Monday, October 31, 2005 ;

todae whole day trying to transfer song to my hp.. but still cant.. kinda crazy le.. so ask mama accompany go grandma house and try using xiao yi de coz she use same phones as Me.. reaching ah ma hse, went to try it.. bUt onli some can.. was so fed up wif the phone.. and i think last time my method of transfering song is wrong.. so i went hOme and try agaIn.. tell yoUr the result again.. bye.. nitez

2:52:00 PM

Sunday, October 30, 2005 ;

todae went shopping wif da jie and mummy.. wanted to bring mummy coMe out eat as wednesday didnt celebrate together.. walk walk at far east.. tangs.. around 4plus went marche.. eat my favorite rosti - potatoes and spagetti.. the spagetti was such big plate and with five scallope.. OMG.. sO niCe.. have wedges.. chicken chop.. i didnt eat so much.. we all share.. hee hee.. then after that we went to raffles shopping centre.. walk till 9 plus and decided to go hOme.. so take 960 outside esplande.. th end.. hee hee.. have a full diNner.. bUrP.. excuse Me.. when is He nOw?? Dating???

1:33:00 PM

Saturday, October 29, 2005 ;

todae is fridae.. it de friday that we nO need present!!! feeL relaX.. todae we go makan at around 9.15.. walk toward SM bUt didn't saW hIm cuMing oUt.. then when we reach canteeN he was just behind us.. weird.. then he went to bUy MalaY food.. nana follow.. they stand so near.. i didnt have the gut to walk over.. then he juz went to sit near bUy drinK dE.. we all sit outside.. coz we had mOre pPl.. then Later he juz disaPpear.. then we juz went back to class.. then at around 1plus, angela, pres, lynna, jaylin,mali, kenny.. we all went to canteen have a short braeak.. but didn't get to see him.. was kinda disappointed.. so juz go back as it is going to 2pm.. so they all went to toilet.. i was walking slowly.. so i turn and look at the staircase linking froM sM.. i saw a Guy.. white shirt .. it was HIM!! my heart stOp for a Moment.. haPpies agaIn.. he wenT to bUy drInk but tuRning bacK canT see hIm le.. KeNNy saY he went to liB tt directIon.. so i , nana and pres walk the car park way.. while walking nana was looking at the mobil direction.. then she tell me look like him.. to our surprise it was Him.. hahaha.. so we walk slowly. saw Him ran across the street.. and he walking up the slop to sM.. then i faster go down the stair if nt he think we siao de.. hee hee. jUz feeL .... rest of the daes juz happIes.. weNt hOme and do rj.. have soMe chat.. that all .. bYe

1:10:00 PM

Friday, October 28, 2005 ;

todaY see Him aLso.. thIrd tiMe in a wEek.. haPpiEss... bUt he sIT sOOooooOO FaR awaY!!! thEn when we're Eating..i tell selvan 12Nov cuMing.. thEn he telL eveyone that i and Him one anniVersaRy is 12Nov!!! they eVen say tiE Him uP and give Me.. hOw i wisH it aNniverssaRY.. bUt i thInk thaT imPossiBlE dE.. Den todae have the most exciting lesson as it was a debate between local & foreign. the class went Mad during 3rd MeEtinG.. they were sO hIgh especially seLvan & PreS!!! LUckI gOt thEm theN we wIn.. ttHen after tt weNt hOme we MdmS, JaYliN, FaNny & BedOk.. bUt todae he & sHe nVa gO togethEr.. sHe mUz bE saD...bUt nvm they can MeEt other DaY.. they aRe so xinfU bUt miNe iS jUz haNginG on the waLl.. wIll hE catCh it if drOp???

12:14:00 PM

Thursday, October 27, 2005 ;

todae was MamA and Da Jie's birthdaE!!! hAppI bIrthDae to MaMa n daJie!!! in thE afterNooN todae, wE had a lot of disucssion with cher and my team Mate.. i think we will have a lot of difficulties bUt we have to overcoMe it as we wanted to get better grade.. then at around 6plus went hOme and cHin acc Me go bUy KFC as maMa waNted to eaT.. have a bath then dinner then watch tv . around 11plus sLeeP.. everyday was sOooo tiRed!!! nVa geT to seE hIm toDaE.. mIsSing HiM iN mY heaRt..

