Sunday, July 29, 2007 ;
MaLAySIa TriP,♥

I woke up at 5am as Mum + 2 Sis+ Wai PO were going for 1 Day Malaysia tour organize by Elder Sis company.. By 615am, we were all ready. So we took MRt to Buona Vista to board the TOur Bus.

At around 7 plus, we reached Buona Vista station & waited for SIs's friends. When all of them are here, we board the bus. More & more were boarding the bus. BUt one of the guy was kinda late.. So finally at 745, our journey begin...

We went by de 2nd Link - Tuas. When we reached de Singapore custom, we used the new machine to scan our passpost and thumb print.. Poor mum had to proceed to the officer as her thumb were always cracks so de machine can't detect Mum's thumb print.. Then we continue to Malaysia custom..

Finish stamping our passprt, we board our bus. To our hORROr, we saw the late guy and one of his frenz seated our place.. We were kinda angry as we been separated with Mum and Wai Po.. So we decided to snatch back our place at the next destination. Wahahaha..

And our bus had 1 more person which was our tour guide for de day.. She told us our shedule was: Breakfast -> Local product Shop -> Ostrich Farm -> Lunch -> Fruit Farm -> ShoPpINg -> DiNner -> HOme.

So they brought us to coffee shop to had our breaskfast. I had some noodles. Finishing our food, we were waiting outside de Bus as the driver had not come yet.. 10min later, we saw the driver was opening the door & the 2 guys were coming. So, My mei rush to de door and board first.. And we got back our seat.. When the late guy came up, I heard the guy mumble something like we seated their place.. And you all know where they seat next?? They seat behind us which mean they separate another family.. They were just

Next, we went to de local product shop. Mum brought some biscuit there.. After 20min, we all went back to de bus and headed to Ostrich Farm.. About half an hour, we reached. Once we get into the farm, saw lots and lots of ostrich.. We went in and an ah pek explained how they feed those ostrich. From their infor, once ostrich came out from their egg they can't let rain touch them or they will be sick and they no medicine to cure.. Only whhen they grow older.. He also told us one Ostrich egg is equal to 16 to 22 of our normal chicken eggs... Then, we proceed to another uncle which show us how to crack an ostrich egg.. You be surprise how they crack open.. I'll show in de video...

The In-charge ppl said this was born more than a day but it's still resting in it's Egg shell.. Inside the box was about 36 degree.. When it's time, it will slowing come out of it shell..

MummY on Ostrich's Egg

This is a video shOw how to crack an Ostrich Egg.

Finally, the Egg is crack...

Finish walking around the ostrich farm, we went to a seafood restaurant to have our lunch.. The food was Umm... ok la.. But find it abit unhygiene as the toilet is near the kitchen.. We had lunch for about 1hr then continue to Desaru Fruit Farm which took us abot 2hOur to reach. So, I had a nap..

Entering the Fruit Farm, both side was full of Honey ORange treeSs.. You know those orange with green skin.. then next we went down de bus and saw lotS of dragon fruit treesS. Then we walk around the farm, there were rambutan, longan, cucumber, rose apple etc... Before we leave the farm, the tour guide brought us to de souvenir shop.. My Mei & I brought chewing gum which we wanted to bring back to Singapore. Hee HEe.. But mum told us we might get catch and Mei started to worry as she buy quite alot!!!

At 5pM, we reach our next destination - Jusco, a shopping mall.. The tour guide told to be back at 6pm. At the end of our trip, we just bought Wedges & Fries to eat.. Because it a bit too rush for us to buy anything..

Finally, our last destination of de day is Dinner at a restaurant.. Once again, the food is so-so.. what can we expect as we only pay $54 Singapore dollar for the whole trip.. After eating, we chit chat abit at the table.. thEn i try to distribute my gums to Dajie's Frenzs which will lighten my "load" So in the end, I left with only 4 gums..

ThE GUMssS~~~

BAck to de bus, Mei gave One box of gum to mum, onE to me and one to dajie to help her lighten her "load".. Then to Mei & my theory, we think that they wun scan our pocket, so we put it there.. So After one hr, we reached Malaysia custom.. It was quite fast stamping our passport.. NExt to Singapore custom.. I'm abit panick.. So when I put my bag through the scanner nothing happend. BUT BUT BUT.. when I went through the scanner door, it's beep.. I AM VERY NERVOURS.... So the officer asked me : did you have hp on ur body?? I said : No... And he said: Ok, you can go.. And I FELt SOOO RELIEVED!!! Thank officer for letting me go..

