Sunday, April 23, 2006 ;

LasT wEek LazY to write.. sO todaE i wiLl suMMarize k.. hmm starT wif moNdae.. meet up wif shan at je then she come my hse.. dinner had tom yam shop.. it was yUmmY!!! then 3am le.. we haben slp.. so decided to call mac.. when go get de money.. i fount our i LOST $12..veri sad Lei.. then still have to pay for mei mei de Mac meal.. no monEy Liao..
then we 6am plus then slp.. til 10 am then wake up.. eat breaskfast.. see tv.. then 1 plus went to rp take my ezline card..coz sum1 had bring back for me coz i lost it.. then tt day juzt went back slp.. do nothing.. move On to wedNesdaY.. meet up with chin.. went to far east with her cox she wan buy officE weaR.. then i bought 3 cLotheSssSs!!! then went to greaT woRlD ciTy find wei chIn.. acc her makan.. i ate ice JellY!!! then later walk ard.. i went to acade.. then saw the pu dao won but is cartoon de.. veri cute.. so ask wanchin play for me.. got 4.. 3 toy story de & 1 mickey mouse .. so cute.. too baD yanjUn go back Le.. can't give Him!!! then we went back orchard walk walk to find Fan magazine coz mAr issue gt 2moro cover.. but finisH le.. left 183 club cover de onli & bugis have.. so they left one for mE as inside still have 2moro news!! hOpe other issue have 2moRo agaIn... then went to heeren.. then walk to cine coz we will wait for weichin to fanG GonG.. when crossing de road saw sum1 giveing out leaflet and it kbox ppl.. then he gt give the leaflet but i dunno give me or ppl besode me.. so i didn't taKE.. then i LoOk back again.. it'S ruiJie.. haha.. Didn't noe is him till 2nd tiMe.. hOpe he wUn thiNK i daO as not taking the leaflet!!! then we went back to border as there still timE.. then 11 le .. met up wif wei chin at mrt.. and we headed homE.. fOr thUR.. mEet wif chin as she go bUgiS with Me to get de maGAzine.. then after tt just went home.. fri, sat n todae.. juz slack.. see tv.. help mama.. makan.. tt all.. bYe.. slping..

11:30:00 PM

Sunday, April 16, 2006 ;

for the whOlE DaE, i'Ve bEeN waiting the clOck to strikE 7pM.. cox my yaNjuN will bE performinG on thE chaRity sHOW!!!.. ard afternOOn tiMe.. i sms juNIe as hEr reMemBer to tape for mE.. then ask a few frenz mUz sEE n tell them muz be seatEd at 7Pm coz i nOE 2mOro come oUt firsT.. then coNtinUe to waIt n waIt.. as i was SicK..(mayBe ytd sEE yanJun, tOO HIgH lE.. keKe ^_^) feel KinDa tireD.. sO went to BeD to resT.. then suddenly wake up.. it 6.45pM le.. faster go seat in front of tV.. scare wait my familY waN seE othEr chaNNel.. muhhaha.. then sms jUniE agaIn to remInd Her.. Juz in CasE she forget.. HeE hEe!! FiNalli the clOck striKe 7.. n the shOw starTed.. first was the children performing some sort of skit, calling ppl to call.. then introduce everyonE out.. 2moro so Fast.. nvm..then waiting for theM to perfOrm.. hOpe yaNjuN's Leg is Ok..yanJun weaR pinK agaIn.. yanfu black!!! thEn the hOst introDuCe theM then they dance..thE performanCe was exceLLenT!!! LovE it.. thot they wouLd siNg aGain.. but no More.. feEl kINda short leI.. haIZ.. Later de mOre da Pai yi Ren sUre siNg mOre..haIz.. tHEn continUe to watcH de shOW though no More 2mOro le.. bUt i miSs sly de.. hOpe gt repeat bah.. thEn seE a bit of aconDa - the BIG snaKe.. thEn caMe onLinE thEn nOw goIng to see ch8 de shOw LiaO .. ByE byE.. pRayinG yaNjuN wiLL visiT de bLoG.. LovEs yaNjuN.. Hee HEe.. hOpe nExt week faster come den jUNIE can send me wat she recOrd!!!!