1:42:00 PM

Wednesday, October 26, 2005 ;

cypto lesson was fuN todaY!!! sEeIng Him was haPpies too.. bUt i juz doN't daRe to LooK at HiM directlY.. haIz.. todae seat quite nEar.. wear bLue.. ytd wHite.. oPpx.. i nt pian ta kuan okies.. jUz reMembEr what the guy i like wear onLy.. tHen when he cOme talk to hIs frenz was eveN neaRer.. i dUnnO he kNows i'M thEre.. then afterward.. jUnIe they all finIshed so they went off and i continUe to wait for sHan and weicHin to cOme down.. i wAs juz seating in front of booksHop and sudDenly i saw hIm in bOoKsHop.. jUnIe they all aLso insIdE.. hOw i was i was aLso.. hahah.. bUt i sUre will Run oUt of there.. cOz will paI seH maH..sO sUmetiMe juZ have a glance inside!!! rest of the day was find evidence for the lesson.. then go hOme.. write rj.. then wait for n chin to online coZ have to disCuss fyp stuff as tmL going to Meet cher.. then after that jUz went to bed and sLeeP cOx juz tired.. wIsh thUr had a chance to see Him..wIsh he kNows mY existence!!!

2:15:00 PM

Tuesday, October 25, 2005 ;

toDae when tosHiba after fiRst MeeTing.. shaN had her pRobLem sOlvE quite fasT..
Back in the morning, I accompany my classMates go maKan.. then shan call n asK mE go hEr cLass.. saW haNaFie.. saY i gt zaI feng faN cOz my hAir.. he riter.. coz i and zai are husbAnd & wIfe surE muz lOok aLikE mah.. hee Hee.. bUt hIs is nIceR.. thEn after thAt we gO liB to ask aNi laPpy to lend and the librarian saY is FirsT coMe first basIs.. so we went off. then jUnIe call and tell Me he seat near them, juz behind where i seat just nOw.. hEaring this i kinda sad as i think of wat saT had happened.. so i juz say nvm.. then shan acc Me go back Lab take my thIng ... theN jUnIe theY aLl cOmE baCk.. they told me saw HiM then i say we gt nO fate.. sO i go le then he coMe.. for tt mOmeNt i was so dejected.. juz say goOdbYe to thEm and went library agaIn with sHan as She waNt transfer thIng.. wHen i walk to secoNd fLoor.. walking to the back.. i saw soMeone's baCk whIch was farmIliar.. it's Was Him.. reading a BoOk.. at the moMent was jUz duNNo how to react so i juz walk pass Him seeing other dirEction.. shan tell Me thIs is call faTe.. at fiRst waNted to avoid HiM but after a while kneel on floor using coMp and sUmtime peek through the cabinet to have a glance.. after a while.. he go off.. thInk he's goiNg for second Meeting.. watching his beI yInG goIng awaY is Juz.... haIz... thEn the rest of journey is Juz goIng toshiba then 'sHan explaIn sUmthinG importaNt. and i'Ve a maDe a DecIsiOn.. i'Ll waIt.. faLling DeePer!!!

1:49:00 PM

Sunday, October 23, 2005 ;

whole dae was juz sad.. cox sumthing happEn ytd after i finish my rJ.. he told Me soMething indirectly.. i KNow he is teLling Me.. why muz it be endeD in THis way.. i dUnnO wHy iM saD.. teAr iN thE eYe.. thInkinG whY haVE thIs haPPen.. lIstenIng to tiaN kOnG eVen maKe mOre water in mY eYe.. but thank KeNnY, MalI, ShaN and jUniE FOr coNsOling. i thInk abOut what i goIng to dO nExT.. ytD Juz sLp wIf a Sad FeEliNg... shLd i coNtiNuE???

