Sunday, July 30, 2006 ;

woah.. alreaDy 17 days i didn'T PosT aNyTHinG!!! but in betweEn happEn sO manI thinGs & i CHANGE my blogskin.. thanX to DenIse n Mali.. KEke... i try to UpDatE all thOse stuff cox my braIn is NoT funCtioning sO welL cox had nt been usiNg it Lately!!! i'lL starT frOm 16JuLY!!! HopE i duN soUnd like thOse crimE watch sHOW.. (cox crime watch alway say wat happen after which they will show back wat happen in the past then to the present..MinE is DiffEnt k.. my thINk bacK is precious.. hee Hee)

16JulY2006 Rush hoME froM ah MA HSE... went to bath then Cf called so it'S tiME for Me to go take Bus.. so had my Last toUcH up.. then went to bus-stOp to take bUs.. waited sO lonG, finalli camE (i wonder why nowaday 913 so Long..) & hP sing : Sarenheyao means i love you..(it's my sms Alert LA.. keke) then it'd cf sms me, she told she reach.. so i gotta rush up to the mrt cox i dun wan her wait so long.. then along the way to the station.. this survey guy came toward me.. while walking he ask -

survey guy: are u still schooling??
me : umm.. yah.. (after a few sec thinking i answer again!! see i miss sch so much!!!) me : no no..finish study le
survey guy: then working??
me : still finding
survey guy: looking for wat kind of job??
then i tell him sorry my frenz waiting for me above(mrt)..

in the process it was funni loi.. cox i wan to avoid him then i try to walk fast n walk other side of the pillar but he also veri fast n walk other side of pillar loi.. keke sori to the survey guy.. i realli was in a hurry..

then met up wif cf le then we headed to je (jurong east).. shan sms me tt she alwao juz went take bus.. so we reached ard the same time.. so indeed when we reached shan reached too.. so went to buy long john b4 we go into kboX.. todae so mani ppl.. when we go to counter still ask us wait.. then finalli our tuRn.. rOom 55.. the waitress shout so LOud.. she shout: 55 hao fang.. zhe bian qin.. think she train to shout so loud.. dunno at the end of the day her throat pain mah.. then we start choose songs.. while cf start to eat the tifbits.. think she hungry.. i think de first song we sing is 2moro de "shao le".. then during the few hr sing zhan zheng yue, cao ge, 2moro, shi kang jun, a-mei, jj, li sheng jie de songs etc.. funny de was in the opposite room came a couple.. suddenly the guy stand near de door , take de mic and began to sing n with some gresture.. a bit funni la.. feel like he going to go for a compeition.. we were naughty.. coz we saw him sing jj - zhi dui ni shuo.. as we also gt choose this song.. so when our turn came we sing extrA loudly.. dunno he hear mah.. HEe heE.. then ard 6.. shan go le.. so left me & cf.. so we choose a few.. then i sing all wubaI cox his & zhang zheng yue concert is cuming & I"M GOING & I GOING DE MOST EX De.. wooHOO.. MC HOtDog is going to be the GUest.. duNNo they will sing " wo ai tai mei, tai mei ai wo" keke.. maybe they change de tai mei to sing mei cox singapore mah.. hee hee... so we sing till 7 and dajie called and ask me whether wan go see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest @ Beach Road cox my niece cant go to crowded places as we scare crowded places had a lot of germ (think u all noe why).. then i told dajie of coz i wanteD to watch.. so went to meet her at admirtly.. then we head down to city hall.. then walk out le can hear the music as there a big concert at big field (forget called what).. it'S goiNg shOw on tv.. gt jj, ah-du,tanya, some spore, hong kong, china singer.. so we when to beach road de cinema - shaw bought ticket.. as there still time went to starbuck have coffee n potatoe salad.. it's NicE
then after 2 n a half hr de show ended.. find de show funni n they should also let olando be the lead actor loi.. he appear so mani time.. why everyone only like see johnny depp?? tell ME!!! then went take taxi home as already 12 plus..

