Sunday, September 30, 2007 ;
ShaKALaka Baby,♥

I found de Tamil, English and de latest Kelly's Version of Shakalaka baby!!! Which one do you prefer???

Kelly's VerSion

Tamil VerSion

EngLish VerSion

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Saturday, September 29, 2007 ;
Doubutsu Uranai Village!!!,♥

I found this fortune-telling is quite accurate.. Just that I dunno I really will be a nagging wife/ mother!! Let me wait till I'm Married.. Keke... So, You all can try it out @


10:31:00 PM

Friday, September 28, 2007 ;
Had a wOnderfuL Day!!!,♥

Finally woke up at 5pm today.. I had been sleeping since 11am today. Know why I never close my eye from yesterday till 11aM today?? It is because I had been k-boxing!!! Hee HEe.. As yesterday was Ladies night, Shan and I decided to go as it's Cheap And we can sing for long hoUrs - from 1030Pm till 6aM!!!

Before we went to kbox, we had gone to shopping.. We met at 3:30Pm at Tiong Bahru as we wanted to see one dress.. But in the end, SHan didn't like it. So we decided to go Plaza Singapura (PS).. When we were on the way to the Bus Stop, we saw PS shuttle bus which made us decide to board.

After reaching PS, our first destination was Dorothy. We saw some new design and did try on some..

1st try: It didn't really look nice.

So went to walk around again and saw a black sweater and black jean.

2nd try: I like the jean and the black sweater..

But I had decided to buy de sweater first.. So after deciding what to buy, we went to the counter and Shan was give a small bag because she had spend $80. Then, I was thinking if I want to buy de jean next time, it also not enough to get de bag and it's also while stock last. So I was thinking should I get the jean too?? (I veri cheapo one but the bag look cute mah!! hee!!)

So I went to try de jean again as previously I try on one haven't been put back to de shelf!!

3rd Try: EVerything is OK!!

So walking out of Dorothy made Shan and mine's wallet a VERI BIG hole!!! After which, we wet to de food court to had our lunch + dinner. Without hesitation, we would seat near the Ban Mian stall as every time we go there, we must eat their Ban Mian. It just Damn Nice loi!! As usual, I had my Prawn You Mian while Shan had her FIsh one!! Today we add a Side dish - GUo Tia!!! It just so heavenly tasty!!!

Having a full lunch + dinner, we went to walk around. We went to Sasa as Shan wanted to try out some perfume. After sniffing some, Shan was so dilemma whether to buy. In the end, we decided to think about it first as we were going to ORchard (because orchard also have Sasa).

As it was raining outside, we had to take train to Orchard. First place we go when we reached was Sasa. Again, we tried out sOOo many perfumes which made us a bit confuse which smell is which.. In the end, Shan bought the VEsace one.. It's nice.

Then, I went to meet Dajie as to pass her thing. Next, we went to Wisma to walk around then back to Taka as I wanted to go Watson to look for Watner. You know what it is?? Do you saw the advertisement on tv??? It's a medicine. The advertisement will show a hand then when the people applied Watner it will had a pSssss Sound. I was looking for it cox Mum also had de same problem. When I ask de Watson staff, the phacmacy assistantwent to take for me. Without letting me think, the staff told me $35. I was kinda sock at the price but since Mum need it, I buy and de Phamacy assistane taught me how to use!!!

After which, we went to Cold storage to buy some tibits and drink for our K-boxing session. We had both brought Mineral Water and CHipSter!! Then, we went to paragon to had a walk before heading to Cineleisure!!!

By the time we reached CIneleisure was only 10Pm. So we went to Level 5 to have a seat and took Picture with our Chipster!! keke we hope chipster can find us to help them advertise. Hehe.. then by 10:30pm, we went at Level 8!!

Our room was 32!!! We sang all kind of song.. New, oldies song etc. And Shan surprise me with a song.. It taken in Singapor MRt station.. Can Guess wat song??? Scroll Down for answer!!!


I was just so stunned by this MTV!!! We just keep laughing.. So retro man!!! Moving on, we also sang 潇洒走一回 by 叶倩文 & the most popular song now 一人一半 but it is in hokkien!!! Other than that, when I was singing 不能说的秘密 I found out I like the chorus part and I sang it twice!!! I'm going to made it my Sms toNE!!! Beside singing, we also took some PhotoS!!!

Specially for Shan**

By 6am, we were just tired. So we packed our stuff and went home.. Shan said she having stomach pain so she went to take taxi while I walked alone to de MRT station!!!

