Friday, March 31, 2006 ;

todae weNt to see ice aGe 2 witH wan chin, her sis n bro and xuNjIa.. beForE that meet ah jia first then we walk around.. then finali wan chin call den walk ard cwp with her parent.. then went to buy fax machine.. kinDa lighT so can carry mYself.. theN finalli it'S 725pM.. thE sHow ended ard 9.. therE a feW Part that i finD it'S fuNnI 1) when CrasH thE possUm siNg " i BeLiEVe i can Fly then it BAnG the tree 2) wHen Scrat the sAbEr-toOtheD squirrel weNt to dE heaVen oF NuTS!!! 3) wHen sID is bEen wOrsHIp theN theY follOw Sid daNCe.. theN after the movIe rUshEd hOme to sEe xIn saNg SaNg cOz laSt ePosIDe.. that all fOr todaY.. coNtinUe waTch tv coZ nO coMp uSe Le... my BabY stiLL in ToshIBa.. nOw usiNg sIS.. sO tATA!!!

10:30:00 PM

Thursday, March 30, 2006 ;

went to bath when wake up coz got to get stuff for ying!!! then meet wanchin.. then reach there le, went to one stop.. tell the guy i need to get transcript for frenz and i passed him all the documatation.. he didnt even verify im chan yan ping and give me de things.. shld tell ying no need print so mani documantation.. then take my thing le n turn ard.. the acer guy ask me wan buy latop.. gt scare me siah!!! but i dun need it.. i have my baby toshiba le.. but now still in hospital.. hOpe next weeK caN get bacK!! but the laptop is selling quite cheap.. but dun need it.. then i n chin walk ard.. think i saw the library.. kinda big!!! then went to take bus to cwp n wait for ying.. after that went to look for cable for chin harddisk.. then went library cox chin wan look for bOOk.. she borrow six n i 2.. see her take till so xin kun so help her take one .. haha . hOpe gt lighten her burden.. then went begawansolo as mama wan me buy kwey for bai bai.. then ask aunties to give big plastic bag for chin to put bag.. Thank aunty!!! then go buy coffee n bubble tea n kfc for mei mei!!! went home le help mother prepare.. but mostly i wash onLi!!! then at nite play comp.. look for fax machine info n nitendo DS info.. hope tml can buY.. i continue wif my search.. tata..

11:30:00 PM

Wednesday, March 29, 2006 ;

hmm.. todae i do wat ar?? ohhh wake up my mei mei.. then wash face .. eat my guo diao.. then online.. then pester by yings to help her go rp take things.. then fax machine spoilt.. then i pester wanchin to go rp with me.. then i also pester JunIe ask her heLp me caLL tosHiba.. gt to noe they change maIn BOArd for me.. then kEyboard for FrEe.. hang i didn'T paY $180 last time!!! then see tv .. eat dinner.. slp.. tat all for todae.. YawNzz.. KinDa boring hor.. i alsO thiNk so Lei.. bo bIan lEI.. sUm1 plz
hiGhLight MY LIFE!!!
sUnddEnLy thInK of Him lEI..haIzzZz...

11:16:00 PM

Tuesday, March 28, 2006 ;

todae wake up veri late lei.. 1pM deN oPEn my eyeSss cox ytd slp at 5aM.. then ate my lunch.. toK to tc then i was aMaZe that yaNjUN de faN wrot tesTI for Me.. sO i also MUZ write them baCk in the nite cox afternOOn i felt Lazy.. theN tiMe paSs veri fast.. online for a while n it'S nOw 4pM.. sO i went to watcH the RepEat of CamPUs suPerStar!!! saW aDrianO moI fanG zhiYanG was damN FunNi.. after finishing saw yu Le bAi Fen Bai.. most of the nEws is abt xiaO S n her husbAnd mike organising a party for their baby man Yue.. but weird is the BabY didnt camE.. but seE them so loviNg.. sOoooOO jEalOUs.. wisH onE daY i aLSo haVe a HUsbaND so CarIng.. then after seeing the clock already 515pM.. so i rushed to had a bath n went to Meet deNise as todae we are going to celeBrate our daJIE da birthdae though it'S beLated.. after meeting deNise.. went to loOk for caKe for chin.. finalli we boUght a paNdAn cake which seem veri nice!!! then wanchin came.. follow by chufenG.. n then we went to Party wOrLd..fiNalli i goT to sing mY yanJUn soNg.. so HANDSOME loi.. the tv so big.. feel like hugging the tv.. buT saD is no Jj de zhi dui ni sHou... ard 8 plus.. ah jia join us!!! finalli she come and celebrate wif uS.. we coNtinUe to high singing a few song like aMei de "jie mei", "hiGh HiGh hiGH".. andy Lau they all de "ben xiao hai" and mani other.. then when we left few min, we had choose spice giRls de 2 become 1 and sing out louD b4 we went hoMe.. BUT WAIT.. we haben cut caKe.. so we went outside the Mrt statioN n cut the cake and went homE to sLeeP.. yawNzzZZ.. sO lOng nva had sUcH greaT fuN.. misS aLl of yOU!!! muacKsss..