12:35:00 AM

Saturday, October 22, 2005 ;

yeah it fridae!!! when presnting nothing happen.. lucki this week we present.. next week might be difficult.. heng ar.. then stay back wanting to do project but in the end do nothing.. waste another day.. when hOme wIth da Jie.. had diNner then nOw doing rJ.. seeya.. night.. he OnlINe..

2:15:00 PM

Friday, October 21, 2005 ;

yeah next thur no need wear formal.. onli shazwan and shi Kai.. todae lesson was fun.. oNe mOre persoN kNow i lIke hIm.. hahha!!! tml need to present.. kinda sian.. bUt i cant paO qI my mdm.. so i will go no Matter what.. todae test a bit unconfident!! haIz... 2 daYs Le.. feeling MooDy...

1:20:00 PM

Thursday, October 20, 2005 ;

todae didnt do anithing.. jiaLat.. juz reach hOme.. todae went to toshiBa wif shaN n cHin.. then went toa payoh eat.. reach schOol already 3plUs.. then wancHin do the VPN.. then we juz go classrOom do our owN thINg.. when wanChin cOme, we Juz lazY to do thing le.. NanA even Help mE asK hIm sUmthinG bUt diDnt gET to sEe hIm.. TheN around 5, cHin go down take her Lappy and go hOme where i and shAn go far east shOppiNg!!! in The eNd i bUy nThiNg... then juz went hOme.. sLp on bUs.. sI nian...

2:30:00 PM

Wednesday, October 19, 2005 ;

todae do court case agaIn.. bUt this tiMe we are the jury.. questioning theM.. But we also dUnnO waT to ask.. HEe hEe.. saw Him walikng down the stair.. Juz HanDsoME.. hee hee.. so lucki.. thank to pres mdm n nana accomPany go Down.. Hee hEE!!! seeIng hIm jUz make mY day haPpiessssSS!!!!

12:03:00 PM

Tuesday, October 18, 2005 ;

todae lesson was ok.. do soMe practicaL!!! then rj question ask us if we can choose who to be in own group who will it be.. izzit cher jinting us we can chOose group?? HoPe sO!!! Let SeE.. thEsE few daYs aDdicTed to tiaN kOnG siNg bY Derrick.. sO niCE!!! MissiNg Him!!! dId He???

12:57:00 PM

Monday, October 17, 2005 ;

sTay at hOmE staRe at coMp.. stare till eye paIn.. lazy study UT.. haiz.. duNno where to start.. maPle 34 le.. tml had to wake up early.. hOpe tMl will Be a Better daY!!! will he realise hOw DeeP is My LoVe fOr hIm??

1:51:00 PM

Sunday, October 16, 2005 ;

it weekenD Le.. fiNalli can sLeeP lAtE!!! so tireD!!! jUz staY at hOmE do all the nOrmaL thIng.. todaE gOt wholE roOm to mYself as Sis gO aH ma HSe!!! that all.. nitE..

12:35:00 PM

Saturday, October 15, 2005 ;

it's fridae.. first time go this class so waited fOr pRes coz sHe saMe teaM aS ME!!! wHile waiting.. fIrst saW R.. then after 132 cOme.. saw M.. hee Hee.. hIgH Le!!! thEn went to class.. team mate was ok.. then todaE nO need pResent.. yaHooo!!! then lesSon eND.. haD to rusH to see suPervisoR foR fYp!!! while walking all the way to library as i'm in Lab, i was all wet coz raining too heaviLy le.. find the cher ok loi.. had to Meet at 26oct.. then after tt went hOme aloNe.. sO loNely.. why he isnt thEre???

1:19:00 PM

Friday, October 14, 2005 ;

todae wear forMal to sch.. feeling ok bah.. do I looK oLd?? hee hee.. todae was a busy daY!!! havent got tiMe to go dowN canTeen to eat.. till 2Pm already had to present.. so the whole day i only eat 3 sweets till i reach hOme around 7. then i eat the first meal of the day.. hee hee!!! HOw i wIsH he caN unDersTanD!!!

