Saturday, November 24, 2007 ;
ElmO is sO cuTe!!!!,♥

After work, I met up with Shan.. Our first stop was Far East.. There wasn't much thing for us to buy!!!! But, I saw somthing that was cute and Shan had decided to buy for me as my present.. Hee Hee! Thank ShaN!!!

Next we proceeded to Guess shop in Takashimaya.. Shan showed me a bag and I liked it very much!! we decided to buy it next week as I will only get my pay after Wednesday.. Ho hO Ho!!! Then, we went to eat AhjiSen as both of us were hungry!!!

While waiting for the food, we heard somebody were performing at the stage. So I asked Shan who was it as my side was block!!! So to a closer look, Shan told me was Seasame Street and Shan saw Elmo!!! As she can't resist, she went out to take pictures!!!

When she back, she showed me the photo.. All was damn cute de loi!! keke!!! Then, we started eating but we found the food was not so nice as the soup was kinda bland!!! Kinda disappointed!!!

Then, we went to Paragon and last stop at PS!!! We went to Dorothy and I wanted a jacket in black but they don't have, So I asked them to help me check other outlet but only till weekdays then they can check!!! So let me pray there still have stock!!!

Then, we went to Charles n Keith. Shan brought a pair of heel and I wanted to buy but reserved at Cwp as ShanYi had discount card!! HEe Hee!!! Then, we went to eat our favorite Ban Mian before heading home!!!

Oh lastly, we were hoping Pokkea Tea could ask us to help them promote!! Thay whY we took photo with Pokka LemoN Tea!! haha!!!

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11:50:00 PM

Friday, November 23, 2007 ;
CoOLesT Fire FiGhteR,♥

Today, I had fire training conduct by TTSH!!! They talked about how we should react, what the correct method to put off fire, how to prevent etc.. They let us see a exclusive video where no one see before and it just hapepned recently!!! Then after going through the talk, they let us try putting off the fire.

At first, I was scared to try but my frenz had gone to try so I followed her. To my surprise, it was easy!!! Keke!!! Next, we went back to have a quiz before going back!!!

Oh yah, before going to de talk, a sale rep brought all of us a egg tart with a smiley face on top!!! so cute!! keke...


9:20:00 PM

Monday, November 12, 2007 ;
AnoTher SuRpRisE by Cowcify!!!,♥

Today, we met up again, also without JIa to watch Game PLAn in Yishun GV!!! As I had joined GV Club, so I could bought the ticket at Buy 1 get 1 free for 1 tImes!! sO in the end we just need to get 3ticket!! Each of us just pay $5 plus!!!

Finishing buying what we need, Chin had not reached yet!! So Feng suggested Denise and I go up first while she wait for Chin. After a while, Denise was laughing and I asked her why?? But she didn't say anything!!

Suddenly, Chin n Feng walked in the cinema with the cake and the candle was lighted!!!! ThIs IS Juz suPer touch!!! But lucky there no oNe seating infrOnt of us!! keke!!! And other veri touch was cHIn had brought my favorite cake from four LeaVEs!!!!

ThanK You GUyS!!! Had ReaLLY aN UNFORGETABLE 22nd Birthday!!!! Thank for all the plans!!!! MUACK MUACK!!!

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10:25:00 PM

Sunday, November 11, 2007 ;
Once agaIn, we had a spread!!,♥

It Been quite a long time since JiU jIu they all were coming our house for dinner when Mama Had to pray!! So, Mum a prepared quite a lot of food today!! As I will be helping Mum, I woke up at 10aM. (feel so tired as I only sleep for 5Hr)

Peeling potatoes, cleaning sotong, Making dumpling etc was what I doing.. Today's helping though was easy but it took such long time as most of the thing need frying!! Therefore by 5plus, all the food were ready for praying. While Mum was praying, I washed all the plates since it were all used in the morning!!!

Finish my washing, it's my turn to had a nice bath!!! After which, I had a very VEry fulL dinNER and it"s time for me to REST!!!

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8:15:00 PM

22Nd BirThdaY cELbratIon 3,♥

Today after work, rush home as later I'll be meeting Cowcify as they going to celebrate my 22nD BirthdaY!!! So excited mAn!!! keke

So by 3pm, we - JIa, Feng & me were waiting for cHIn to pick us up as she would be driving a CAR not Pick-up. After a while, our driver & denise camE!!! We went to VivO to walked around!!! Denise also brought her HP!!! It 's Look veri Nice!!! Then, we went to de Pet Safari to see doggy!!! There still 2 Retrivers, 3 toy poodles and other dogs... They were just Damn KawaII!!!! How I wish I had theM!!!

Then, went to Daiso and shopped ard. Finishing our shopping, our stomach start to protest!!! So we had many suggestion but decided to go Harbour Front shopping centre for AjiseN!!! But looking at the directories, there no Ajisen around. ThereFore, we went to Pastamania!!!

Filling up our stomach, we were thinking what we should do next. Then, Denise n Chin said they had craving for singing.. Me tOO!!! So, our next stop: AMK KbOX!!! But sadly, Jia could not go as she need to be home by 1!!!

So on the way to AMK, they all give me SUPRISE 1 - A veri big card which is Pink colour with lot of our photo!!! realli appreciate it siaH!!! Thank u guys for putting so much effort!!! Loving it!!!

Continue-InG our journey, we had fun in the car. When we reached AMK, we bid gD-Bye to Jia!!! And NExt, it"s Party time!!! (** too Bad jIa Can't ComE!!!) We had room 25!!! We sang so much song and this time each of us had our own song to sing n Chin had recorded it down!! We were all acting like we were opening our own concert, asking audience to sing.. JUsT DamN CRAZY!!! keke.. Hope chin can send me the video n u AlL will understand!!! keke...

