Saturday, November 25, 2006 ;
PrePAration of FeNg PrezziE~~,♥

Todae wake up ard 10plus cox meeting up Chin and Jia to but Cf's Present.. but Met up with chin first as she need to bring some documents to let a company to do account for her dad office. So we headed to BUgis n after dropping the documents, we went to burger King for breakfast.. then after went shop ard to wait for Jia as she 1230Pm den off work!!!

Then ard 1plus, she reached. Then we show her a few choice that we like.. a wE agree on de Little matCh Girl de.. when we ask for new one.. they went to check.. But butBUT!!! there no new one.. so we ask them to check for other outlets.. anD and ANd they have in PS!! so Lucki!! if nt cf had to take display set le.. so they hold on a piece for us.

As chin had to go work.. Jia & i Decided to go down take.. but b4 tt they went for lunch. As i still felt full, i Just order a root beer wif ice cream.. look like A&W de.. then after we accompany Jia to temple to pray as she say she morning saw bad Luck thing.

After which, we bid gd-bye to chin.. Jia & I headed to PS.. take de bag n walk ard.. thEn we saw de Open SeasOn character - the bear n de deEr!!! after tt went dorothy buy clothe.. jIa & i buy each.. i like it so Much!! keke!!! thEn went WaiPo to stay!!!


11:22:00 PM

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 ;

Today Is the MOST miserabLe day for Me!!! My DearY Lappy spoIlt... anD i dun HavE waRrentY Le.. thinK have to Let it die le.. soB Sob.. hOW am I goign to Survive??

ok back todae event..

had BeeN helping Mum in the kitchen as is Praying dae... Find my mum SuPer as she can seat while cooking.. shOW u de picture to be more understood..


8:22:00 PM

Monday, November 20, 2006 ;
What A BlacKy NiGHt!! ThanK tO ME!!!,♥

Todae went movie with my cousiN, LorraiNE & DaJie.. So loNg nva watch movie wif DaJie le.. So ard 1 Plus, we met up wif LorrsiNE & her frenz.. went to Northpoint beside de Cinema to buy ticket.. Watch Step UP.. the story goes like this....

Everyone deserves a chance to follow their dreams, but some people only get one shot. Tyler Gage is a rebel from the wrong side of Baltimore's tracks--and the only thing that stands between him and an unfulfilled life are his dreams of one day making it out of there. Nora is a privileged ballet dancer attending Baltimore's ultra-elite Maryland School of the Arts--and the only thing standing in the way of her obviously brilliant future is finding a great dance partner for her senior showcase.

Overall, the movie had some funny scene and de dancing r cool but also had sad part where de little brother die.. How i wish i can dance but had to loose my calories on my boDy!!! So after movie, we went to orchard as Dajie want go ArtFriend to buy some material to do some christmas gift for her company. When we reached there.. Sumthing attracted me.. 2 cutes soft toys called hoops & yoyo.. they were so cute!!! toO bAd no money to buy them... After getting what we need, went to Mos burger to had a little snack: Apple Soda, Mussles (duNnO how to spell) & Clam Soup. Finishing the snack, went to cold Storage to use up my Taka $20 voucher. Then we headed home as it's getting late.. When we reached home, we had our bath then dinner.. After tt Dajie try to do some art craft.. after a while lorraiNe told me de DS is in low batt so i wanted to charge.. then i had no 2 pin plug.. so i use a metal thing to pock in.. to My hOrror, the whole house r black out.. we try to push de thing up in de house but wun work.. sO we call Jiu Jiu for help n he say maybe is outside.. but he say dun anyhow touch if nt the whole flat mught be blackout.. so we dare nt touch as Jiu Jiu say he would be rushing hoMe...therefore we waited...

After a while, my cousin, Cedric call his dad (which is my Jiu Jiu) but he say he still in office. So my Jiu Mu go try it out.. And ta da.. the light is back.. n the first thing we check is the fish as it is my Jiu Jiu PrecIOUS!!! Lucki it didnt die.. After a while, we all went to slp.. Wat a HaPPeNing DaE!!!

HooPs & YoyO!!