++ my DrinK ++

++ cHu FeNg & Me ++

++ xUnJIa & Me ++

++ Me & DeNIse++
BesT BlUe sIngEr.. HahaHA!!!

++ Me.. DeNiSe.. waNchIN ++

++ Me.. DeNiSe.. xUnJia ++

++ deNise.. waNcHin.. cHufenG & mE ++

++ F ClUb 5.. iS cF poSinG??? ++

++ F ClUb 5 ++

++ aRe theY sInGinG loVER sonG?? ++

++ F ClUb 5 iN tOiLEt 1 ++

++ iN tOiLEt 2 ++

++ i waN to cUt waNchIn nOt the CaKE!! ++

11:58:00 PM

Monday, March 27, 2006 ;

havE to waKe up earli todae as MeetiNg jUNIe at 12pM as JunIe wanteD to go Rp to get soMe letTer.. after bathing, faster get my wallet and rush to busstop as junie is reaching.. then after we met.. went to eat kfC as we were botH hunGry.. had zinger meal.. finishing our meal.. preaparing to go take bus to Rp but it was raininG and we cant go as rP no shelter.. thus we walk ard the mall.. walk walk WalK.. going down to lvl 3 then was aBt to waLk paSS nOkia shOp.. saw sUm1 farmiliar.. wearing a cap.. then my eye FOcUs.. aHHHHHHHH... it'S M.. think he got saw me.. then i faster walk straight then while walking i ask jUnie got see mah got see mah?? then JuNIe saY : "see whaT?? noKia gt HanDsoME guy meh?? " then i told her M is there.. then junIe say: " realli?" then juNie walk backl N see n theY'Re walking toward or direction but to the escalator.. so after they go dOwn.. we also Go dowN BUT not following them k.. thInK hE gOt lOoK up or maYbe he jUz facing His freNz.. theN saw theM waLking toward the dirction of the exit of cwp... then i go buy buBBle Tea LOi.. i wanted to tell shan but in the end i sms to the pErsOn whU are juz besIde ME.. JUnIE.. Hee HEE.. then rain was a bit smaller than we went to take 169 then ran into rP.. therE was a lOt ppL loi.. tt day is metriculation day (dUnNo how to sPell) when we were reaching one stop.. JunIe told mE M wastherE.. sitting near the door there but i didn"t saw HIm.. haiz.. so went to onE sTop to get wat jUniE waNt.. then sudeenlY i loOk to my lEft.. saw HIm waLking to My dIrection n he smiling.. did he smIle at Me or junIE?? or sumone behInD ME?? theN saw him walk pass to other dOOr with his frenz n dunno walK to the other bUlding whicH i think is still in constructiOn.. we did walk in a bit but daRe not waLk in more cox a lot worker there n we duNno can we go In mAh.. i'M sO CURIOUS where they gO?? can M teLL Me?? hee Hee.. then after walking ard.. we headed back to cwp.. went to lib theN go HOmE.. the whoLe afterNooN i felt shock, higH n HApPIess.. during the nite time.. watch tv.. write testi for frenz.. this is the first time i wrote mani testi.. hOpe after readiNg u'lL finD it exciting toO.. i'll continue my thing.. nitesSSss.

11:56:00 PM

Sunday, March 26, 2006 ;

