Saturday, June 30, 2007 ;
My TedDY wenT inTo De WashIng MachINE!!!,♥

Today gt Bai BAi (Praying) again... Had my favourite Ducky... So I had to stay at hoME to help mUm.

And I finally washed my bIG TedDy with de wahing MAchinE. It's smell Nice NOw..

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11:08:00 PM

Friday, June 29, 2007 ;
My Pet - Mr. BUnNy,♥

Did I ever tell you I had a rabbit??
The Answer : I think No!!! (So I'll tell u why I had)

ReasON why I haD : One suNny morning, when I was going out , I found something under de bench.. Then I Bend down and saw him.. YEs HIM... a white + black +brown rabbit.. I asked my mum to come and handle it as I'm in a rush to go somewhere.. Back home, DajIe had decided to keep him..


2:11:00 PM

Thursday, June 28, 2007 ;
StitcH.. I finally Got You!!!,♥

I was so happy today.. It was because I finally get a Stitch DolL.. It's DamN CUTE la!!!! And I saw many other Stitch accessories.. LIke torch light, Pouch etc..

But I only got my doll as the doll itself is expensive enough.. Though I didn't get other, my sis did.. She get de torch light..

BAck home, I played with my Sis torch and found out something cutes.. which is de torch will project out a Stitch head.. It's KAwaii neh.. So,I had made a decision.. I want to get one too and de pouch!! Cox govement had just give me $200.. keke!! THANk Govemnet!!!

thIs is de Touch I'm talking about!!!


9:32:00 PM

Tuesday, June 26, 2007 ;
SyLVeSTer wherE arE YOU??,♥

I Was Cleaning mY table and saw my Dairy.. Inside there's a paper with Someone signature.. It's Shan who help me get it.. ThanK Shan!!! Wonder how he is nOw??? SInginG??

Sly' SignAtuRe!!


10:02:00 PM

Sunday, June 24, 2007 ;
ThE ImpOSSibLE QuIz,♥

Recently, I've been into to this "ThE ImpOSSibLE QuIz" intro by CousiN LorraiNE.. Some of the questions are tricky, some are just logic, some need you to react fast and some need you to wait.. So you need to think carefully before you anwer... whether to thinK logiC or NOt???

So what are you waiting FOr???
Click HerE to Enter tHE Quiz.. GoOD LucK..

This is kinda Tricky but Easy!!!

REMEMBER the smallest!!!

LoOK CarefuLLy for de AnSWer!!!

I liKe thIS one de BEST.. cox it's PInk & really need you to THINK!!!

I don't really understand thiS.. dunnO Must rememBer wat to Know de color sequence?? aNIonE tell ME??


9:02:00 PM

Friday, June 22, 2007 ;
HOme-MAde SalaD,♥

Today had a suddEn craving for salaD.. Just a simple oNE.. TOmato, CucuMber, Boiled chIcken & ThousaND Island Sauce!!!


9:18:00 PM

Wednesday, June 20, 2007 ;
BanAna Chocolate PockeY!!!!,♥

Yesterday, Shan let me try a new flavour of POcky.. BAnaNA ChocoLate.. It's Nice.. HOpe SingaPOre had thIS sOON!!!


2:18:00 PM

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 ;
My BeLOved GoldEN ReTRieVEr!!!,♥

Saw this cuTe decoration During our shOPpinG TRip!!!!

Today went to meet Shan as we were going to Raffles Place for interview but something cropped up. So in the end we went to PLaza SingaPura.. Have our lunch there.. After that, we went to Vivo.

As usual, we proceed to The Pet Safari because I'm in Love with de Retriever in the shop.. To my surprise, My retriever is gone BUT it's been replace by 4 small Retriever.. I'm so thrilled but at other end I hOped the old retriever had found himself a good familY!!