BAck to the coach bus, I told Mei why I kenna beep but not them.. Then i saw my bangle on my hand.. It's metal... Thay why!!! Lucky the officer never check my pocket.. Phew.. Officer, dun worry, I wun anyhow throw the gums..

Upon reaching a bus stop along the way to Buona Vista, we alight as there were bus for us to go home. So the coach uncle let us down.. And we bid good-bye to everyone...
It was quite fun but hope next time de shopping time could be lonGer.. keke..

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11:55:00 PM

Saturday, July 21, 2007 ;
PinK is the ColoUR!!!,♥

Recently, I'm crazy over pink.. Maybe because my name Sound like pink..I realise my shirt mostly were pink too...Hee HeE!! Recently, I went shopping with Mummy & Elder Sister.. I saw a Rose pink slipper & I Bought It.. Hope my pink collection will increase.. keke..

My New Rose pInk Slipper!!

My PosSesSioN that are PinK~~


10:10:00 PM

Friday, July 20, 2007 ;
AjiSan = Bai Gu RaMEn = DelicOuS...,♥

I went to JunIe's House to take something... At 5PM, I met Shan & My Mei at JP. But, we decided to go IMM as I wanted to go Daiso.. So we went to take de shuttle bus at JP to IMM. The Bus came only after half an houR.. JUz damn hot when waiting...

When we reached, we met up with Jessica. As our stomach are calling us.. We went to AjiSan..

Me + Mei + AjISan Mei MEi

So while waiting, we had some photograph SessiON.....

JesSica & ME

Shan + Lystra

Our DeliCouS RamEn + Side DisH
PS: Notice my hand with chIlli poWder?? Muz add that.. Yummy~~

Sweet Octopus.. Shan dun dare to eat...

After we finished, we went to walk around.. Saw a shop sell alot of stitch toys BUT it'S damN expensive. So, I didn;t get to buy any of them. Then, we went Daiso.. I Wanted to find cup for mum, Small drawer for Sis but couldn't find it.. In the end, I brought myself a pink folder and pink chopstick.. Hee HEe...

As the shopSs were closing, we decided to go home.. Had a pleasant tripS...

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11:44:00 PM

Monday, July 16, 2007 ;
Stitch's AdventURe -- PartYwoRlD **,♥

Early in the morning, I went to Tiong Bahru to meet ShaN.. As all the shops were not open yet, we went to Food Court to have a chat. Around 10A.m, our stomach told us that they were hungry. So we bought our favorite disH - hoMEmade nOoDLe & a Plate of Oyster Egg (this made me think of Ai Zuan Jiao.. hee)

I Lov3 tHE oYster!! YUmmy..

Saw this cuTe SignBoard..

Do You KnOw whaT it stanDs For?

Finish filling our stomach, the shopSs were also open for business le.. SO we went to walk around.. By12, we finished Browsing the shoPS. However, I still have timEs befOre Meeting JunIe & Pres. So Shan acc mE to MAc to have a drink.

At 12.45pM, bid gd-Bye to sHAn and hurray doWn to clEmentI as PRes & JuNie had reached.. When I reached, we went to Kopitiam because Pres & JuniE haben eat..

So by 2P.M, we reached Partyworld. Their staff attitude were so BAD!!! Haiz.. HAck care about them and continue our Singing. Toking about Sing-ing, I had soMe part that I sang without the SInger, hOpe JunIE & Pres's Ear were fiNE.. hee!!! Oh Ya, one more thing forget to say.. today my stitch also went out of my bag to sing.. Will show pictuRe of him below..

At 6pm, we sang our last soNg and met Shan downstair.. Then we went JP to shop around. We went in to Toy 'R' US and we met with vending machine.. Saw a cute one, it will dispense chop of Disney charcter which mean have Stitch.. So I try my luck BUT it Marie the cat.. As it;s only $1, I decided to try again. But this time 3 of our hands turn the dispenser together.. And it came out a blue capsule which Mean it might be stitcH!!!! So, I quickly open and REALLY it's STitch.. Thank to them, I got Stitch!!!