11:46:00 PM

Saturday, April 15, 2006 ;

in the lift when theY caMe.. yanJun weaR pINk.. sHUai daOOoo!!!!

todaE waS the second hapPIeSsSss daE in mY wHolE LifE!!!! cOz i saW 2mOrO agaIn.. at fiRsT was thiNkinG of noT goIng coZ havE theIr sigNatURe whEn theY weNt bishAN.. n nO onE waS fReE..iF aLonE go wiLl bE loNEy buT LuCkY cf n JUnIE DeciDed to gO wiF mE.. i waS daMN haPPi loI!!! sO i do a caRd foR yaN juN till 5am in thE morniNG.. then slp a while.. 10 wake up do the enveloPE part.. thEn it was a LittlE bit mErge coZ i gaN qioNg then toucH it when it Not Dry yet as it acalyic paInt.. as i no time le so can'T reDo.. so rush to meet cf n went novena as she want to ask her frenz thing.. then meet xj coz she suddenly sms me say wan go wif us.. then after that went far east shop as cf finding shirt for dinner as her frenz getting married.. then it 2pm le so went to meet juNIE.. theN went to thE pLACE that i want to go de whOle daE.. WISMA lvl 1.. when on the escalator can hear 2moro song le!!! sO exciteD.. wooHOO.. so HIGH.. then went to buy his gai baN cd.. then wanted to go queue but the sercurity guard " FrancIs" say onli gt cd den can go in... so i acc cf thay all first!!! so in The enD didnT realli geT gd pIC as laSt tiME.. buT muz thanK to JUnIE coz lucki gt her camera if nt i think todae wuN haVE anI phOto at all!!! so wait for an hour.. they finAlli came.. n they came doWn fRom lvl 3.. oMG!!! they they sing shAbu ShaBU.. shao le.. qiaN zhe nI.. n ci jI 2006... i shld had stnad in front when i reach coz they gt to shake hand wiTH theM wheN they siNginG!!! then after siNginG.. they startEd signing... i faster rush iN.. n queue uP.. mY heart was juMPing so fast lei.. oMG.. i'm getting neaRer... theN when on stage.. this time yanjun first.. so give hiM de Cd.. then laTer pass hiM de card.. he seE.. then saY i dRaW verI nIce.. i think i say thank u then shake hand.. i was dsMn exciteD i couLDn't reMembEr wat i say to hIM.. omg then proceed to hIs bRo.. n say xie xie alSo.. then went off stagE le.. bUt my heart are still veri hiGh... feeL likE huGginG YanJUn!!! then we wanted take more pic theN went 2nd flOor see caN take mah..
but onli can see their head.. then went they say byE bYe.. they turn so fast so didn"T get the chance to take.. then they went to take de lift to go back.. when they stop at lvl 2.. i wave at yanfu as he facing my sidE.. he gt wavEd back.. whY yanjun nva tuRn to my sIDe alsO.. heE hEE.. buT was ConteNdEd that yan Fu gt waVE n gt to shake yanjun hand.. then after that weNt shOpPiNg then 10 plUS reacH hOmE.. hOpE 2mORo will coMe see mY bLoG coz i gt write in my carD.. if thEy sEEing thIS.. Wanted to tell theM i cant write in chinese.. so sOrrY.. wanted to tell thEM yan JUn n YAn fU .. yoU 2 are de BEST.. hoPe thaT waTeveR u do.. u all can chenG gonG.. love u alwaYSssSS!! faSteR coMe baCk sPore ok... if not i will haVE xianG si BInG... if can add me msn.. hahahA.. i muz bE dreaMIng.. hOpe tml their charity show will be a success!!! i sure willwatch n record!!! Lastly i want to tell u all
HOPE u LIKE MY caRD!!! (update photo tml as photo wif junIe n my foNt color is piNK coz yanjun wear pink todaE)

yanFu wavinG at ME whEn goiN hoME.. yanFu also shuaI !! the pic a Bit bLUr..