The DarKest MomEnt

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11:33:00 PM

Monday, November 13, 2006 ;
YuMmy CelebratIoN!!!,♥

it's 1am lE.. my Birthdae is over & I'm officiallY 21!!! My relatives and family bring me to a thai restaurant as they knOw I wanted to eat sotong.. As they were many of us whu are going, so my jiu jiu had to separate us in 2 trips. I was in de second trip as the adult need to go order first if not later we had to wait.. So when we reached, we waited around 15min b4 we were asked to go to a table. After a while, the food started to appear on the table.. N mY Sotong came at the 3rd Dish.. it was yUmmy.. we had such a wonderfuL time eating together wif all the joke n Laughter. When we were leaving, the staff even told us tt they were sorry to let us wait so long.. tt was so polite of them.

As Dajie wanted to buy Mochi so we didnt take Jiu Jiu's car home. Mum, Xiao yi,DajIe & mE went across the road and went in to SHop N Save, 7-11.. all didnt sell. Therefore, we decided to go Yishun Mrt. On the way there, something SMELLY happened. When we were waiting for traffic light, my Jie though i tapped her shoulder. So she turn around anD i saw at both of her shoulder were 2 patch of bird shit.. It is exactly at the both end of the shoulder. I wonder how the bird aim so accurately?? And the funny part is that i think the bird had "good" eye sight as it only aim at my sis which was wearing red while other were wearing black shirt. And we were thinking izzit the bird was hinting my sis that she won't get the Mochi & ask us stop going?? (Read on to see whether we get it!!!) Reaching there, we went to NTUC to search for it. Search all the frozen department, we came out empty handed. But we didn't want to give up. So we went to Cold storage in NorthPoint.. Browsing again at the ice cream department, we didnt see one. wHEn we were feeling disappointed, my xiaO yI found the Only Box there.. My Jie was damn Happy loi. sO we bought it n went to take the tIne we reach wai po hse, we put the Mochi in the fridge b4 it'S MeLt!!! then aftwe a while, we started to eat. thE Mint one so-so but rest of the flavors is nicE!! You all shld try it.. it'S mostly selL at NTUC!!!

1st roLL, 2nD Pic is mY favoritE,, SotonG!!

The BirD art Piece - ThE ShiT oN de reD sHIrt!!!

tHe CULpRIT - mR mOChi


1:24:00 AM

Sunday, November 12, 2006 ;
My 21sT BirthDay!!!,♥

FirsTly, I waNna ThaNk all my buddies for celebratinG my 21sT birthDay With me.. Esp Cf, DeniSe & chIn.. Singing Wen Lan dE zhU wo ShEn Ru quA Le.. i Requested this Song when i mEt chiN.. and they realli Sing the soNg.. Truelli TouCh!!! i fiNd a way to Upload de vIdeO k.. u all see Le will knOw hOw bLessfuL i aM with all this BuddiEs arounD.. but Not forgetting weIchIn & xunjIa whU accomPany to makAn too.. they had to go earli cox the next day they had to work.. So thaT dae we had Ajisan for our diNNer.. in the first place, we wanted Seoul Garden. But by the time we reached, it already 8plUs.. so there no much time for us slowli eat. As usual i had my Luan Gu ramen but this time with Cha Sao!!! then side dish is Cuttle Fish.. Mani of them have Luan Gu Ramen too.. After which we finish.. 4 of us (the PpL in the Photo) went to Ang Mo Kio Kbox wif chin's Pick up!! When we reach AMK, we were kinda lost as we are heading to another Kbox in AMk which just open recently!!! In the end, we made a phone call to clarify. So after a while,wefinally found de plaCe.. When I enter de room, I felt amazed by de new kBox!! thE Room was SpacioUs & dE Light were coOl.. the coLor Keep changing.. KawaII!!! wHen we settle down, we order our drink n started to choose songs.. by 12aM, they sing song for me and ask me to eat they cake they bought.. Though is a small oNe n Kinda smAsh up.. but i Like it.. Thank Cf 7 weiCHin for chOOsing.. then we continUe our soNg.. Had thE MosT Madness time when we sing SuperStar by S.H.E!!! at ard 250AM.. we had our last song!! Pay Up den went homE...