10:42:00 AM

Thursday, October 13, 2005 ;

todae went back to school to do project but we never go talk as i overslept.. sori shaN!!! waited for wanchin till 2plus then she cOme.. super slow.. for the day we done our weekly log together.. our fyP2 is starting again.. haIz!!! then after finishing we go and buy my phones.. hee.. the starhub people look like older version of wang quan yi (Last time from comic boyS) he talk very soft.. hee hee!!! Finalli i had bought a phone le.. hee hee.. then meet da jie coz she want go takashimaya to buy cake. after that juz went home as shopping centres are also closing sOon.. MissiNg everY sIngKE DaYs

2:31:00 PM

Wednesday, October 12, 2005 ;

study study.. todae lesson kinda confuse.. but still okie.. gt junie, mayi, ying & ying helP mE!!! juz happies to Be in thEir teaM!!! so Long haben see him.. haiz.. hOpe thur had betteR luck!! going
slP le.. veri tired.. had to go talk tml so had to Meet sHan early.. nitezzzZ

1:17:00 PM

Tuesday, October 11, 2005 ;

haiz i realli nVa go sChOoL.. feEling mY stomacH uPsiDe dOwN!!! hEarD mY GrouP oNli 2 PpL.. sOri to thEm.. eNd HEre coz onli resting at hOmE.. dOing nThinG!!!

11:11:00 AM

Monday, October 10, 2005 ;

juz caMe hOme.. todae go shOpping with faMily.. sO loNg nva go out together le.. it was fun!! buy sOme formal cloth and one pair of shOe.. all Mama pay for Me.. happiEs!!! thank Mum!!! while shOppIng, saw weiCHin, Jia and meiHua!! so qIao!!! for dinner, went to eat japanese food in food court!!! veri nice!!! then take bus hOme.. got a feeling maybe tmL nva go scHooL coz stomach started to Kang yi and started to Bang my stomach.. bye.. going toilet!!!

2:15:00 PM

Sunday, October 09, 2005 ;

nOw at ah ma hse playing maple story!! sIs waNnA coMe so accOmPanY heR!!! goIng lEVeL 33 lei!!! yeaH!! coNtinue pLaying!!! bYe ByE!!! HoPe sOmEDaE he wIlL unDerstaNd hOw DeeP is My LoVE fOr hIM!!!

10:24:00 AM

Saturday, October 08, 2005 ;

todae never went to school coz morning had heachache.. then flu and throat pain!!! feeling so uncomfortable!!! when online, everyone lie to me i'M alone in a group. bUt lucki my mDm gd.. tell me the truth!!! then they present this weeK & next week we nO neeD preseNt!!! so whole day just rest loi.. nthing else.. that all foLk.. falliNg dEePer for HiM!!!

10:02:00 AM

Friday, October 07, 2005 ;

it's thUr.. havIng hUmaN resOurces lesSon.. todae all surName starting with "C" saMe grp as cher wan to remeMber our nAme!!! Had to weaR forMal lei next week.. JiaLat.. nO forMal wear.. must gO bUy le.. toDae was a suPer HigH daE!!! saW threE of theM.. kEep appearing in froNt of Me!!! bUt mOst happIes sHld Be M.. yOu all shOulD nOe aR!!! and today lesson ok loi.. a bit hard.. then went hOme wif my mdm.. happies chatting on the way!!! kInDa sicK nOw.. dUnnO tmL waN go LesSon mAh??? xIanG Si bIng wOrx!! Hee HEe!!!

12:45:00 PM

Wednesday, October 05, 2005 ;

it's a daY for Me to rest.. todaE sUppOse to Do FYP 2 bUt waNchIn cOmP sPoiL anD sHan gOt LesSon sO we Nva go sChOol anD dO!!! Just reSt and hOMe.. PlaY sOME gaMe.. dIdn'T saW hIm onLinE.. weD izZit hIs Pp daE?? eNd heRe!!! wHen wIlL we taLk???