YanJun LooK sO cuTe wHen hE Is DriNKinG

11:50:00 PM

Monday, April 10, 2006 ;

my rOoM's LighT waS swIcH oN.. then my eYE aLso oPEn.. it waS my sIs.. dUnnO sO earLi go where.. saw it was onli 7 in the morning.. then wanted to slP but caN't.. so after mEI mEi go oUt.. usE her comP to browsE foR icoN.. brOwse till 7 plus.. theN when to watch aI qing mOi fa shI.. watch tiLl 8.40.. oppx.. i had to meet cf @930am at aNg MO kiO.. so faster went to irOn my clothe then bath but my stomach pain.. so when i came out of toilet alreadY 9.05 le.. so faster grab all my things and went to take bus.. when i was on mrt.. it was already 9.25..but lucki cf will come out onli i give her miss call.. then finalli reach amk then we went to aljunied.. coz going to toshiba to collect my baby.. reach le dunno wan give whu the paper.. then lucki the ladies look up then ask me waN collect huh.. then she take the form from me..aFter a while my baby come out le.. but when it opEN.. the button is still nt there.. though they say wanted to change for me .. but but.. the ppl tell me they gt ask head office but head office say no.. DisaPpOinteD.. theN whEn go back ..saw him walking up de stair.. hee hEe.. then went to take bus to aljunied.. then seat till boon lay.. coz cf wan go interview.. but there still time.. so went jp makan breakfst + lunch.. eat my favorite yong tou foo.. the queue was so long.. when i went back .. cf almost finish le... then went to take bus.. when reach still need walk in.. so wulu.. finalli found it.. then the girl bring cf to a room then she say she bring me somewhere else.. then i follow her.. then she go ask de manager.. then de manager say stay wif cf can.. then after a while.. she say she bring me to another place.. then i went to the room where they all the big boss have meeting.. so big siah.. if im the big boss there.. i muz be daydreaming.. haha.. then ard 20 min.. cf cum n find me n we headed to rp as cf wan to get her transcript.. on the way.. saw chris on mrt.. hee Hee..why nt... after getting the transcript.. we walk ard the sch n saw the canteen open le.. all different uncle n aunties.. so mani store!!! then when walking out of the building.. saw st....... dunno where he going.. HahAha!!! then nthing to see le den went to take bus.. theN went to walk ard cwp.. saw the cinema had some changes.. tHeN went home after that.. see tv.. online.. then going to slp noW!!! see u tmL...

11:58:00 PM

Sunday, April 09, 2006 ;

todae let me write a summary entry.. afternnoon use comp.. nite when ah ma hse.. see suPer baND then 11pM deN sLeEp.. siMPle n easy bLogg.. tt all bye bye

11:04:00 PM

Saturday, April 08, 2006 ;

slaCk at hoME.. wake up late den muMmY anGry.. then later ask hEr can eaT de BurGer.. tok to her theN sLowly she nt anGrY liaO.. shE alSO veri busy coz latEr she is going to seE fonG feI Fei coNcert!!! sO tonIte our DinNEr muz settLe ouRselVEs.. at fiRst da jIE waN heLp us bUY but papa called.. so ask papA buY!!! had my favoRite.. he tanG hOR fuN!!! then have malay de tofu then have otah then have bBq chicken wINg!!! so i went to bath cox daMN hungry.. theN come Out le take boul n fork n mAKan... the hou fun so nice.. yummy.. eat le veri Full.. went wash plate deN onLinE!!! write this entry.. stOp HEre .. go SEe Tv.. bYE ByE!!!

9:47:00 PM

Friday, April 07, 2006 ;

ytd was nthing great to tok abt.. so speak of todae.. wake up at 9 coz i going to cwp to pass preS mdm her transcript.. then went to but long john again for mother to try.. then she say nice.. then seat down for tv.. saw one show on HBO.. kiNDa nice.. n by the tiMe i watch finish.. i'M still a bit conduse.. can anioNe tell me wat happEn?? then i didn't knOw de titlLe.. so whEn onLine chEck.. it called "the life of DavId GaLE"... hope sum1 also see this shOw n tell me wat happeN.. then i went to sleep coz too tired.. wake up 3plus by my hp.. saw weird number den i wanNa listen.. no more.. then sms.. it'S toshIba.. they say mY baBy is Ok le.. YiPPie.. so mondae i gOing to collect it.. Muhhahah.. then help mama cook den see tv..den see tv.. continue see tv...then now i'm going downstair to walk walk... bYe Bye!!! verI qi da for moNdae..