After reaching home at 7Pm, Mum asked me dun sleep and wait for her to come home from market as she was going to help Popo. So I went for a bath, brought the clothe out to dry and sweep the floor. By the time, I finished was around 10:00Pm. So I watched TV but end up falling asleep. Then at 10:30am, Mum was back with my breakfast!!!

After eating, Mum had to go work. So I finally I went to my Cosy Big bed and sleep till 5pM...

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007 ;
It's Praying TimE!!!,♥

Do you still remember I told you this time when we pray we will have Duck!!! Mum almost forgotton, lucky I remind her!!! If you had forgotton, Please proceed to 12Sept Entry!! keke!!!

Ok, today was kinda more relax because most of de dish just need to fry!!! But before frying , we need to prepare the flour which had to be coated with the food.. We also add special powder for frying de mushroom.. We bought the powder at our last Malaysia trip!!!

While frying, I am also de first one to test the food.. keke.. All of the food is so yummy today!!! Finally at 5Pm, we were all ready.. By 6pM, we were already drooling... So mum as usual asked for permission to keep the food.. Then, Mum and me started eating.. Hope you all enjoy ur dinner like I do!!

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Monday, September 24, 2007 ;
Hope rabbit will be just fine!!!,♥

Today, we had feed the rabbit with de medicine!!! Hope he is getting better!!!


10:02:00 PM

Sunday, September 23, 2007 ;
My rabbIt Is SIcK!!!,♥

Today, Mum, Dajie and Mans brought rabbit to vet because he keep on dripping saliva which made his fur sticky.. Thank to Jiu Jiu as he was their chauffeur of the day!! As I didn't go, so I couldnt post any pictures up..

So, when Mum back I asked her what had happened to rabbit. She told me his need operation as his teeth is too long which made him swollen and keep dripping saliva.. The doctor also said that if we want to let him operate de rabbit must decide faster as the doctor scare if the rabbit is too old, he cant take de anesthesia. (medicine that made u sleep when u had operation) Mum even said the doctor said the teeth will still grow back after the operation.. Poor rabbit.. hope everything will be fine sOOn..

After that, we went to Bishan as Mum wanted to buy more moon cake as she wanted to give to My Po Po.. When we reached there, some of them had already sold out. Lucky there was Lavendar stall. So we went to bought that.. After which, we went to walked around.. By 5pm plus, we went to take MRT home..

While waiting, we decided to go AMK Hub as Mum haben go b4.. There was quite a lot of people as today is the officially opening and there many activity happening!!! Inside of AMK, there Chen Han wei, fiona xie etc.. There were helping the charity to do some bidding..

When we finished walking around AMK Hub, we went to de shop houses outside AMK Hub.. And I saw Mali & Kenny.. Juz so coincidence!!! I was kinda malu as I was trying skirt there!! OF course with my short on!! keke..

FInishing walking around, we decided to go home. But b4 that we went to NTUC to buy some drinks.. When we were walking out to take bus, I heard Mi Lu bing singing and Diya was there too.. Too Bad I can't see they all as their performaces was around 8pm plus and mUm wanted to go home..
So , we went to take 169 home..

Back home, we were all just tired.. zzZZZz.. Night!!!

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11:41:00 PM

Friday, September 21, 2007 ;
Wat A BAd LucK Day!!!,♥

Woke up around 11plus to eat my breakfast... Then went online to chat with CHin.. At around 1Pm, I started to pack my stuff as tonite will be staying at Shan Yi's House and Chin agreed to come Shan Yi's hOuse to swim with ME!!!

By 3.30Pm, we had already done and took cab down to Takashimaya to buy mooncake as Next tuesday had to pray!! When we reached Taka, We met up with Shan Yi, Jeddy and Jonathan at de carpark as we wanted to put our heavy bags in the car!!!

Then, we headed to Buy mooncake. Most of the Famous Mooncake were out of stock.. Like de D24 Durian with Charcoal skin and there no stall from Lavendar!!! But lucky, there still nice one which we can buy!!!

Finally, we leave Take after buying what we needed then headed to somewhere near Sim Lim to buy Jeddy DS game!!! Getting what they wanted, we headed back to de car and my HP rinG!! It was Chin!! She called as she dunno how to go to my Shan Yi's house.. So, Shan Yi direct Chin which exact road to go!!! Juz like a GPS software.. keke!!!