17JulY2006 after watching suPerbanD tonight.. think Brods will be out.. cox they 2 persOn onli.. n todae J3 dance lei.. omg.. pray Hard... so when 1130pm came.. my mum n sis n me all seat in front of tv.. soul was first to be save.. then lucify then J3.. LEft MLB n BroDs.. think noe whu will be out le.. n the result is the same as i thot.. (why all revival back de all so powderful?? later wait top 2 is lucify n mlb loi.. juz guessing) haiz.. sian...

18JulY2006 went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest again.. this time go wif cf, wanchin they all.. but this time had a different ending.. todaY i stay till the end.. cox saw Adriano blog say there sumthing after de credit.. so we all waited.. n saw it.. haha.. funni la.. abt de doggy de!!! so when u'll go watch muz wait till the credit its over though de credits is super duber LONG!!! cant wait for Part 3!! wOnder de actreSs will change her heart n Love joHHny depp?? Let waIt!! then i went off first with cf cox cf was in a hurry..

19JUlY2006 todae had to pray in the morning.. cox todae is Guan Di Ye 's Birthday.. had to pray roasT Pig, duck, chicken, crab all this.. so i wake up ard 11 plus cox mama had to work and she ask me seat there see gt fly mah.. scare the go lay egg there n we will be sick after eating it.. so while looking after those food.. chatting wif shan.. she told me ****** still remember us.. hee so HaPPy.. then after that went to cwp meet shan as she cuming to my hse after lesson.. so we went walk ard causeway n she bought a cake for my mum.. (thanX shan) then popo & ah gong came too.. had a great feast on those food.. my favorite is duck n my mummy cook de soup n vege.. so full... after a while, i went bath le then bring shan downstair to take bus cox she need go home.. then after sending her off.. i went back to tidy up the place.. then dajie came home n i ask ed her wanna go ah ma hse as mum wanted to brind some reoasted pig for wai PO.. so dajie agree so we start to prepaRed.. while we were preparing, papa called mama whether she wan drink kopi. After reply, mum helped us asked papa can drive us over n papa say ok!!! so few minutes LAter we reached waipo hse.. then had a earli slp cox tml going to sentosa for sun-tan wif shaN!!!

20July2006 wakE uP at 8aM.. had a bath n went to buy drink n food for my breakfast.. then took mrt to tiong bahru Mrt station.. waiteD a while for sHan.. then we took mrt to harbour Front... n board on to de Sentosa shuttLe Bus.. Reach de entrance n pay $3 for the entrance fee n seated de yelloW LinE as we were heading to de Palawa Beach.. First time i was there to sun-tan(actualli is shan who are sun tanning.. i acc her.. so i was bascialli near de shade under a trEe).. so excited.. when we reached shan had everything ready .. b4 she lie down we had our breakfast.. then after that we put on suN BLock all thiS.. i was stubOrn, didnt wan to put SunBlock on faCE.. keke.. while tanning.. i spend my time reading magazine.. After 3 hours, we decided to go.. had a bath there n found out my face was damn red.. n my hand n hand gt 2 colour.. OMG!!! after bathing, can feel the pAIn on my face.. then we went to take yellow line buS.. when we reaching the stop.. we were gan qiong as the shuttle bus to Harbour Front mrt was there.. so when the yellow line bus stop, i was the First one to go down.. n then the MOST embrassing thing happEn.. like CInderelLa.. my slipper Drop.. the difference thing between cinderella n me is she gt ppl helpeD her pick up n i didnt have.. then when everyone walkeD away then i turn n go back to wear my sliPPer.. there was ah MOi n hS guy siah.. so maLU.. so we laugh all de way till we reach harboUr front.. this time i make sure my slipper doesnt drop.. then we went to de shOppINg malL therE n had our Lunch cuM dinneR.. had yong tou fU.. so Delicous.. then walked ard n we decided To go Marina Square.. then went we walk intO the enrancE, saw J3 on the escalatoR.. too bad nva take photo.. keke!!! then went to walk ard.. saw creative mp3 so nice.. then after tt we went to watch MortuNary.. the show enDing was Umm Hmm.. u all go see loi hoR.. keke but dun spEnd $9.50 on it.. go on weekdays.. After movie went meet my dajIe at jE n went hoME..