11:50:00 PM

Wednesday, April 05, 2006 ;

todae ar.. went to ah ma hse coz she pray but is vegetarian stuff.. so long nva eat vegetarian le.. mISS rp vegetarian.. wisH wdL campUs still have den i can go back to maKan.. after having meal at ah ma hse.. went to xiao i room to play comp but after a while.. there nO connection.. so went to watch tv.. saw one interesting Drama.. yue guan shenG lIn.. if i'M nt wroNg.. gt KenJi.. heE Hee.. then @4 mama ask me go hOMe.. by the time we reached home.. mum feel dun like cooking.. then morning mum also brought 2 packet of nOOdle.. so she decided to ask papa go buy dinner himself.. so i went to watch tv as todae no need help mum as she didnt cook.. then after watching a while.. my eye lid feel heavY.. so went to take a nap.. then 8.45 pM then wake up.. didn't manage to see de "nEveR say Die" on ch8, only get o see the result.. then continuesee 9pM show.. wonder whu kidnapped Carol.. haVe to wait 3 more weeks then will noe.. hopE it getting interesting.. thEn continue to switch here n there.. i'll end here n go watch my tv.. zaI jIan...

10:20:00 PM

Tuesday, April 04, 2006 ;

wakky @ 9 coz i n chin jie jie n niNg MeI mEi meet @ 930aM fOr breaKFast in cwP!!! ytd we were chatting.. then suddenly thought that long time nva went for loNg joHn silVer breakFast Le.. so ask them wanNa go.. so they say nO probLem. sO after i bath.. whEn to take Bus.. n then met with them.. n headed to the couNter of long john... n ordEr breakFasT 1... mY favorItE!! nexT tiMe den take pIc for u all to See k.. then finishing our meal.. we went to civil centre to post my letter.. then when to aXS machine to pay all the billssSs.. then got to articipate a lucki draw.. wiN le can get a beetle caR.. wiSh i can Win den wanchIn can drive!!! hee HEe!!! theN around 10plUs went to 7-11 coz feElinG kiNDa ThirsTy.. then i choOse bIg gUlp so do wanchin.. we brought 2 cuPss.. gt ask her waNNa share mah but she duN wan.. bUt after dRinkIng the first siP.. we both saY the samE thing " we shld buy 1 cuP onli" coz we'Re stilL fulL.. then JunIe called me n went to interchange to meet her n sElvaN.. then 911 came n we board it..when reach sch.. when to one stop to get transcriPt.. then chin couldnt get coz she haben return smc card.. so the one stop ask her go IT helpdesk return.. but the ne stop didnt noe tt chin wan pay the fine coz she lost it.. we also blur blur de follow her up... theN de IT helpdesk ppl say if pay fine is at one stop.. then we go dowN agaiN.. finalli aFter paYing.. chin got her transcript.. then we went to find jaylin coz she in the lab helping cher..we keep finding W3 but coldnt find.. so selvan went off as he had sOmethiNg oN.. then chin saw the lift open so she ask us try.. then went to third story, went out then saw jaylIn.. i wonder if the first day of sch for them will be a chaO..eveRybOdy will be like where W3 or E1 etc.. after staying a while in the lab.. fany finalli come. so we bid gdbye to jaylin n went one stop again to meet fanny.. then after she take.. we all went cwp to makan.. buT i n chin nva eat.. coz i still feel fulL.. after tt we walk ard cwp.. went to acade.. saw ppl playiNg the catch doll macHine.. t 1 couple keep trying siaH.. HEr bf shld be riCH.. can sUm1 catch for me tOo??? then after tt went homE.. having a rain pour... feel so windY.. think i will end here.. i go n relax on my bEd.. tata!!!