After which, we went to pick Xiao Yi at her office. When we were reaching soon, we called her but she told us she still had many work to do. So we had no choice but to go home first!!! On the way to Shan Yi's house, Chin called and told me she lost.. Again, I passed my phone to Shan Yi and again, my Shan yi could just direct Chin no matter where she is.. My SHAn YI is officially de LIVE GPS of Bedok area!!

And indeed, when we reached there, we saw Chin.. keke!! After a while, Shan Yi went for her dinner as her friend had invited her!!! Around 7Pm, we also had our dinner.. After that, Chin and me wanted to go swim.. To my HORROR, my Da YI Ma had came to visit me.. I had no choice but to let chin Swim alone.. Dajie was laughing at me cox in the afternoon I was laughing at her that she cant swim cox she need to look after Jeddy they all. It My BAo YIn.. so you all cannot laugh at other.. if not it MIght Just happen on YOu!!!

In envy, I saw Chin swimming in the BiG Pool.. JUZ Jealous!!! I will made sure I will come again!!! After 20min, Chin decided to go back as she said swimming alone was boring.. ChIN, I'M SORRY!!! We went back after she bath at de club house..

Back at Shan Yo house, Chin asked me whether we want to eat KFC as I told her near my aunt hse there KFC.. So i tell her I had coupon for KFC Delivary.. So we browse through de coupon and order Family Feast A..

Almost 1hour had passed, KFC still had not come yet.. Suddenly, the phone ring and it was de KFC's ppl.. They asked for the address again.. We were all laughing as we wonder did they lost de way just like Chin?? keke..

FInally, after 10min they reached. And we had our supper. But Jonathan didn't eat as he was shivering and having fever suddenly. So my aunt let him had medicine!!! Finishing our supper, Chin and I started to see out past photo taken on our birthdays while Dajie & Xiao Yi watching TV..

That all for my friday nite activity.. tata.. Sleep tite..

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11:59:00 PM

Wei Lian on SuPer Sunday!!!,♥

Seeing news about Wei Lian in past few days de Newspaper - saying he was in taiwan and he even went to a show called Super Sunday!!! As all of You know in this show, there are 3 Very strict judges!!!

So I was interested in what they say about Wei Lian.. Therefore, I went to search for video on Youtube!!! Tada.. I fouND it!!! Hope you all enjoy like I dO!!! Lastly, Wei Lian 加油!!

*Shu Jun Lao Shi was FUnni in comment !!!

Comment 1

Comment 2


1:25:00 AM

Thursday, September 20, 2007 ;
Sprite Super Chilled,♥

A few days ago, I read something interesting on the newspaper.. So I went research today!!!

I found out Coca Cola may be plotting a new version of Sprite that actually chills itself upon opening. Apparently, the drink has to be kept at a specified temperature before being snapped up, and once the oh-so-thirsty consumer pops the top, "a mechanism inside creates ice made from the drink, so it is not diluted." Reportedly, the beverage would sensibly be called Sprite Super Chilled, and if it does indeed hit the UK (and prove successful) by "early next year," the technology could then be passed along to Coke, Diet Coke or even "super cold alcoholic drinks, particularly beers

Quoted from :

After reading it, I really hope Coca-Cola can launch the revolutionary new packaging and Singapore will bring in after they launch . I think it Just amazing loi.. Maybe some of you might think other wise.. But I really would like to see how they create ice inside a soft drink when it is opened.

More information :


9:53:00 PM

Wednesday, September 19, 2007 ;
I KisS-Ed JaSOn StatHAm!!!!,♥

I had Just kiss Jason Statham who recent act in Rogue Assassin.. Picture will tell you everything!!!


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10:25:00 PM

Saturday, September 15, 2007 ;
Eat is what we dO TodaY!!!,♥

Today woke up at 4.30am as we were going to Malaysia -Kluang with a tour.. But I'm still having stomachache since yesterday. So, Mum asked whether I still can go.. To my determination, I said I can and I started to feel less pain after I eaten 2 panadols!!!

By 545aM, we went to take Taxi. When we reached there, alot of people were there already!!! After a while, we were asked to board de bus.. There were 3 bus in total that were going together.. For us, we were arranged in BUs 1.. When we board the bus, we realised there were name tag tOO. They even write for us the white card (the card we alway need to fill in when we go Malaysia) in advance!!!