2cOloUr On My SkiN - vaNilLa Or stRawBerrY??

21July2006 went to cwp again to meet shan after her class.. i think i saw bee keng at mac.. my old tution mate..then walk ard b4 going hoME...

22JulY2006 met up wif shan at orchard but withouT cf as shE siCk.. shOp ard Far East first.. didnt buy anithing.. sO went to aJIshan for our LunCH.. had bai Ku rAmEN n fried Squid.. so DelICIOUS!!! then went ParagON.. bougHt 2 sHIrt.. then went MArina Square cox shAn say there de top chEaper.. indeed there cheaper but we didnt BUy.. then we went to great world to find wei CHin n i bought $144 worth of face product which contain toner, moisturser, cleanser n moi sai cream!!! then went hoME wif wei CHin cox it'S alSo time for her to go back.. on the way home, dajIE asked me to go waipo hse as she goIng.. so i spent my night at waIPO hOUse..

My Meal
ShaN's MeaL

23JuLY2006 Spent my day at waipo hse too.. then at night mummy came.. then ard 9 plUs we went hoME..

24July2006 Just stay at hoME

25July2006 AlsO stay at hOMe but receviEd stranGE call.. it'S Goes liKE THis.. at ard 3Plus.. my hp ring.. so i went to get it.. By de time i got it.. it;s SToP.. then it ring again den saw unFarmiliaR nuMBEr.. so didnt want to answer.. so decided to sms.. so i say

me : who are u??
the caller: Lamzaheer
me : huh? why u call this number??
the caller: Ilikeyou
me : huh? i noe you meh? are u ok?
the caller: Younemetellme
then i didnt sms ani more. (each line is 1 sms) so weird siah.. he didnt even space his sentence..

26JuLy2006 todae mum didnt need to work but she still had to pray cox it'S cHINEse 16th.. so mum forced me to wake up n accompany her go market at ard 11am..then bought some stuff for cooking.. then reached home le cook some mee for lunch.. whike eating i was watching HOusE of Wax on HBO.. so gross siah.. then went kitchen to help mum.. then finalli had a rest.. then online a while.. then dinner n watch tv..