thiNking of ytd ... niaN" wake me uP at ard 11 coz chin call me to tell that 12 she cum fetch me.. so i began to prepare my stuff as tonite going to kEnnY's ChaLet.. after tt when to Have a bath.. wait for chin chin 's caLL.. aT 12 plus she finaLli caLl mE n i Went doWn.. then she drive me to her hoUse cox she wan have a bath.. theN duNNo why she went outto buy food but it alreadY 1230 n we were suppOsEd to Meet xJ at 12.45 at aMK.. xUnJia keeP caLling then finalli she say she gO hoME first.. then wait here wait there at ard 2 plus we finalli met each other n headed to queentown as we're going MDIS open hse.. when we reach queentown busstop.. waited for shaN.. theN finalli a while she reach and we chiong for the shuttle Bus as we thougH it goiNg away.. bUt wHen we Board thE bUs, the UnclE went down n wait for few more min.. after a while.. the BUs FiNalli movEd.. then when we reached there went to ard the sch then went to 2nd lvl for course information... we headed to the canteen when finished asking .. sHan, cHin n Me went to take de fReE turIsh ice cream. at first i was scared tt he would trick us when we get the ice cream from hIm aS in other shooping centre they trick customer b4 realli handling them the ice cream.. bUt i saw the turish man didn't trick the ppl in front n wanchin.. so i give him the tix n he made one for Me.. But when he gave Me.. he purPosly turn the ice cream uPsIDe DOWn.. he tricK mE.. after that he passed to me.. then he didn't trick shan.. dO i lOok funNi.. haha.. but it fuNNi la.. then it 5 so we went back n i met wif nana n junie.. n we headed to pasir ris.. then ying, pres all say nva go.. haiz.. so reach there we makaN.. PlaY mahjong.. then after tt plAy uNo wif de Guys.. the penalty iS driNk 2 cups of water.. lUcKi i not the LOser.. hee.. then play zhong ji mI mah where one had a number in minD den other shld not say wat the number if sum1 guess the number correctly then his the loser n once again had to driNk the water.. i damN lUcki that i didn't drink anI.. when 3am caMe see my show den after that when to lie on bed till 7am then went hoME..
then todae i juz keep on slping then wake up eat n see tv ... see ya.. tml going Rp..

9:02:00 PM

Friday, March 24, 2006 ;

todae went out at 4 plus to meet xunjia(xj) at anG MO Kio to go MDIS to pay er school bill cox i'M daMn bOring at HomE!!! waS a bit LatE.. saY soRry agaiN to xuNjiA!!! when we reach there, the guy in charge call josePh is not there!!! then we went to ask where he is.. then we were told he went MAKAN!!! then we went PS walk walk loi.. then ask xj to sms him.. then he reply back in 1 min then put this ":p" at the end of the message.. she so excited.. haha.. then we went back.. waiting outside while xj go pay her bill.. then after that ok le xj cam out.. keeping all de receipt.. then joseph came out to tell xj something.. hear his voice first time.. cute voice he had.. heE hee!!! then we went this fashion coz xj wan see clothe.. then went back to cwp cox xj wan do ntuc member union card.. when we were crossing to civil centre we saw denise n the handSOME 5 (tc say de!!!) .. they were going to party world.. after tt xj do card le we go makan.. then buy coffee for mummy n went home.. see tv.. then online.. n tml going to kenny's Chalet den MDIS open hse.. excited.. tt all folk.. end here!!!

11:25:00 PM

Thursday, March 23, 2006 ;

todae i will summarize wat i'Ve beeN doIng thiS 3 dayS.. tues, weDs n todAe.. basicalLi is the same loi.. everydae 3 plus than sleep, 12pM den wake up.. then helped mama do some chores.. surf the net.. chat wif junie, mali and kiwie.. Kiwie still say wan form 2dae to thrash 2moro.. but no way.. hahahA.. than went to do a faCE recoNginitION thing.. Later sHow u all i lOok lIke whU!! u all dUn LAUgh till faint hOr coz wUn call 995 for u all.. i use recenT pHoto le!!! then saw some friendster layout thing that junie mdm introduce.. that all i been doing.. ok i go makan le.. tml going to MDIS agaiN wif xuNjIa.. heE Hee!!

9:10:00 PM

Monday, March 20, 2006 ;

dUn tok about ytd coz nthing much.. hee!!! sO todae wake up earli to accompany wanchin to MDIS at dhoby ghaut.. she wan to ask about the course there coz she wan study.. therefore, we meet at 11plus.. then meet chUfeng at aNg Mo Kio.. when we reached there, went makan.. KFC.. long time no eat.. after tt went to MDIS.. wanchin went in to the office so i n chufeng wait outside.. while waiting saw one guy wear same polo as me so i faster turn looking out.. then saw him keep loitering there so i keep seeIng outside.. suddenly i turn.. sAW sUm1 de back farmiliar.. then at de stair case turn point.. i SAW his side view.. it's HIM HIM HIM!!!! why i didnt look in front.. if nt he come in i will saw him.. WHY WHY WHY???? doU sHi thaT guy de fauLt la.. sO wondering wat he doing there? study there?? hmm.. hope have de answer to my question!!! tHen unwilling go out of there as chin ask finished. then went to rP campus cox wanchin frenz de son wanna ask thing.. nthing realli change after we had been there since open hse.. then went back cwp see NannY McPhEE!!! nice sHow.. fuNNi HorSe!! after finishiNg de sHOw, went to wanchin hse coz cf wan me to transfer thing to wanchin hdd.. so we went.. ate dinner there.. the egg with bean is nice n the vege too.. saw caMPUS superstar.. thik aDriaNo will out coz reNfred think wUn lOst de loi thot he gt lowesT mark deN zHiyang siNg well n gt the Highest marK.. haiz.. Pray for adRiano.. he cutesssss.. then after that chin chin drive us home.. go my hse first coz i wan give comic to cf.. then accompany chin chin drive cf home.. then finalli at 11 reach home n ready for de result show.. gtg bye.......