First Stop - Kampong. We went to a kampong to eat Nasi Lamak as our breakfast!!! While queue-ing for the food, we saw they were selling some fried Quail.. BEside de oil pot, there was a cage and inside is the real Quail.. EEk.. I think those who eat infront of the real Bird is really cruel.. Ok enough of the Quail!! Back to de breakfast, I like the fried mushroom. It was delicious especially with de sauce. Finishing our rice, we went to a room where there mani mushroom in it.. People with perfume are not advisable to go in as the mushroom is sensitive, just like my Nose.. HEe Hee. After that, Mum went to buy mushroom, powder to fried with de mushroom and de special sauce.. Then we board de bus for our next destination!!

Second Stop - Organic Farm. When we reached the farm.. We can see many Dragon Fruits Trees. Other than dragon fruits, they also planted many other vegetables... Seeing all of it.. We proceed to de shop there and brought lot of thing!!! Total bills : RM114.

Third Stop - Lunch. Before having our Lunch at a restaurant, the pastor asked us to sing a Christian song with action.. After that a few people were ask to go infront, not to sing but a surprise Birthday celebration was held for them as their birthday was in Sept. Then, our lunch started.. The food were nice.. When boarding the bus, I began to feel de pain in my stomach, so I ate another 2 panadoLs!! Jialat!!!

Fourth Stop - Malay Biscuit Factory. When we reached there, we saw rubber trees. Therefore, the tour guide told us about how the people cut rubber tree - the supervisor would come and check if they cut properly, how long can a rubber tree provide rubber etc... After that, we had our dessert - some tapioca, green bean soup, cakes etc.. Other thank eating, there also people making biscuit which we can try.. It taste yummy!!!

Fifth Stop - Fu zhou Noodle Factory. This noodle was so famous that no really eveyone was interested in de making of de noodles But buying it.. Even the tour guide had to help de people there.. keke..

Sixth Stop - Tea BreaK. OMG.. Our stomach really cannot take it anymore and yet there was tea time for us.. There were 3dishes (I only get to take photo of 2 dishes!!). The tour guide told us that we have tea time because those ang moh country also have tea time mah.. they have cakes and biscuit.. so we have noodles.. Haha!!!

Seventh Stop - Jusco Shopping Centre. Finally, a destination that we no need to eat. We were given a hour + a few min to shop. As previous month we came before, so we didn't shop much.. Just brought some sushi, Bread, One green tea moon cake (coz I wan), wedges etc... This time we didn't brought any gums.. keke..

Last stop - Dinner. Our final stop of the day.. We had our dinner at some seafood restaurant (same as the previous month we came). The food was kinda de same just the first dish had some changes.. Finishing our food, all of the people were asked to take a group photo before boarding de bus..

So about an hour, reached Singapore custom.. Scanning through my things. Once again when I went through the scanner, the door beeps.. But the officer never stop me as he was talking to Liyi.. What should I say.. I let you all think yourself..

Back to Singapore, we were allow to alight at PIE as there bus for us to go home.. So we bid good-bye to other, thanking them for a wonderful trip..

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Thursday, September 13, 2007 ;
NaraKA 19 had BeeN Cut???,♥

I had just see Naraka 19 online again and I found out there more thing happening... I wonder Singapore cinema had cut it oR show it after de Credit???
Anyone tell Me??? Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


9:29:00 PM

Wednesday, September 12, 2007 ;
NaRAka 19 - ThE 19th of HelL!!!,♥

Today Mum had to pray!!! So for the whole afternoon, Mum and I had been busy preparing food!!! At 5Pm we starterd to lay out de table and started praying till 6Pm.. So when Mum was asking God had they finished using something that is made of wood.. Pai seh I dunno what it called!! If 2 faced de same side mean disagree. If one up & one down mean Agree.. (Just like coin.. If 2 coins showing head or 2 showing tail mean disagree). So the result was disagree..

Then, Mum ask the god if next time must pray duck, if yes please agree!!! And you know what, the wooden thing one faced up and one faced down which mean next time you will see ducky in my next praying post.. think will be 2 more weekS!!

After praying, I went to AMK Hub to meet Chin, Cf and Boyu as we were going to watch Naraka 19. It a chinese Horror Movie!!!

The story is based on the best-selling Chinese novel written by Choi Tsun. An enormously popular book among young readers, the dark tale is about a mobile phone game called Naraka 19 The 19th Gate of Hell. The novel has broken sales records with over 2,000,000 copies sold in China alone over the last two years. And the book has now been translated into many languages and is being distributed worldwide. Rain is a young and beautiful university student, her nightmare begins when she received a SMS on her mobile phone Do you know what the 19th gate of Hell is? The same cryptic SMS message goes out to all the other students on campus, unwittingly involving them in a deadly mobile phone game. In this chilling game, if you lose, you die Game Over.

