mrs chia sick.. even went to hospital..(for more detail about her illess see her blog) hope her recover soon ar den we all can go out again!!! long time never see him online liao.. hope he fine in doing everything!!!

1:09:00 PM

Wednesday, September 14, 2005 ;

play computer whole dae.. sumtime help mama when at home!!! chat wif mali or juNie loi.. glad they are online but todae mali mdm go out wif sir.. so left junie n pres.. hee hee!!! nothing more to do.. browsing some web sites.. adding idol yahoo group!!! think of you becox i love you..

12:43:00 PM

Tuesday, September 13, 2005 ;

woohoo todae when to clementi kbox again.. but todae when with shan.. she was late and let me wait half an hour.. sobz sobz.. but never mind we had a wonderful dae and she let me sing kang ge ge de song 3 times.. hee hee!!! sing till 730 den when the kbox kong zuo ren yuan (same as last fridae) wanted to come in to tell us last song. but we stand up before she come in.. so in the end she say bye bye at the door.. hee hee.. after that we wan go makan so we say let go jurong point.. while walking i tell shan imm bus lei.. then she say why not go imm.. so we jus hope on the bus and head to imm.. we went to eat KFC.. we alway ate the same.. 2 piece meal, colesaw change to cheese fries.. den in then end we will be damN fuLL.. hahaha.. den we went to Daiso the $2 shop.. shan n i buy fake fingernail.. veri nice and we do something wrong there.. hee hee!!! hOpe shan tian will yuan liang us.. then we went home.. bath and write blog and lastly sleep.. zzZzz.. i'Ve given yOu my heaRt.. havE yOu??? (update photo agaiN..)

2:26:00 PM

Monday, September 12, 2005 ;

stay at home because mama go out with her friends.. play computer at about 3pm coz mei want to use it at Nitez.. at night eat chicken soup n steam egg. cooked by mum before she go out.. that all folk.. short & sweet.. coPy mali de Lei.. she more power.. lazy to write then ask Ppl see our bloG.. haHa.. nvM.. mdM is like that de.. so maNi thing to do.. have to go make nails.. sPa.. chit cHat with other mdm.. etc.. so i yuan liang her.. Muahahha.. where Have you been?? beEn seaRchIng For yOu...

1:42:00 PM

Sunday, September 11, 2005 ;

11.15 malI mdm then reach woodlands then had to call other mdm go first if not scare they cannot shake superstar hand.. so when we reach.. not so much ppl la.. then chia n he mdm went dao bao anD bring up to eat. buT i n mali mdm eat at yoshinoya.. super full.. we both cant finish the rice.. then went mos burger buy drink.. you know we saw what.. gt ppl da bian in one of da seat.. lucki the mos quite big separate into 2 spaces.. then de space got shit close first.. dunno who siah.. hee hee.. as i n mali mdm no tix cant shake their hand so we stand at the side near stage.. while waiting.. we saw a gal keep performing in front of the crowd siah.. i n malI though tt was "enterTaining".. oOpX!!! then we can also hear latest news as mani gong zhuo ren yuan are just in front of us.. like the superstar are on the highway, etc.. finally after seating for 2hr... the superstar arrives.. at first jason was nearest to us .. we though we had stand the wrong place ar.. but when they ready to shake ppl hand, jy come over to our side.. we were so hapPi.. he shuai Dao.. omg... so sad tt i cant shke his hand.. also forget wor my mrs chia & mrs he hand coz they wor jy de.. sobz.. after a while the wor shou hui end.. n we headed bak to je.. onli left me n mali, the rest go home.. we were squeeze by mani ppl on the bus when we take shuttle bus to imm.. once we reach.. we were finding where jj.. we went third floor but no stage.. then walk around lvl 1 but still cant find.. saw the information counter there got put jj poster.. then it was at the imm stage!! we ask where the stage is and when we walk pass a lot of jj fan waiting for his signature.. it was daMn crowded so we went to lvl 3 but still we cant see so we decided to go back lvl 1.. reaching lvl 1 near de stage was a carpark then we stood there coz we though jj will cum from there as the security put bar in front of us.. but in the end jj come from the second floor.. i and mali laugh till penGzZ.. we keep moving around, trying to get the best view but still cant.. so we decided to give up.. hee hee.. after 1hr plus.. jj finally sign finish.. n jy had come.. then tok a little n introduce their lao shi " shui sang piao" and sing him a song.. after that the event was finished.. i n Mali mdm was damn leg pain.. then we bought shi lin to eat.. then sir call n we go to take mrt.. i was such a BIG BULB.. wish i can faster go off.. hee hee.. todae indeed was a tiring dae but weird i cant slp.. haha.. mAybe suMone are in mind which make me si mIaN... (i'll update the photo for todae again)