ThIS is the vending MachiNE!!!

This are the chOp I had..

After that, we continUe to walk around till 9 Plus but JuniE had gone home at 7!!!
SUmmaY for the day: StitcH Had LotsA fuN & So Do I!!!!!

Below are the Story of Stitch at PartyworlD..

Lastly, some of our photoSss.......


11:14:00 PM

Friday, July 13, 2007 ;
PinkY SkY~~,♥

While waiting at de dooR for mUm to come home from work, I saw de sky is so PinkIsh & Pruple-rish!!

Lucky I'm fast enough to take a few sHoots before it gone in a few secondSss...


8:05:00 PM

Thursday, July 12, 2007 ;
Oneh Oneh...,♥

Shan came tonight and went jogging with my Sis.. When they were back, Shan told me the story of the Oneh & My Sis ( Wan details abt de story can go to Shan's Blog)... And indeed eating de Oneh filling is like drinking coconUt jUice.. I LOVE those Oneh with watery filling!!!! Thank Shan for saving one for me...

Then we had a little photo sesSion later.. I'M sO UGLY loi.. JIalet.. bUT peoPlE, YOu all still must cOme back read my blog k.. LuV YA...

Background is cuTe hor!!!


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11:01:00 PM

Wednesday, July 11, 2007 ;
HaRRy PoTter and The OrDer oF thE PhoENix,♥

I was so excited about the movie before going in - HaRRy PoTter and The OrDer oF thE PhoENix.. But after the show was kinda disappointed..

The story was like a bit here and there. It not as interesting as compared to de other esp that had shown on Cinema. But it does have parts that will made you laugh. Maybe you can just watch on Weekdays, no need rush!!! Oh ya, there a character I do like (thot she MEan in the movie) cox of what she use is all pink.. You find out whu she is...

Therefore, My little advice to watch this esp are: You might want to recap what happend during de previous esp and know who is who. If not you will be confused just like me.. keke!!!



11:50:00 PM


EvERyoNE don't Go when yOU heard the sONg of my BloG!!!

It a nice Hokkien Song intro by Shan.. It sang by Ah DU & Jiang HUI.. DO enJoY!!!!

Here de LyriCs for you to sing along..












4:04:00 AM

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 ;
LonG tIMe no See, JUnIE~~,♥

Today, I finally meet JunIE.. She is back from Aus and no longer need to go back...

We went to BUgis as her Frenz was passing her something..

After that we went to walked Around.. I Buy Earring and some cute Sticker for my Camera... By 4++pM, We went hOMe.. I did EnjoY the Trip..

LAstly, Tomorrow I'm going to watch Harry Potter at AMK HUb with Feng, Chin, Boyu & ZizI.. hOpe it"s NIcE!!!

We R On DoraMOn TravellINg MAchINE!!! HEe HeE!!!


9:17:00 PM

Monday, July 09, 2007 ;

Went KbOx-ing wiTh Shan, Mei and her frenz, Tiffany frOm YesterdaY - 11Pm to Today - 6Am..

But we went to different room~~

Had so Much Fun & Shouting goIng On~~

That all i Wanna said cox i'M damN tiRed.. BYe.. Going to sLeep..

Oh yah, Before I go, I waNna say :


Meeting her tml!!!!


9:41:00 AM

Saturday, July 07, 2007 ;
ViVO CitY = DogGY,♥

Today met up with Shan agaiN at VivO City... It's ShoPPing Day for her but it'S seeIng my dear Retriever timE aGain For ME... If want to kNow what she had buY, You can visit her blog while here I will tell more about the doGssSS.. keke..

Picture Speak Louder than woRds.. So I talked less and shOw mORe PicTuRes

Left 1 oNly.. When I LoOk at hiM, he Tapped de GlasS like saying "Take me Home"

This breed is American Coller Spaniel.. Look CuteS tOO~~

Today, he Hyper-active.. Keep Walking~~

THis Toy-Poodle Really Look likE Toy~~

Found this nEw breeD.. LooK so KeliaN~~

FOrget HIs Name.. Look like a Fox~~

This dog is Damn Funny.. He sLeeping in such funnY way.. And sumtiMe his lEg will movE. ThiNk hE DreaminG~~

This DOg realli is de smaller version of the above Dog~~

DunNo lOoking at what... hEE Hee~~

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