27July2006 Sun-tannINg @ Sentosa again but this tiME i take straight bUs go to the interchange.. when i reach wdl interchange i was looking where is 963.. then i saw it juz onfront of me.. then i juz went to queue up.. when i walk in i saw another signboard say 963E.. so i was panicked cox i dun know which to take as the 963 board say BUkit Panjang/ Harbour Front.. doEsn'T noe wat it mean.. so when 963 came.. i ask de uncle does it go to harBour Front n he nodded.. but on bus im still worried as dunno it will juz by-pass harbour front or go into de interchange.. so i stay awake de whole journey.. so finalli i reached and waied for shan a while.. then when reached there find a gd spot.. then start tanning.. then suddenly the hp ring!! it'S de weird number again.. but veri fast it put down... so i ignored loi.. then ard 230 when to bath.. go to the outside one but it was crowded.. so decided to walk in as there is another one newar 7-11.. as we lazy walk in.. we seat train inside.. then he toilet there was so big... then i walk into the bath room.. n i say where the "thing tt spray out water" (dunno wat it call) then i saw it aboce.. so big siah.. till i dare not bath.. lucki there another side where it;s smaller de but still a bit scary.. so i faster bath n get out off there as it also veri cold as the ceiling quote high n there fan above us.. then we went to seat the train again.. then waited for the yellow LinE.. SO manI ppl.. then ard 5pm reach harbour front.. then went to eat fish porriage at the hawker there then take 963 back.. reach outside nuh de bus was already crowded but think behind still gt space but some like dun wan move in so the driver let ppl tap in front n go by de back door.. wat a gd driver!!! then finalli i reach causeway @7pM.. deNise n cf were alrady therE so i went to meet them.. after tt went to uncle tibits to buy chips for the movie later.. chin came n we headed to de cinema as it's Starting!! we'Re seeing THE LAKE HOUSE!!! the ending was unexpected ocx b4 tt gt ppl tell me it'S a bad ending.. it quite nice wif a gd endiNG.. then we went acade awhile then denise n wc started playing a game.. then i n cf stood there n watched.. then in the midst of those loud music.. i heard sum1 scolding then i looked behind.. a mum is scolding her son.. suDDenly she start to beat him n push him to de floor.. she push so hard siah.. n the boy was so thin.. n the MOST furious thinG is de Father juz stand there watch.. didnt helped his son up.. then de mum juz wake out n they follow.. the son also follow while crying.. then reached outside de acade d emum push him & beat him again.. so hard man.. n de father didnt care.. why there no security man there.. at least he can stop de mum from doing tt.. poor child.. even he do sumthing wrong no need push so hard.. so small should nt do sumthing seriouly wrong mah.. Haiz.. then after 1 game, we went off... den i & denise dun feel like going home.. suggested a few place then we decided to go Ang Mo Kio Kbox.. easier for cf to go home too.. we went there by wanchin pickup.. we sang quite a number a song.. even Old MacDonald had a farm.. then our last song is 25minutes.. then we went off.. at frst wanted to eat Mac at Ang Mo Kio but cf say it realli late le (it's 1aM) and she had work next day so wed rove her home and say we go Admirtly to eat Mac.. after sending her off.. we are on the way to admirtly.. BUt Denise suddenly think of going Jalan Keyu eat roti Prata.. so we call chin as we were seating behind de pickup.. and she said ok.. then we reached there, order le prata, teh tarik & roti JOhn.. it was nice... while eating had some chat abt secondary schools.. finishing our food, we went to the back of wanchin pickup to chat some more.. tok abt our Favorite cher, Most memorable moMent etc.. till 430am.. our butt start to becum ma pi.. then we decided to head back to our hOME.. i was first to be drop off as denise live near chin.. then had a bath.. hang clothe.. by the time i reach my comfortable bed was already 6aM..

28JuLy2006 Sleep whole daY till 6PLus n heard sum1 calling at my door.. it was papa.. He ask me go to de lift there take the window thing.. (those slider which prevent u from falling de) cox ppl have change new one n throw at the lift there.. papa ask me take as He said can sell money... it made of aluminiuM... then we had to keep inside de hse cox scare other steal.. then at night went to waiPo hse stay again...

29JulY2006 went home at ard 12plus.. jiu jiu drive me home.. was waiting for the aircon man cum.. waited till 4 pLus then he came.. he juz look look see see n didnt do anithing.. then my mei asked him sumthing which he couldnt answer then he said he will feedback to his boss.. b4 he gone he juz say he tell his boss also that we need to change new aircon cox if fix was troublesome.. then dinner we had KFC.. the ppl sent wrong thing again.. so i saw de delivery man went to the block inside.. so mei n i rush to tell him.. lucki he was still there.. so he take back n back in 30mon with de correct mail.. then 11plus went waipo hse again cox i wanted to see my shOw: Memories of Bali.. then went to slept cox i was tired

30July2006 waken up a few time but went back to slp everytime i woke up.. so finalli at 1pm, my jie woke me up as she say wanted to go Botanic Garden to see some concert.. so had a bath n went home to change.. ard ard 3plus, everyoNe wa ready n we take taxi Down.. as it's Onli 3Plus.. we walk ard as de concert start only @ 5Pm.. then took some pictures.. then when 5pM is reachinf went to bought hotdogs bun n drink so that we can enjoy when seating down.. then we found a spot n we took out the mattress we bring n seated down.. after a while, a girl bent down n say she was Lian He Zao Bao reporter and ask my sis dew question!! wonder if tml newspaper have my sis intervew.. then xiao yi came with prata.. gt mutton.. veri nice.. the host is adrian pAng.. at ard 7pluS de whole thing ended.. we walked till veri veri veri far to get a taxi.. (we thot outside will have alot.. but in the end we call for one) then went to waipo hse for dinner n went home..