1:08:00 PM

Saturday, September 10, 2005 ;

todae onli got one word to describe " ENJOY "!!! went outing wif my tai tai..but i was late.. hee hee.. but one tai tai also overslept, came later than me.. hee hee .. so we went to makan first.. while eating i got another job which is i had one more tai tai to take care of.. i straight away had to do work lei.. buy and pour drink for the new Neo tai tai!!! then when they are finishing, mrs chia came!!! we dunno to go part world or kbox. so we decided to ask kbox first.. in the end we landed in kbox.. todae heard Mrs He & Mrs Chia sing lei.. they all had beautiful voice.. not like me.. sobZzz..then he tai tai got sing mani song with me.. scream with me.. hee hee.. finally got the chance to sing kang ge ge de Song!!! and this is the first time we refill so mani tibits.. haha.. dunno the ppl izzit fan by abt 7 plus, we all when home.. lucki i was in time to see the final "shui jia mu ji bu shen dan" then when online to chat with all taIss then receive pic!!! then write testI... then went snoriNg coz tml had to wake up at 10 coz meeting tai tai again to go bukit panjang plaza!!! sO everyone slP titE.. though i am tired.. mY miNd aRe still thinking of sumonE..

+ all mY taI taI +

= nEo taI & baO mU =

2:48:00 PM

Friday, September 09, 2005 ;

todae went out wif mama again.. she wan return library books.. so accompanY her go.. first we walk around cwp first.. after walking one round, at my hands was all my thing.. hee hee.. mum bought me a jean n some girl's thing.. haha.. Thank mUm!!! oHh yah also bought paPa Un_er_e_r.. then after that we went to the library.. see some book then saw some cute tourist comic guide and borrow it.. finally we go to the last destination.. NtuC faIrprice.. bought some vege to cook for dinner and i bought pasta ingredient to cook on sunday.. yummy.. cant wait.. then headed home and play maple again.. also got help mama prepare dinner!!!! then watch 9pm show onn channel 8. tml last esposide liao.. saded.. nvm got new fa yi gu shi kan.. hope it's interesting!!! end here.. thougH nthiNg has hapPen betweeN us. i will Jia YoU de wOrx..

1:10:00 PM

Thursday, September 08, 2005 ;

it's wedneSday.. n i had nthing to do agaiN.. juz watch tv n play comp.. watch the punisher @ hBo.. the scence where the bad guy pull out the mouth ring from other guy is daMn er Xing maN. eEEkkk... feel the pain ar.. after that went on playing maple loi.. then ate dinner.. wash.. watch " shui jia mu ji bu shen dan" then write this then slp.. waiting for friday to cum coz going out with my tai tai.. yeah.. excited leiii.. that all my reader.. it kinda boring lai and this few week i think going to be like this also so bear with it okiEsss.. hOpe anGel will grand my wisH of having sUmonE!!! i pRAY HARD everyday n everYniTe!!!

1:26:00 PM

Wednesday, September 07, 2005 ;

hmm.. todae acc mama go LTA renew her license for bus attendant!!! wait for half an hour than our turn.. after that went to sembawang to buy bread.. had my favourite pearly soya milk.. hee hee.. then reach home play games loi.. nthing to do.. siaNNNzzzz!!! saw him online but didn't dare to talk to him.. but still wilL think of him.. wiLl he thinK of mE?? i think no bah.. haiz.. bye.. nite everyonE..

2:55:00 PM

Tuesday, September 06, 2005 ;

it's been a busy day!!! whole afternoon had been helpinG mama cook cox todaE she nEed tO baI bai n chatting with my F3!!! we decided to go sIng on frIday... yiPee!!! first time going to sing in front of tai tai..scary lei!!! hee hee.. now veri full lei.. mama cook so mani delicious thing espcially sotong!!! that my favourite.. then ah yi cum n saw her hp.. wanted to buy but she say buy k750i can liao.. have the same function as w800i.. juz tt w800i no need sim card to play music.. so i think i juz buy k750i bah.. help mum save money.. hee hee.. that all for todae.. gd nitez he tai tai, mrs neo and mrs chia!!! still thinking of hIm... haizZz..

11:14:00 AM

Monday, September 05, 2005 ;

another day will be ending soon.. yaWn... todae wake up 9am.. dunno why so early..hee hee.. stay at home whole day playing maple.. while playing saw some cool character with their costume so take a few snapshot... then at 8 plus see 2 fast 2 furious on HBO!!! veri nice.. all the car so chio man.. the nan zhu jiao also hee hee wish one day i had a chance to sit in those car.. dunno will i vomit after having a ride.. haha.. then see trailer of kingdom of heaven which i had this favourite line " what man is a man when is doesn't make the world better" say by olando.. hee hee.. then hear some byran adam song.. veri smoothing.. like it veri much.. especially plz forgive Me.. hOpe sOmeDaY he wIll UndErStaND and ReAliSe hOw mUch i miSs & loVe hIm..