11:23:00 PM


todAe was qUite a lucKi daE for ME thougH i nVa sEe Him!!! tHis mOrning when i was traveLinG on Mrt to schooL.. i Saw a rainBow, i told mYself todae might Be a lucKi dae for Me.. so keeP praying!!! sO wHen reach scHool, i waIted for jUnIe n Peiying.. wHen aLl were hEre, ying tell Me a Bad News thaT migHt haPpEn.. i waS so sHag.. feEl liKe goiNg hOmE le.. bUt still chOosE to Face it!!! sO we sEat togethEr first, i thInk we alL are prayinG verI harD in our Heart.. theN suddenLy jUnie laUgh and we saw it Not oUr nightMare eveN Better is that we can cHoOsE grP.. we aLl jUz weNt maD..kEeP laUghing.. sO seeIng the raInbOw waS a goOd sIgN!!! tOdaE lEssOn was kInda fuN.. kEep deBating witH other TeaM..tHen weNt hOme wif my Mdm and faNnY.. reacH hOme do rj , watch tv, maKan.. write tHis anD goiNg to sLeeP.. cOncLusIoN: LikE thIs lEssOn & wHy dIdn'T i sEe hIm toDaE???

2:19:00 PM

Tuesday, October 04, 2005 ;

wat a tiRed Dae toDae!!! nEveR saMe group as aNi of My gaL Frenz.. KinDa saD.. bUt still caN woRk witH my GrouP... hOpE tMl wiLl haVe bEtteR LucK!!! tOdaE sTayInG baCk wIth wEiChiN waS a GooD thInG.. It was sO qIaO tHat i sAw hIm.. hE waS wIth his freNz duNno goinG whErE?? bUt seeInG hIm waS JuZ PUre haPpI!!! nthIng else exciting happen Later.. thEn at 8.30pM watch sUper FunKies.. quite a NicE sHow but toO sHorT.. aftEr tHat watcH chaNnel 8 tiLL 10pm.. tHen end mY daY bUt b4 that i caMe hEre... that aLl aBout todaE!!! sEeIng hIm maKe mY heaRt Beat jUmP fasTer!!!!

2:30:00 PM

Monday, October 03, 2005 ;

tMl scH reOpen.. vEri scAre.. caNt slP.. so cOme hEre wrIte mY bLog... nOthIng write Lei.. eNd hEre.. Haha!!! HoPe caN sEe hIM tMl..

2:38:00 PM

Sunday, October 02, 2005 ;

it'S saTuRdaE le... oNe more Dae to go b4 goInG bacK to sTudY.. tO sTreSs agaIn!!! haIz... bUt caN see Him.. nOt baD.. hahA!!! hOpE caN saMe grOup with mY frienDs.. i praY haRd.. other Than Praying.. todae i jUst pLay Maple agaIn.. sCh reOpeN cant pLay mUch Le.. sO cHioNg thIs feW daEs.. bYe!! ohh Ya.. it tHe fiRst daY of The MonTh!!! haPi bIrthD@y tO oCtoBer!!!! trY vErI haRd to ForGet bUt i faILed!!!

2:20:00 PM

Saturday, October 01, 2005 ;

todae onli gt to surf nite at 11 Plus coz went ah ma hse again.. hee.. so in the morning i had been doin gmany thIng.. wake up and eat my breakfast.. then watch some sHow... tHEn i went to wash 3 fans.. so manI duSt... i kInda allegic to dUst so when i clean i started to achOO.. after washIng.. i put BedsHeet for my Bed.. then go tidy up my stuff coz had Mani stuff in Boxes... oMg.. mOre dust.. feeL lIkE dying.. keeP sNeezing.. so FinallI at 7.. i finished and collapse on the sofa.. resting a while.. go take a Hot bath and i felt better.. then finish dinnEr an went to ah ma House... and continue my maPle sTory.. Hee HEe!!! i Cant Breath withOut Him.. HoW??? sUmOnE hElp???

2:52:00 PM

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