11:10:00 PM

Saturday, March 18, 2006 ;

rise n shiNe.. wat a shinny sat.. i think todae is the day that i wake up the earliest since 3maR... acCompanY Mum to aDmirtly (hope i spell correct) to UOB bank coz papa juz give her a cheque and She wan to Bank iN.. then i shun bian bank in my money tt nANa give Me.. then after that went to pay bills using the SAM machine.. got a bit fed up(walk here walk there cuM aunty visIt Me) coz thot the AXS machines no one then walk there but.. 3,4 ppl queuing.. then went back to SAM machine lucki no one.. then pay all bill finish.. mama say still gt 2 more.. is de fa dan of papa'S caR.. then i cant find the CISCO security thing to pay the fines.. so though AXS will have.. then walk to AXS machine.. but also cant find.. so mum say go CWP loi.. go the housing board place to pay. then i say ok loi.. but mum say since pay at housing board maybe ar the machines should click on HousiNg bOard icon. so go try n key in the fa Dan number n it auto show my paPa'S car number wHich Mean it's correcT.. after paying the fine.. went fOOdcourt makan.. eat PaN bIan (yoU mIaN..) then mama eat lou mee.. find the sauce nice then mum finish i put my ban MiaN insiDe.. NIcE oHh!! then da jie sms me say she wan eat YaKun so we had to go cwp.. went reaching yAkn saw Jiu Jiu.. so mum went to talk to him n i go n buy. after tt we went home.. then i went online sing mei mei laptop.. tok to junie, mali, pres and nana.. after a while all went to prepare as we are meeting later.. so i close my comp and fall asleep.. then wake up at 230pM.. then went bath n pRePare.. but the time i reach i the slowest .. haha.. then take 242 to JUnIE's HsE and starteD to MakaN.. all the thing so nie esp SOTONG!!! mostly eaten by me.. YummY.. then after tt we eat ice jelly.. it nice aLso.. then after tht they start their mahjong seSsIon then JnIUe mama give me MahJong Cd ask me go back preatcie.. hee then i watch tv.. after tt play Uno wif junIe n her siS.. then ard 10pm they finished they gaMe n went homE.. take MRt wif maLi.. reach home ard 1145.. went bath and came online to chat wif nana n mali.. now jie is back. i gtg. see ya everyone... i go see tV le...

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++ FiNe Of tHe DaY ++

Image hosting by Photobucket

SteaMbOaT @ juNIe'S HouRsE ++

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++ LoOk DeLiCoUSSsss??? ++

Image hosting by Photobucket
++ tHE WoRLd oF sOtoNG ++

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++ Me & JuNiE.. wE'Re sO FrEe!!! ++

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++ GoInG hOmE Le.. TaKeN @ JunIe'S DooRSteP!!! ++

11:58:00 PM

Friday, March 17, 2006 ;