11:41:00 PM

Friday, July 14, 2006 ;

things on my hP.. (the cow is todaE buY De)

todae went out @ ard 5plus to meet ah jia cox she wan to buy shoe.. so we walk ard.. then see a few shop n had a few choice.. then walk into mini toons.. so mani cutes things.. so long nva buy cutes stuff le!!! therefore, i bought le a chain(clip hp then can hang on my neck - lik enecklace), a cow keychain and 3 different kind of sticker (one mickey mouse, one chip n dale & one alphabet de) then after tt met up wif cf.. pass her the hong kong book which 8days have give.. then we went makan @ MOS burger.. Had fries & apple soda cox my mama gt cook!!! then my jie also come n meet me.. then we went back to buy ah jia shoe.. ask for size.. dun have.. then ask for another pair.. also no sizes.. ah jia leg too small le.. so in the end she didnt manage to get a shoe.. then went lvl 2 de pushcart see necklace.. they have de same tinklebell necklace as mine which my mama bought at thailanD.. here sell $20 whereas thai sell Sing$8.. that alot of different.. saw so mani nice bracelet.. all $10 above.. can anione buy fir me... keke!! aFter that we went home as it ard 9Plus le.. so reach home, had our dinneR.. then dAJie & Me went waipO.. so now at waiPo hse watching tv Plus chatting.. end here!! tata...

11:31:00 AM

Thursday, July 13, 2006 ;

todae the new washing machine was deliver.. todae de delivery man was different.. i was playing my laptop @ de living room.. while one of them go to de kitchen, one of them ask me how much i buy for the laptop.. he say he want to buy too.. after that they moved out the old machine.. open the new one.. while other one is fixing it.. the other one ask me again where can buy cheaper de.. so i told him maybe can buy through sch or wat.. after saying a little.. the one fixing came in front and ask my mum sign.. this time my mum ask probably then she sign.. haiz dunno the "new" machine izzit new?? Why buy a washing machine must happen such a thiNg.. Let the customer doesnt have fate on them animore!!!

3:29:00 PM

Wednesday, July 12, 2006 ;

todae was such a chaotic daE!!! whU should we blame lei??? caN You'lL tell Me??? here goes de story :

sunday, my jie, mum & me went to C***** (dun wan say the name if not they sue me) to buy washing machine. So after walking around, seeing some model, a promotor came and promote us one.. then we decided to buy.. so we ask them to deliver on tuesday.. so when on tuesday morning my mum ask them dun deliver on tuesday but wednesday as todae my mum need to pray and had no time.. and they say ok.. wed 2 to 5pm.. so todae the machine should arrive at 3 to 5pM but it came earlier @ ard 10.30aM. when i wake up as i want to go toilet, they were fixing the machine then after that i went back to my bed. after few minutes, i decided to wake up. so i went to see the machine..

then my mum say: is this size de meh.. i thot should be bigger!!! indeed i see the machine paste a 7Kg sticker.

then i told my mum i thot we order 8.5Kg..

then my mum say: yaloi.. i tell the delivery man u all send wrong.. i order 8.5 de!!!

Then the delivery man didn't double check if the model is correct mah den answer to my mum: correct, 7kg is just de machine weight!!! so my mum didnt think much and cox my mum didnt noe how to check the model issit correct on the invoice so she signed on the invoice.
So after knowing what had happened just now, i take the invoice number and double check with the model number.. and indeed they send wrongly. So my mum called up them. Talking about the calling.. I'm also fed uP.. i and mum dunno try how many related phone call.. but no ones pick up..finaly after trying such a long time the causeway department de finally answer my call.. so my mum speak to them and they say they call the store man and check and will call bacK..
Then my mum went to work then at ard 12 plus mum called & asked me whether they call.. but didn't.. so my mum called again.. Then my mum back from work and told us that they will come and change for us between 2 to 5pM.. so we waitEd..

aT ard 4.30pM.. my elder sis decided to called them to check whether they are coming or not as it going to be 5pm.. then de delivery man say they're coming to collect de 7Kg one then go causewaY collect de 8.5Kg. Then my sis put down de phone. Then we told our mum what they say.