* find the black guy cOoL *

+ sMilE aRmy gUy +

* loOk liKe sOme kInD oF qiaNg jUn *

2:43:00 PM

Sunday, September 04, 2005 ;

had a bOring daY todaE!!! waKe up at 12pM.. mUm cum back from market. buy me a packEt of chicken rice.. after eating, wash some plate then connect to the net.. nO onE was online.. nobody to tok to!!!! whEre my tai taisSs n mali n ying n nana??? sO went to friendster add some friends and i'm Determined to add till 200.. hee hee so hOpe mOre ppL will aDd me n aCcepte my invite.. thank aR.. while adding also deleting my maIl, it was ovEr 1000 but all is supersTar fan club mail.. deLete till siaO siah.. mean whIle also dwling some junyang cliP.. he was handSome daO.. (but mei yOu "him" handsome.. muahaha) so for the rest of the day was just staying in front of the comp waiting for all my dearest freNz to online.. wait.. wait .. wait.. i think around 10pM then juNie n maLi msn mE.. sO saD.. theN wHen steven onLinE.. saW hIs msn pic, i was curious what cartoon is that?? the pic is belOw is anione kNow plz tell me K!! thaNk !!! sTiLl thInkIng of hIm evEry hoUr, minUtes and seconDsss and miLisecoNds....

* is tHaT wiNnIe thE pOoH?? *

2:25:00 PM

Saturday, September 03, 2005 ;

eating cHe lun bIng while typinG... influence by my classmates.. hee hee.. todae was quite a busy day.. when to civil service college for ip rehersal.. we were late by umMm.. half an hour.. hee hee.. on mrt even seat beside mR ben sim.. haha.. wanchin dun even noe. i think only wang li hong sit beside her then she know.. hee hee.. when we reach there we started to usher as some of the sch started cuming.. but we were like some kind of mess as it the first time. as too many people were ushering so i and shan went to the door to guide them. after tt we seat and watch the act till 4 plus and went home.. hope on the 16sept all will went smoothly.. then i came home and started senting pic.. tok to tai tai.. tt all folk.. Misses hiM now and then..

11:56:00 AM

Friday, September 02, 2005 ;

hmm... toDae is the first day of the month, also my last day for the semester.. going holiday liao but feel a bit sad as going to change class again.. hope i can be in same class with all my tai tai.. n cannot see him siah if school holiday.. sadzzZ!!! tHis is the first time wish schOol's hOlidaY faster eND.. hee hee.. ok back to todae journey.. have lesson as usual. then end at 2 plus but we can't go home as we had wIreless Ut. theN we still need to go SM0122 take... so maFaN.. sO after Ut we take pictures as friday i wuN be gOing as i had to go fOr the iP rehersaL!!! after that went home wif pres, junie, jaylin n fanny.. but reach boon lay i was all alone to take 178.. by the time i reach home, it was going to be 7.30 so i take a quick bath so i wun miss SupErsTar.. got my sIr biao yaN lei.. the anaTa was cUte n Jj perforMace damn cOoL siaH.. at 11 de result was out.. and as expecteD wEiLian was De superStar!! buT keLlY didnt lose also, she had sign on bY universal.. sO i think this is also a happI ending!! after watching , damn tired.. so i went to sleep after writine this and nva sent my taitai photo.. opPxs.. soRri.. everYday everynight missiNg him!!!
* yIng me mali *
* F4 in sInGaPoRe *

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Thursday, September 01, 2005 ;

bLoG zHeN sHi kA shI LiaO!!! hoPe eveRyOne cAn cum taG!! hEe Hee!! hMM.. juZ waKe up not LonG agO.. coz ytd gO oUt aLl niTE to ceLebRatE dEnise'S beLated bIrthdae... firSt we wEnt to paRtY wOrLD sIng tIlL 12aM.. theRe gT so Mani sOngsSs lei.. gOt mY yuKi n 911 de.. bUt onCe tIme up haD to gO, cannot staY loNger.. saD.. bUt oUr celebRaTion doesN't eNd here.. we wEnt to wanchIn's HsE firSt and she had a bath. then arounD 2aM, wanchIn drive uS witH her lorry to eat roti prata.. and wE saw CHEN HAN WEI siaH.. he waS so hanDsoME.. too bad nva taKE photo.. when we finish han wei habeN go.. sO we wait fOr them in wanchin lorry.. Haha!! aftEr a while, han Wei n his friends really walk to the carparK.. omGGG... toO baD wE dUn dare to saY bYe.. by then it 3 plus.. then we went tO chufeng hse and had soMe chat oveR there.. we taLk abouT ghOst story but theY say i saY till not scary.. haha!! then at 5 Plus in the morninG, we went bacK to woOdlanDs and go tO maC to Have a DriNk.. tHen by 8am we all reacH homE.. i haD a baTh anD went to slP till nOw.. hahaha!! haBen sTuDY teSt.. gOinG sTuDy... bYe byE!! misSes hiM evErydaEss.... :)

* me feng chin *

* me birthDae gaL chIn *

@ paRtywOrlD ceLebratiNg deNisE birThdaY @

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