whoohoo.. todae wake up by juniE's sMs.. calling me to wake uP.. bUt still a bit tired so tang on bed.. then my hp alarm ring.. so finalli fulli awake.. then went to toilet to .... dunno wat stomach so pain.. after .... when to iron clothe then bath.. came out prepare my thing n makan.. finalli go out.. im goign to late.. so sms mali ask her dun so earli reach but to my HORROR.. she reach le... jialat.. how i wish the mrt can zoom like a rocket.. finalli at 245 reach aljunied.. so mali wear skirt.. bring tt bag.. so lady.. veri nice.. MALI u shld wear more like this.. veri PRETTY... ^_^ then take taxi to toshiba.. $3.. i dunno why i suddenly so nervous.. hand cold.. then junie help me press numBer.. is 40 then saw SUM1 cut hair.. haha.. then seated down to wait.. then i open my comp first to let them see my print screen.. then di.. 40 came out of the screen.. n its SUM1 counter.. all follow me to counter paiseh siah.. then saw him all the print screen then he say let them check.. then he print the doc let me sign then ok le.. todae was damn fast.. then take lift down n my hp ring.. saw usual number normAlli o wun listen.. but think maybe imPortant so listen.. ot SUM1 ohh.. ask for pwD coz forget give.. then say bye bye.. then we went take taxi again this time $3.20.. more 20cent but 20cents mali help me give.. hee hee.. then when bUgis see gt present for my Kenny Sir.. found it.. but haben buy.. haha.. then walk ard.. see see then tired go yoshinoya seat down.. order for chicken wing.. say wait for 5min.. wait wait.. 10min pass the thing haben come.. go counter see also haben ok.. then continue wait wait.. even junie n mali thing finish.. then cant wwait animore so we all go counter there see.. finalli it there.. then take n go.. so aNgRy!!! then acc junie till raffles then mali and i seat to marina bay.. then from marina bay to yishun n me to admirtly.. finalli.. take bus reach home n so mani phone to listen.. dunno why. fansss.. then online with my home desktop.. typing this blog.. then to my horror my friendster n blog went SIAO.. dunno why.. ok go makan n bath first.. bye.. see F4 n nana n ying tml at junie hse.. see ya!!!!

8:53:00 PM

Thursday, March 16, 2006 ;

** saW tHiS at mY waI Po HSE.. thINkINg oF tHe PaSt..... **

hmm.. wake up.. makan.. when to wai po hse help cousin do things.. b4 that when cwp to drop cheque.. when reach ah ma hse.. teach my cousin le than i go do my stuff as mum also bring her work to wai po house to do.. but hor.. my baby keep on siao siao.. make me so pek cek.. so i tang on the sofa and see comic.. see.. see.. then sleep.. when i wake up it's already 5plus.. so mum wan go home.. then go wash up and pack.. then 6 plus reach home.. home mum prepare dinner.. bath.. see dream chaser.. than suddenly saw news say gt 2mor later.. so excited.. lucky i see dream chaser if nt i dunno gt 2moro... they teach us how to choose sport shoe.. if wan see the news can go youtube see.. hee.. yanjun so handsome... then after that chat chat on net.. then 12am le mali, junie and me still so high.. keep toking... finalli at ard 1 plus mali gt to slept coz she gt interview tml.. so bide gdbye to them.. n i continue to do my studd.... nite everyone.. tml going toshiba .. yahOOOOOooo...

4:36:00 PM

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 ;

Todae is pray pray day.. so mama woke me up ask me ba prawn.. then after a while then I wake up coz tired.. then she ask me makan first.. then ba finish prawn then help me bao wanton.. then other time help wash wash plate.. cut cut vege then sumtime testing nice mah.. in meantime i also do a fengshui horoscope test.. result not so gd.. 6_9.. then wai po n cousin came.. then let cousin use my laptop a while.. then I play their nitendo.. feel like buying siah.. hee.. then have my dinner.. then wanton so nice.. yummy..theN tc let me see his friendster.. nice siah.. jealous.. then watch American next top model.. noe Nicole will win so nva pay much attention coz toking to kEnNy(not KeLly..oppX) n MaLi n also playing with sHan.. then sHan Go Le.. tell MaLi I BrB but im typing here.. hee Hee.. Hi MaLi..stopping here coz I wan go edit n find some picture for the blog.. hee Hee.. wat will happen tml.. I nva noe.. miss ME..

++ HeRe tHe ResUlT of thE tesT i taKE oHhHh ++

11:58:00 PM

Tuesday, March 14, 2006 ;

eat fish bee hoon.. brought by mama at market.. then decided to wash fan coz haben been washing since new year.. so wash all the 4 fans... mama helped me too.. then after tt went to browse thenet.. but keep on siao siao.. happen so mani time siah.. make me so pek cek till I feel sleepy n I did fall asleep.. sunddenly mama call me.. ask me cook rice.. so I was Awaken.. then todae excited abt 8Pm show coz gt 2moro again.. hee hee.. so from 8 I have been seating there watching.. finalli ard 8.25 it show.. yanjun funni loi.. see ming lun drink the egg he so shock.. haha.. kawaii.. thot yanjun got lower mark but he still my best qin ren.. hahah.. after tt see channel 8.. then juz chat n chat.. then went to slp at 4am.. tml going to be a busy day.. see ya all.. Muackkssss

8:20:00 PM

Monday, March 13, 2006 ;