My mum felt weird.. why must come collect n later come back give us again?? why cant he go n take de 8.5 one then come to do together. And my mum say go causeway point take izzit de display one cox normally the store should be in the warehouse?

So my sis called again n they assured us it a new piece.

so ard 5 plUs they camE, take away de 7Kg de and my mum ask them bring back @ 730Pm..
then @ ard 715 they came, so we open the door and let them in. As mum haben reach home, i called her & tell her that they reached.. My mum was so angry cox my mum scare they gave us a display piece .

So by the time my mum reach home, she go ask de delivery man izzit old one.. they denied.. then my mum go outside see the box thing.. they no styrofoam or anithing just a box. then my mum asked my sis when they deliver the box izzit open..

then my sis say: when i open the door already the machine is outside..

So my mum say: if its a new machine, they sould open when they reach the client home. Cox in the morning when they delivered they did open when reach our house but why this time they open earlier.

then my mum was damn fed up and they couldnt answer my mum one simply question that is why did they open in advance?

so the deliver man called the warehouse head and let him explain to my mum..therefoRe, my mum ask normali when a delivery man deliver what de procedure?

the head told us the delivery man will come to our hse then open . And when my mum want his full name, he didn't want to give. If he didnt say anything wrong, why is he scared of telling us his name. Then he also kept avoiding answering why this time they open b4 hand.. so he cant answer so we put down the phone. thEn my mum went down stair take the machine box as one of the delivery man take the box away n keep it in his car. When my mum take back de box then we reliased they use the 7kG machine box to carry de 8.5Kg. So how could that be a new piece. If not where de 8.5Kg box?

then the delivery man also go away without teeling us anithing. then my sis called up causeway point de but no one listen. So we called the delivery man and they told us they will ask them to call us. But they didn't call so we went down to causeway point.

Then one of the consultant talk to us.. then after telling him wat happen. he told us it might be deliver to wrong customer. So my mum was nt convinced so she say she wan t to see the other customer invoice or anithing tt can prove they did buy de 7Kg machine. So the consultnat called n check. Then he ask us our delivery should be ytd rite then we say yeah. But we just change de date, they should be no reason they send wrongly.

So the consultant say they send the wrong machine to another family n the family didnt tell them. So they say also they delivery man wrong. Then mu mum was thinking to reject the machine but we told her since we pay full amount le n we need the machine. then mu mum agree that next day they give us a new one.. and ask us believe them. So, the problem is solved after such a long day. i think next time when we go buy anithing we wouldn't go there le bah except those buy n take away things.

overall, my mum didnt mind the machine is came from where but why they lie to us is a new piece?? why they dun wan to tell my mum they ytd deliver wrongly?? So you all tell me shld we trust them again??

8:11:00 PM

Saturday, July 08, 2006 ;

my CutE CoUsiN, JeDdY

These few days, keep heading to KK Hospital as my cousin, Jonathan going to change bone marrow.. So sometime we will went to the hospital to bring some food for my aunt as she cant get out of the room as they scare the germ will get to my cousin. Then today we bring Jonathan's bro Jeddy to cut hair and bring her to wai po house n played.
LastlY wanted to tell Mali I am sorry i couldnt attend her party.. So here i wish her HAPPY 21sT BIrthday!!!

11:58:00 PM

Saturday, July 01, 2006 ;

Few days didnt really go out.. so i post cf's jie de baby cox few weeks back went to their house.. Find her veri cute.. So take a few shot of hEr!!!

7:19:00 PM

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