Ok, I'm ready to take many picture of this cute retriever.. There were put in cage of 2. 2 of them Below were so obedient. They just seat down there, letting us taking nice picture of them, whereas the 2 above were so active!!! One is more to white and other is more to the brown. The white one will bite the brown retriever's tail and his leg - just like biting drumstick.. Then the brown retriever will purposely step on the White one when he was resting!!! It's so cute of theM!!! Wish I could bring them home!! But my house is too small for them.. Haiz.. As more & more people were coming to see, we bid gd-bye to my little retriever.. Hope they will still be there when i go next time!!! There are also other dogs that I saw.. I'll post de photo later.. Then, we went to walked around and headed home around 6plus.. Bid gd-bye to Shan, took 963 home and sleep... ZZZzzzzZZZZz...

The Pet SafaRi...

My 4 Beloved RetRievER.... KawAiI!!!

Other Dogs at Pet SafaRI.. LEft one is also cUTeeEE!!!

This 2 CAts Look so Fierce!!!!


11:48:00 PM

Sunday, June 17, 2007 ;
InSAniQUaRIUm PaRT 2,♥

Finally after one night of battle, I got my FirsT bOnus PEt.. It's a swmImminG ElephaNT. Damn Cute!! Ok, now I got to continue to "work hard" for the rest of my 3 Pets!! Oh Ya, before continue-ing.. I met up Jia just now and got the full set of Pirates of the Carrbean: At World's End postcards. Thank Jia!!!


5:18:00 PM

Saturday, June 16, 2007 ;
InSAniQUaRIUm... A GAmE tHat is FulL of Fish..,♥

Recently, my finger are so tiring as I had Been clicking my mouse & my keypad.. Why? Because I just download InSAniQUaRIUm one week ago. It's a Clicking gamE.. keke..

Then Today, I had complete my Pets collection (every level will had one pet which can helped you in level-ing) in the games with de help of my cousin, Lorraine(for the last few round which is also the difficult level).. Though I had complete the game but there is Bonus round where u g0t four more pets to unlock.. It's nOt for free, I had to earn shells to buy de pets and it's hard... That all folk. continue my clicking..

All my 20 PeTs..

My BLuey King Fish.. After feeding very long, Normal fish became King which give out dIAmOnd...


11:18:00 PM

Friday, June 15, 2007 ;
OuR HP had cOMe ~~,♥

On the way home from San Yi house.. the computer uncle called.. Tellling me he would come anytime as he is already at Woodlands. But I told him I'm still at BEdok, needed 1hr.. So he ask me to reach home asap!!! Reaching Woodlands, I hurry to Atm machine to draw out money as to pay de balance.. Then rush off to take bus home..

After waiting around 40min, the uncle then came.. ZZzzzz.. Maybe he think I will be late, so cannot blame him!! He helped us set up everything and the wireless too..

After giving him de money, open de door for hIm and it's EXPloRING NEW DESKTOP tiME!!! de Screen is REaLLi BIG!!! We can watch TV using this but need a tV Tuner.. anIone buy for mE?? haha.. gtG.. got to Dwl thing le.. EviL LAuGH~~ BUt b4 I go, LEt u'lL see the COmP..


5:18:00 PM

Thursday, June 14, 2007 ;
NanNy LeGEnD 3,♥

SuMMaRY : SweeP FLOOr, Wash PLAtes for 3 SessIon (Breakfast, Lunch & DinnEr), Mop FLoOR & HAng, Fold ClothEs... It quite tiring but managable.. Let sEe sOme cuTe PictuRess..

AdoraBLe JedDY~~

JosHua Love to Play cOmputer~~


11:23:00 PM

Wednesday, June 13, 2007 ;
InteRvIew & SeoUL GardeN~~.,♥

I met up with Shan as we had a short interview. After 15min, it ended.. Then we went shopping while waiting for Ah Jun as we are going to eat Seoul Garden. Around half an hour, Ah Jun came and we proceed to Seoul.

We had so much food and fun.. At around 4pM, Our tummy cannot take it anymore. So, we went to walk around Taka. In meantime, we were finding KInder Surprise - the chocolate that had toy inside.. buT The shop keeper told us, they stop producing Kinder Surprise le.. So, we try to see is there any other chocolate like Kinder but NO.. If anIone nOE where still got Sell, can telL me??

YuMMy FooD.. Shan And ME.. Ah Jun tOo Shy, Nva TAke with US..