++ NiCe MovIe ++

wake up by wanchin call.. ask me wan meet at causeway mah?? Then I say wait a while I call back .. then when call back she going rp.. nva tell me earlier.. I also wan go mah.. then zhi hao meet her at cwp loi.. find her at yoshinoya with her sis eating.. then later one xiao mei mei cum seat beside me.. so cute.. even say hi to mi.. then she not shy de.. she take yuan ning hp.. then I pretend wan go.. then she sad face return me.. sOOOoo CutesSs.... then we went to watch movie.. See 'Yours, mine & Ours' the children inside is damn cute and last part it daMn touching.. LoI.. wIsh I have cute kid like them.. heE Hee.. then after that we went to watch another show 'DORM'.. though will be veri scary.. but in front is a bit.. but behind is touching.. cry in the 2moviEss.. touch touch.. then went home 7 plus.. then see the CampUs sUperstaR.. wat happen to gEralDine & Adriano.. keep fprgetting their lines.. hope Adriano not out.. then @ 9Pm see channel 8.. the xiao moi gua so cute.. like her since she acted.. then help mama fold clothe b4 bathing.. then wash fruit coz todae had to change then pour tea n finalli fished all thing n is getting sleepy.. bye bye.. nite .. miss ya all...

++ tHe MuMmY's SidE cHiLD.. cIrcLe oNE sO cUtE ++

++ tHe DaDdY's SidE cHiLd.. cIrcLe oNE sO cUtE ++

11:50:00 PM

Sunday, March 12, 2006 ;

haIz.. todae juz slack slack slack nothing interest me todae..sian juz sleep, sleep n sleep.. then eat nasi lamak then continue watch tv.. haha… then slept again..

10:02:00 PM

Saturday, March 11, 2006 ;

sO TiReD.. went round of Singapore today.. wake up 10plus then meet junie.. went to her mei mei sch @ amk coz gt fun fAir.. have some fun there then 1 plus went to expo to see kelLy.. shake her hand n take photo with her.. she so thin loi.. haiZ… then reach bOon lay 5.30pm.. after tt go NTU open house.. junie wanted to ask some question abt the course.. how I wish I can study there too.. but my grade is… finalli went back to boon lay n take 178 to go home.. on the way home.. was so hungry siah.. lucky mama gt cook.. have dinner then watch tv.. at midnight watch peach girl.. got kenji.. he still so young.. haha!!! Then went to sleep at 3am plus.. nite or should I say morning?? Hee Hee!!!

7:30:00 PM

Friday, March 10, 2006 ;

Ok firstly I wanted to saY.. It’s sO hot in singaPore.. wHy WhY wHY???? Nvm.. so I had to full blast my fan if Not I think I can die of heat… ok I tell little about our Malaysia trip.. first day, Chin, Feng and Me reach First World Hotel at about 4am in the morning.. as we cant get a room cox they say earliest also 5am.. so we seat down and play UNO.. then when 4.30am we saw the queue for getting a number is quite long.. so I & chin go queue up..while queuing we continue ouR game.. by 5am, the queue start moving.. Our queue number is 32.. back to our game.. im losing.. den “DING 0032” it our turn it kinda fast.. n we got tower 2 level 22 room 933.. thot was near.. but it right at the back.. the hotel look clean as it’s new but look errie.. So we went to our room, sleep till 8plus wake up.. play theme park.. most thrilling is the “ Flying Coaster” n most lame is “Space Adventure”.. if u dun believe u all go try bah.. I was sad that the “Sungei Rejang Flume Ride” was under maintenance.. didn’t have the chance to get wet.. after few hours we went back hotel and had a rest.. feel kinda sick.. throat veri pain.. then I went for bath.. then we slept for a while then went to eat dInnEr “ Kenny Roger”..been waiting for this moment.. it’s nice..haha.. then go walk walk ard..saw one jacket I like.. then 12plus le then went to dream of zhou gong.. Next dae.. our alarm clock (chufeng) wake us up… then went to mushroom farm to makan coz we dunno wat to eat.. pay taxi rm10 n u can get there.. we had fish n 2 vegetable.. it veri nice… while eating one cat stare at me so scaRRyyy.. then ask our alarm clock to shoo it away.. ThaNk aLaRm clock.. then finishing our food, we walk ard the farm.. then one kor kor from the farm nice wan drive us up to genting but we told him we haben go.. so he say when want to go up call him.. then we went outside.. that a platform.. 2 viewing machine.. (Later I’ll show the pic aNd yoU all understand) standing there was so cooling.. wish Singapore had this kind of weather.. then ard 2pm we decided to go back hotel but we all were shy to call de kor kor.. so we hire taxi back.. the taxi uncle dunno how to drive loi.. we almost crash with another car.. hurt my lef n cf’s hand.. aiyoyo.. lucki it nt tt serious.. then we put down our thing and went shopping.. todae then is our official SHOPPING DAY.. then see wallet also nt much money so when buying thing also muz think.. then went to make necklace.. can write name on rice.. I wrote “ yanping n zai”.. aiya shld write yan jun.. then saw shan n da niao.. then they go have fun while we continue with our shopping.. after tt we went eat pizza hut..nt veri nice n veri full till one baO za.. then wanchin go play arcade and later we go try the kbox thing.. 1song= rm1.. suddenly saw shan again then she told us gt one malay guy like drunk then he walking around then we scare we go somewhere else.. hee hee.. then take some photo den went back to hotel and shan came find us and we played game then 1 am plus she go back and we slept.. then next dae check out n went ate mac Donald.. then do last min shopping then 2pm go register to return to spore.. that all for my trip to gentIng..