6:27:00 PM

Monday, April 03, 2006 ;

toDae wake up xin qin so relax coz going to meet juniE, pReS & NanA For KTV!!! sO loNg nVa siNg wiTh tHEm.. so i met uP wiF juNie first coz we wanTed to maKan outside.. so when i reacH ccK i sms juNie to cOme oUt.. theN at JE sms where are shE? thEn sUdDenly she tape on my back.. i say i jUz sMs U!!! she tell me got Meh?? den i tell her i also gt sms her when i reach cck.. but she say didn'T receive.. lucki juNIe gt come out.. if not had to wait for her verI loNg.. HeE hEE!!! then we HeadeD to loNg joHn!!! had our meal le.. then i n junie go to kboX first.. coz nana N pRes LatesSsss.. then i n JunIe sIng "nI nA mE aI ta" coz scare laTer caNnot sing cOz of sOmE reaSon.. but in the End we gt delicatE agaIn cOz preS mdm waN siNg... HahahA!!! in the mean whiLe we also keeP reFilLing oUr tiBiTs.. think more thaN 5 timEs baH.. anD i & jUNIe wHen to toilEt anD we saW thOsE put $1 then tuRn oUt gt thiNg de!! then i search foR $1 coin n fOund onli one.. then i chose the sticker machiNe.. then it .. it"sssss... princEss STicKer!!! daMn HaPpiESssss!! thEn wEnt back coNtinUe sIng.. tOo baD nO qian ZHe nI.. kBox caN u plZ uPdaTE!!! thEn ard 6.50plUs.. de peoPle came iN to tell Us laST soNg but it haBen 7pM sO we coNtinUE siNG.. then second tiMe they caMe iN then we deCideD to gO.. wOnderIng whY they KeEp gaN wO Men zhOU?? thEre sTiLl so maNI rOoMsSsss... thEn aftEr that i call cHin as i MeetiNg her to gO oLD cenTre changE the DS gamE... after meeTIng cHin.. gt my game change and we went to eat KFC... the chicken was sOo BiG.. theN weNt hOMe n watcH tv. tt all foLks.. wiLl upDate de pHotO wHEn i get back laPtop!!!

10:47:00 PM

Sunday, April 02, 2006 ;

yo evErybOdy.. hOw haVe BeEn uR day?? KinDa HAppIeS cOx zHiYANG wiN!!! He sIng vEri GD esP de SupErWomAN & KiSs GoOdByE!! tWo thumB uP!!! thEn yTD i 4aM plUs onLInE theN few mIn he aLso oNlinE!!! sO exCiteD bUt aS usUal we dIdn"t toK.. HE sTiLl onLinE thEn i kiNda tiReD so weNT bEd to lIe a whIle bUt diDnt clOse de DeskTop.. thEn a whILe laTer ard 5am PluS i woKe up den cloSe it cOx sEE nO onE lE.. then WeNt back slP.. then wanchin call me ask me later wan go khaTiB sEe gt nItenDo maH.. then i lAzy so nva mEeT her... then in the evening.. sHe call say wan go oLd cenTre see nitenDO n she drive.. sO i saY ok Loi. then i got buY de NitenDO.. pINk cOlOuR!! then rusH hoMe see sUpErsTar... after tt went to plaY my niTenDo buT canT... sO tml had to go back n changE.. sIan.. theN wenT to see chanNel 8 shOw.. enD HeRe.. zaI jIan!!!

10:43:00 PM

Saturday, April 01, 2006 ;

wEnt onLinE on 10 aM plUs.. thEn saW sUmoNE onLINe... then after thAt he send me de MSN blocker again!! bUt i noE he duN knOw coZ it auTo sEnd De.. woNderInG if hE still HaVE tt viRUs?? then went back to slP coZ kInDa tireD.. thEn mAma n sIs camE back frOm sHao mu.. n brought me seafoOd sOup.. eat LE then wash.. then seat down see elf on HBO.. then suddenLy see cLock .. it 330Pm.. n i nOW then RememBer i waNt to meeT wanChin at cwP 330PM.. sO caLl wanchin go out 15min Later.. waNna meet her coz waNNa change the cabLe.. cOz de receipt is With HEr.. bUt whEn we wan chNage she say she forGet bring.. OMG.. so the KoR kOr lEt us CHanGE tml.. so weNt hOme.. then wHen nite tIme.. went bUy dInNer with mamA den seat PaPA car baCk.. theN see tv.. nOwaday keep seeing tv coz nO laPtop to usE!! sO tt all foR toDae!!! tmL gt camPus sUpersTAr!! JIa YoU zHIYAnG!!!

8:55:00 PM

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