We sent Cf home first as she live in aMK.. After bidding gd-byEs to Her, I and Denise were chatting happily behinD but suddenly a car turn but it'S sUppOse to let Wanchin go first.. So wanchin sIam n Almost landed in another Lane but she turn back.. The impact was Big siah n Denise & I almost fly out of the lorry if we nva hold tight.. Lucki wanchiN was alert if not 2 cars sure crash... On the way, we kept talking abt the incident till we reached my home.. n we asked chiN to come behind and asked her wat happen just now & we also discussed something impT.. After which i went hOme n had a Bath!!! Now going to sleep le as It already 6aM siah!!! NiEsss


4:25:00 AM

Friday, November 10, 2006 ;
BoRInG #$%^&*(,♥

had bEen lying ard... my hse..wai pO hse..causeway pOint & chIn Hse...

duNno whY i Feel so Lazy..

PromIse to go David su su office next weeK so i Better had de Energy to do it..

2More DayS and i Can See R21 MoviE..Keke..


10:48:00 PM

Monday, November 06, 2006 ;
New SOnG!!!!,♥

ATTN: 2MorO New SonG ~~PenG You Chu Qu ZhOu ZhoU


11:00:00 PM

Friday, November 03, 2006 ;
LookIng After Kids!!!,♥

today & ytD also nva went to office.. lEt me explain.....

2Nov : suPpOSe to go interview but reach there, PlaCE taken..

3Nov: went to take care of Jed & JonathaN as David su Su need to go KL & shan Yi need to bring Joshua to KK to take out tooth.. so reach there by 9pluS. i Was daMn lucki that sumone was coming out of the condo & i no need ask David su Su to come n fetch me.. so boil 2 half-boil egg for Jed.. when he finished we went to fold some thing wif paper but i couldnt remember how to fold a ball.. How ForgetfUL i am. then 10am reach & Jed favourite shoW suppoSe to start but de channeL shOW anOther cartOOn.. so heWent to plaY sumtHing elsE.. by 1030, i ask Him to go bath n after tt bring him down stair & wait for his sch Bus.. seeing hiM safely board de Bus, i went home as Jonathan was still at home.. as he was still sleeping, i on tv & watch HBO.. ard 1230pM, Jonathan woke up.. shan Yi sms me to cook nuggets foR him..

As i scared i will dirty shan Yi kitchen so i sms shAn yI how shewant me to prepAre.. b4 she replied me.. i try with de oven.. so I read the instrutioN behind.. It says: 5min for preHeat Oven.. so i try 2min first anD everyThing LooK finE so i flip de other side of the nugget n set the timer to 3min as just now onli set for 2min!!! While the oven is cooking, i went to living room to take thing. By the timE i reached kitchen i saw smokE coming out of the oven so i fast press de stoP buttoN. n Saw half of the nugget had become CaO Ta.. n had to burnt smell so strong.. Lucki nthing happen, just tt de foOd can't be eaten..

then Suddenli, shan Yi replied and say uSe oild fry.. so i try .. though there many sparkling sound as it directly take from freezer, i'M still able to produce nice nugget.. so when i prepared finish.. i rested a while.. n i sms wat time is Jed cuming back n shanYi say 230Om.. As 230Pm is striking on the clock, ShanYI sms me to fetch Jed as she was buying lunch.. So went to same place n Fetch Jed..

After a while, shan Yi come back n Bring me porriaGe.. it was yUmmy!! saw Josh 8 plUck tooth.. lOok so Kelian.. then at ard 330, shAn yi had to bring JEd to chinese sch but i stay at her hse cox meeting da JIE.. while waiting the time to reach went to sleep a while.. but when i woke up .. it kinda late so i went homE...

But i went cwp first as todae was papa Birthday.. so mummY was thinking of bring Papa for sakae Sushi. So i went to ask wat time they close.. after that walk ard Cwp n wait for DaJie as she coming too.. but later mum say Pa might be late so we decided to eat at home n mum went cooffee shop buy food..

When reach hoME, had a wonderfuL diNNEr..


10:52:00 PM

Wednesday, November 01, 2006 ;

The first thing i do when i Open mY eye is to sms David Su sU that I couldn't go to office as I wasn'T feeling well & his new secretarTy is there to help him today... as afternoon i was feeling better, i followed Mummy to Sheng Xiong as we need to buy some daily stufF.. finish getting what we needed, we headed went home. Feeling tired, i rest a while beforE heLping mum to Prepare DinnEr. after that went to cwp to see death nOte.. Find de movie qUite interestingn thE gd NEws is that the Detah Note: The Last Name is going to release this Dec (told by TC).. Awaiting dec to ComE!!!!


10:58:00 PM

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