Back to todae, juz slack and organize my comp thing… tml going out wif juniE…

11:46:00 AM

Thursday, March 09, 2006 ;

EverYoNe, I’m back!!! It 11plus in the night.. Juz eaten.. KinDa tIred.. will talk abOut my Journey to geNtinG tomorrow ok.. gd Nite.. go transfer some Picture!!! mIsS u aLl…

12:43:00 PM

Tuesday, March 07, 2006 ;

Hmm. tonite got 2Moro.. & going to genting.. But wait I still haven’t pack.. dunno why not So worry.haHaha... sO nOw I’M playinG comp cum packing my luagge.. 3sHirts, 1 sKirt and 1 short for sleeping..shampoo..tibitsmoney, camera, charger anD MOST IMPORTANT is my PASSPORT.. HeeHeE.. ok I think that all.. then around 4 plus chin chin la came my house take roller coaster 3.. then I continue to surf till 6 plus then hong chu fend came.. let her use coz she wanted to See got pPl email her mah.. then I go see any last thing wan to bring.. then saW the clock it’s 7 plus.. I ahd to batH coz 2moro de show starting.. wHen cam Out of BathRoOm, it Just nice… 8pm.. sO seated in Front of tv..excited.. then they came oUt.. singing Ci Ji 2006.. YanJUn handsome daOOoooo!!! After one song, ther is JacK nEo le.. so I tune to CaMpus SuperStar.. waiting for Adriano to sing My Anata..i did turn back to channel 8 to see if gt 2mor but dun have.. so tune back to channel u and dunno why I keep walking round my house..theEn Adriano that daE singing was nice.. then 9pm le.. have to rush take taxi to pick up chin chin la then head to Golden Mile to take coach to Genting.. BUT wait.. to my horror.. 2moro did cam out again and sing Qian Zhe Ni.. saded.. I didn’t saw.. ok got to go.. see u all at thUr night.. Muack!! AdIoS eVeryonE!!!

12:40:00 PM

Monday, March 06, 2006 ;

todaE wake uP iN a Fear!!! My comp went crazy.. gt lot of line.. then I restart.. then ok le.. after 1 hour.. it happEn aGaIN!!! Then I close for a wHiLE to let it rest..but playing for a while still happen.. so ask mali for help.. then she help me see any driver can cure but I like duN have for mine problem de.. think need go tOsHiBa aGaIn le.. gOt a bit happieSss bUt alSo worried ( don’t know must pay money mah..) then after a while lazy to play le because it beame siaO again.. sO gdNite!!!

3:36:00 PM

Sunday, March 05, 2006 ;

toDaE wake up a Bit late.. at 9.30am.. suppose wake up at 8 to accomopany mama go MarkEt but too tired.. sO mama went first.. bY the time I reach, she bUy oK lIao.. guilty .. haha.. sO went reach home.. hElP mama prepare till 1230.. went out to Pick them up.. saW my nEt FrenZ.. haha!! shYSSsss.. then head to my hse.. then had our lunch cox all hungry.. then mahjong but I dunnO so I pLay comP.. which preS mDm told me shE ok le.. haPPiesSs for Her!!! suddenly saw tv commercial say 2mOro have gai baN cd.. I going to Buy!!! When they cuMing back?? mIss them sO much!!! Then later we play UNO again!!! this Is a Must Play game.. then after few session.. aLL tired then we stop.. a whLe later.. all go Home le.. so went to rest n chat.. seeing thE astrOloGy thing!! interesting..