Then suddenly, "PIANG"!!! Something had broken!!! Our immediate action was to find a plastic bag and clear up de mess so that no one would notice.. keke!!! Then, we continue to sing!!! We sing till 1.45am and sunddenly they Give me SUPRISE 2 - SIng me a birthday Song!! I didn't even notice they had choose de song!!! And sunddenly, it's Just appear!!!

Finishing de song, Denise passed me a present which was also SURPRISE 3!!! They asked me to open it. So i pend it loi.. It's soft!!! So when I opened, It was a t-shirt and short!! I was surprised they knew my size. BUT to a closer look!!! You all know wat!!!! IT'S MY OWN CLOTHE!!!! As previously, I had lend Chin my clothe when we went to my aunt house!! Nice SUprISe.. I AM REALLI SHOCK!!! keke..

Inside the short, they put a thumbdrive!!! I was wondering what it was and chin Ask Denise to give me the real gift.. nO more Prank le!!! keke.. They sure thInk hard to giv me surpriseS!!! I LOVE THEM SOOOOOOOOOO MUCh!!!!!!! THANK COWCIFY!!! ThanK For using so much ThinKIng JUicE for the surpRises!!! I'lL treat u all a cuP of ORang Juice k!! HAha!!!

Then, we all went home and had our beauty sleep!!! OH YAH, the present they gave me is R4 and 2GB Memory card for my DS!! thank Guy!!! Had a EnjOyaBLE & UNFORGETABLE 22nD BiRthday!!!! MUACK!!!

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4:21:00 AM

Friday, November 09, 2007 ;
22Nd BirThdaY cELbratIon 2,♥

Today after work, I went to meet JunIe, Mali, Nana, Pres, JayLin, AngeLa & One New FreNz tHat NanA HAd Brought!!! When most of us reached le, we went to AjiSen for our dinner.

While waiting for Angela, we had some chatting session!!! I think around half an hour later, Angela told us she coming, so we ordered our food first!!! When de food came, we started eating as we were too hungry.

Finally after a while, Angela came and had her food ordered. Finishing our ramen, we continue our chatty session and photo taking!!! But poor nana's frenz had been vomitting!! So after paying our bills, Nana and her went to buy plums and went home. While we went to walk around the place before heading home.

Lastly, I want to Thank Mali, Junie & KennY for the preSent!!! Thank NAna, AngeLa & JayLin for the meal!!! ARIGATO EVEYONE!!!!

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11:20:00 PM

Thursday, November 08, 2007 ;
SmalL BBq SeSsiON!!!,♥

As today was public holiday, Jiu Mu they all had decided to have a small BbQ session at the park today!!! So in the afternnon, Da Jie & I Went out with JiU Mu, JIu Jiu, Lorraine & cedric to AMK HUb to buy the thing needed for the Bbq!!

When we reached there, we went makan first, then shop around and finally to NTUC!!! It damn crowded but we managed to get the things we needed!! One fuuny thing that happended when I went to buy Dum Sum was that the person selling though my cousin was my child!! (My cousin is 11 years old) I told her no. Then she say yah Loi, Scared her cox I look 20Plus only!! How can have so big child.. keke.. the auntie just funnies!!

So when we bought all the thing we needed, we went home and prepared the necessay stuff. Around 7plus, we were all set to go!!! Though the park was quite near to Waipo's House, we still took Jiu Jiu's car as there alot of thing to carry!! While waiting for the car, it started to drizzle!!!! Lucky we were going to bbq indoor!!

When we reached the park, Shan Yi also came tOO!!! She brought me a Stitch Schedular for my birthday!!! It damN Cute!!! THANK SHAN YI!!! Then, we started our bbQ!!! We also started ou fondue!!! And we even put a small pot on de bbq to cook sotong!! keke!!! All the thing were so nice esp the stick which consist of meat and yellow/ green pepper which was made by JIU Mu!!! Juz so NICE!!!

By 10Pm, we finished packing and went back to WaiPo's house. Then we put all the thing that belong to them down and we went home bY JIu JIu's Car!!!

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11:54:00 PM

Wednesday, November 07, 2007 ;
22Nd BirThdaY cELbratIon 1,♥

Finally Shannie & I got to MEt up todaY!!! DunnO izzit consider celbrating My birthday or Normal Met Up cOx She brought Me a MudPie from coffee Bean!! But aniWay, it'S SO sweet of her!!! Then, we went to Kino first as I wanted to buy Pokemon PokedEx Volume 2. But when we reached there, Shan told me it a waste of money. Therefore, I didn't buy!!!

Then we went to makan our dinner @ Seoul Garden - our favorite place dunring poly times!!! When we went to take our food.. Shan realise there no HOTDOG - her reason for eating seoul garden!! But we saw the staff take de plate in n refill and bring it out. Excited she went to take BUT it's cheese hotdog!!! (she like original) As she doesn't want to give up, she went to ask de staff whether there original hotdog and the staff say NO MORE!!! And This made Shan sad!!

After a few round, we were too full to continue eating!!! So we went to took our dessert - Ice creaM and went home!!!

Lastly, I wanna Thank SHan For the MUdPie!!!

Extra NewS
Oh Ya.. During lunch time, I saw this Pikachu car while walking back to office!! Juz damN cute!!! KEKE!!!

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11:21:00 PM

Saturday, November 03, 2007 ;
nO mOre TICkEt????,♥

Today went down to Jurong PoinT after work with Chin as we wanted to buy Jay Concert ticket!!! But to our Horror, the additional one day on 18Jan08 was also Sold out.. We just felt so sian loi.. First time we wanted to see a concert together was unsuccessful!!!

Next, we went to makan n shop around.. Then by 530pm, we went homE!!!

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