Then, we went home as it's s already 6plus and we need to go San Yi house at 9pM.. On the way home, I ask Ah jUn to go Sheng Xiong check.. Back home, she told me de uncle also told her the company never produce le.. So she bought fake ones!!! When raeched Shan Yi hse, we gave the children de chocolate. They say it doesn't taste so gd and de toy.... keke After which, we went to sleep..

LASTlY, WAnna wish JuNiE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! SeE u On 7JulY07..


11:58:00 PM

Sunday, June 10, 2007 ;
NanNy LeGEnD 2,♥

Ah JUn, Mum & Jie take on the way hOme....

Ah Jun & I Went to San Yi's House again because San Yi & David Su Su need to go WeddIng DinnEr. By de time we reached, Xiao Yi was also there.. Then we had to feed de children, eat our dinner and accompany them. By 11plus, they were back and ask de kids to sleep. And our job is done and we went to slept too...

Today, helped San Yi to hang soME clothes. Then Mummy, Jie & Wai Po came, bringing us food. Mummy brought our favorites - Chicken cutlet, Fried Dumpling & Fishball. After eating, MUm help San Yi to fold & Iron clothes.. When night ComE, we bid Goodbye & went hOme!!!


11:43:00 PM

Friday, June 08, 2007 ;
KbOX - inG AgAin!!!,♥

Yesterdae was Kbox Nite agaIn... SIng our usUal song.. BUt at 4aM, I had my owN coNcert as Shan fall asleEP.. Then in between the Kbox staff came in ask for bill & whether want to order anything and they did see Shan slEePing.. I wOndEr did they thInk I drag Shan to kbOx??

Ok, that all for today.. Some Picturesss....


11:35:00 AM

Wednesday, June 06, 2007 ;
NanNy LeGEnD 1,♥

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Today went to San Yi's house because her maid went back to her country.. ONly will be back on the 21JUne..

So while I was preparing thing, Shan called and asked where am I going.. So I told her, she said she wanna go.. So we met at Tiong Bahru, brought some food over and took 16 to my aunt house.
For the whole afternoon, we just played with de kids.. then ard 5 plus, I accompany Shan to de swimmIng pool. Then she swim around 1hr and we went up.. And waipo came wit food.. SO we ate our dinner and went home around 8plus..


11:43:00 PM

Sunday, June 03, 2007 ;
MinE PosSEssion!!!,♥

We were back to IT Fair again as it is de last day and we wanted to buy what we had in mind.. So met with CHin and her sis b4 meething other..

Reaching there, I almost fainted as there are so many people.. Even when we were going up from level 2, the police had to stop people when certain amount of people had gone up. Finally a while later, we reached and we chiong to HP first.. and other thing we had targeted in our mind...

When finish buying, we went to had our dinner at KEnny ROger.. It's damn nice & after that we went hOME.... (Kenny Roger food pic will be uploaded soOn)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
MInE POssessIOn... Hp DEsktOP is arriving on 15JunE

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11:58:00 PM

Friday, June 01, 2007 ;
IT FaiR 2007,♥

Met up with Chin around 9.30am for Breakfast at Burget KinG as we were heading to de IT Fair 2007 at suntec..

So when we reached there, Shan join us. Each of us had motive for going de fair..
Chin : To see if de PSP sell cheap & to find Ranger
Shan: To buy hdd
Me : Help sis see desktop. hdd

Around 11.30, they start letting people in.. And we headed to desktop first.. Seeing the thin CPU that Acer had , I asked if it's good and told de promotor I want to play gaMEs too.. Then he told me I couldn't buy that anymore as there is no graphic card. Therfore, he intro other Series to us.. After which, we proceed to HP.. And saw another kinda thin CPU.. It's design is niCe too.. so ask everything I need to ask and we proceed to walk ard, taking brochures..

Then we saw SOny... We stopped to look at camera as I have intention to buy T20. So was looking at de pricelist when suddenly a Sony promotor approach as and tell us what free gift it had. I was tempeted and Shan said was worth it.. So i told de promotor I would think abt it.. So we continue to walk around in the squeezy crowd..

After walking the whole place, we decided to go to MArina Square to have a bite as we will be back on Sunday to buy the item we want..

After eating, I rush back home as Mum need to pray today...

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9:31:00 PM

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