1:32:00 PM

Saturday, March 04, 2006 ;

Todae was the LasT dae of our lesson n LasT daY in Rp Coz we GraDuate Le.. suddenly I felt Like I wanT to go sChoOl moRe coz dE outside world is so complicated.. so todaY when tO sTeven oNg LesSon.. he quite a OK chEr.. let us sTart @ 12.30pM.we wEnt maKan First.. saW him!!! Mali call mE to lOok n they saY I had a FunNi reaction.. haHa.. I also dUnnO leI.. then lAter wE eVeN chaI sHEn eR gUo.. I Wan to grab His haNd n… but nVa la.. HeE heE.then went take ouR sLa aT 11pLus .. take soMe pHotO wiF cHin n weI chin.. then wEnt caRpaRk take wif a CaR!!! duNnO shLD I PosT tt PicTUre??? When back to class, cher asK 2 groUp present(which I’vE had been ask to).. then cher PresEnt.. that it.. our LasT P in Rp.. then wEnt to dO the LasT evaluation, LasT quiz n LaST rJ.. after tt steven ong ask to take a class pHoto.. I ‘lL upload when I got that.. then we PlaY ouR aDdicted game – UNO!!! We play in the lab then move on to canteen to makan coz hungry then go TS0408 to continue.. till 5pm then gO!! So SaD… saY gd Bye to everyone.. goNna mIsS Rp n eVerYonE!!! Then during the nitE.. been told abT maLi lUv lIfe.. sO romantic.. JeaLoUsssSS le..then we all decide to come mY hsE to have a feast on the next dae (Mar 4).. tireDsss.. sLp..

2:26:00 PM

Friday, March 03, 2006 ;

wHooo!!! toDaE is WaT daTE ar??? ohh it'S 2Nd of MaR.. heE Hee!! iT's sEem liKE i've takeN a ResT sIncE nOV9.. BLeH.. DUN wOrRI.. i recaLL all the intEsTiNG incIdeNT iN tmL POsT k.. so LEt talK abT todaE.. 2Nd laSt lesSon of my lifE in RP.. kInDa SaD HOr.. ReaCh claSs at 9aM.. take 1 eLmO maGnet given by cHer.. buT still gOt maNi cuTe dE.. wiSh caN takE onE moRe.. heE Hee.. wHen naNa camE.. she aLso waN takE 2.. so we aSk chEr.. chEr say oK.. if nt enOugh then we had to givE back. thUs, i n nana take 2!!! so HapPIeSSS... then after a While go maKaN le.. eaT wIf shAn & cHin..halfway eating.. a guy n a gal take video camera in front of us.. still gt stand.. like pro.. duNnO waT tHEy taKing.. hOpe nvA shOOt daO wO meN. coZ nt nice.. haha.. when back cLasS find resouces.. dO soME paRt.. then when to Find junie.. theN saW selVan had cookIes mOnster de MagNet.. so Cute!! sO i KaPo.. at first duN tell him bUt in the end he kNow.. theN ivY caME n treaT us ICe cReam.. i ate staWberRy n Nut de!! nIcy nicy!! then wenT oN to thirD meeTIng.. finisH by 2pm.. do Rj. quiz.. then finalli relaC.. had a UNo sEssIon, todae was the lONGesT unO game i ever seEn.. it LasT fOR............. an HouR!!!! fiNalli PrEs WiN oveR juNie.. FinaLli, wE caN taKe soME pHoto!! haD soME niCe oNE!! i lIKe it veRI mUCh.. poSt the Pic bEloW.. toDaE kIndA lOng wiNded aR!! bear wiTh it.. cotinUE - then whEn it heLpdesK return the SMC card.. the malay helpdesk guy is funni loi.. ask me why return n why so fast year 3.. then still say me izzit one of the heLpdesK sIstEr as we HaD the saMe sUrnaMe!!! thEn at nite waTch dreaM chSer.. jY was FuNnI.. thEn after tt juZ aSkiNG evEryONE to TaG!! muahah..laStly, tMl iS lasT daY LE.. goNna mIsS theM.. tml muz take pic wiF maLi, nana, ying, jUNIE & maNI mORe.. tOo baD preS nVa cOme.. hOpE sHE resT weLl!!! thE enD of my sToRY foR todaE.. bYe.. nItezz..

sPEciaLli 4 MaLiss: wanteD to thank u for helPing mE desiGn.. So wOnDerfUl i write more tml k.. u also mUz write.. hee!! fasTer`go slp!!

* thIs is thE maGnEt i haD *

# niCE?? #

% JunIe & ME iN fRoNt oF Rp siGn %

2:46:00 PM

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