Gillian Chung, Vincy, Shaun Tam, Patrick Tam

Personal View
I think this movie is not that Scary because the scence don't really have sudden appearance of ghost or watever is scary.. BUt the effects in the movie were nice.. The storyline was fine BUt the ending was kinda confuse.. If anyone understand, Please tell me.. So I rate de move 2.9 /5 Stars. I suggest you all watch on Monday to Wednesday bah.. Or Rent de VCD when it OUt!!!

Lastly, one of the male actor is just damn HANDSOME.. After half an hour of research.. finally know his name - 徐正希!!

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11:19:00 PM

Monday, September 10, 2007 ;
WhIch TypE of PerSOn I attraCt???,♥

Today is the last day of the seventh mOnth and come the Mid-Autmn Festival!!! So hurray up, go and buy Moon cake!!!

LAstly, today I just stayed at home doing chores.. So here a test I done.. Quite interesting.. Keke.. Bye!!!

What type of person do you attract?
Your Result: You attract artsy people!

Those free spirited artists with great imaginations find you interesting. They are usually interesting themselves, so its not a bad thing, but they CAN be a bit wifty and choose odd goals. If you like life to always be a bit 'different' from the norm, but not too extreme in any one direction, these are the people for you. If you seek logical decision making skills and good money management, you may want to change something in the way you appear. Artsy people are fun for adventure and exploring, so, have fun! (smoking weed helps too)

You attract unstable people!
You attract models!
You attract geeks!
You attract Yuppies!
You attract rednecks!
What type of person do you attract?
Quizzes for MySpace


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Sunday, September 09, 2007 ;
SSO at the Racecourse!!!!,♥

Today, we went to Turf Club as there was a performance by the SSO (Singapore Symphony Orchestra) @ the Racecourse!!! Before going in, we went to the shops around Kranji Mrt. I saw Mr.Bean & they got sell Pearly Soya Milk. (because some of the Mr. Bean didn't sell)

Then at 6.15pm, we were at de gate of turf Club but we still cannot go in.. 10minutes later, the in-charge signal all of us that we could go in.. When we reached performing site, we wanted to sit near de stage BUt Jiu Jiu they all wanted to seat at second floor for better view.. Therefore, we all moved up...

While waiting for the performance, an in-charge girl was talking with de walky-talky. The person was telling de girl : I saw a lot of children but there still alot of Milk.. So, we told Jiu Mu.. After that, she and Di Di went to take.. And next what I saw was really typical Singapore people would do... Putting Tissues, Umbrella or watever thing they can find to chop de Place!!! Haiyoyoyo....

Finally at 7pm the performance start .. The conductor of the Day is Lim Yau. Firstly, the first song they played was Swedish Rhapsody No.1, Op. 19 'Midsummer vigil' by Hugo Alfven. Follow by the other 7 Songs.. The Last one I liked BEst.. It was Finale from William Tell Overture by Gioachino Rossini... I will put this video up.. Enjoy...

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10:46:00 PM

Saturday, September 08, 2007 ;
Laguna NAtional!!!!,♥

Finalli at 4 plus, we decided to go Laguna National as Shan Yi had booked a room there. So she was asking everyone to go there to relax and meet up as we long time nva meet up le... As it was kinda late, we decided to take cab down to Shan Yi's hse and Shan Yi will fetch us from there..

So, when we reach Shan Yi's hse, we didn't saw her car below her flat. Then, we called her to ask her where she?? And to our surprise, We were suppose to meet her at Tampiness Mall.. (As previously, it was Mans who communicate with Shan Yi but Mans nva go). So Shan Yi told us to wait there...

After a while, we finally reached our destination.. the room, the living room, the toilet was sooOo BIG!!! Then, we layout the food and had some dessert. Then, had some chit-chatting.. While chatting, Shan Yi told us there a park in east coast got flower. Then, Waipo decided to go.. So Shan Yi drove us there.. It really nice..

After walking one round, we decided to go back.. Back to de room, we went for our dinner. I had Texas Chicken Burger.. So yummy.. Other have laksa, Beehoon, Fish & chipS etc.. Then, we also order ICe Kecang.. When the waitress was about to serve, she ask us want how many bowls?? I though: need many bowls meh?? How big is tt ice Kecang.. when it came, I understand why we need few bowls!! HEe HEe!!

Finishing the food, the Ang Family had a chit chat there before returning to de room.. At around 10pm, we went home. Only JIu JIu & Jiu Mu & de kids stayed.. Hope they Enjoy!!!

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