Sunday, June 25, 2006 ;

mY FirsT FishIng TriP

todae wake up @ 7pLuS in the moRning cox meeting my aunt to go mac richite to walk around and go catch fish!!! when about to go out.. it started to rain.. but still we went to the destination!!! by the time we reach there, the rain is heavier.. but we still went to walk.. we want to heat to de tree top walk.. it's 5.4km away.. after walking 0.4km we stop at a shelter cox the rain was quite big n my shoe was slippery.. so we stop n had our breakfast.. then we decided nt to walk.. feel kinda disappointed cox couldn't go catch fish... therefore, we decided to take bus to singapore expo to find san yi.. then later went to tampiness mall to makan.. had pizza Hut.. curry lover n had chicking wings & lazanage (dunno hoe to spell) then went to walk ard.. brought one pair of sandal so that next time go mac richite i can have a good walk.. then we went back to aunt hse as my jiu jiu is going to bring us to catch fish as rain had stopped.. i was so excited!!! then we waited for cousin to come back n we headed to the place.. when we reach, there are also people catching so we went more inside.. along the path, the small stream gt lot of broken bowl n bottle.. so we had to be very careful.. after catching some fish.. decided to go as it's getting late.. then went to aunt hse had a wash n went dinner n jiu jiu drive us home.. then i wash my fish tank n let all the fish live together.. k.. end here.. had a wonderful trip todae.. nite!!!


10:22:00 PM

Saturday, June 24, 2006 ;

i was so sad.. when they announce swit gt de 2nD goal i went to slp..Korea had to went hoME!!! why korea mostly change ppl kick?? why nt the last time one?? woRlD cuP still dUnnO gt ahN mah..SadED... sO todaE continUe plaYed my maPLe.. then went ah ma hse.. gt chilli crab.. yummy.. then stay a while le come back cox da jie is tired... i stop here cox tml goign catch fish.. keke.. nite!!!!

11:37:00 PM

Tuesday, June 20, 2006 ;

juzt nOw weNt to airPort to fetch MUm & sisTer coX they'Re Back from ThaI.. mama brough me a Bag, 2 shorts, sLippEr, pouch n 2 necklace.. i lIke de tinkerbell necklace Very MucH!!!! n last sunday match.. korea n france draw!!! so this friday is going to be a Deciding match whether Korea wIll be in toP 16.. hOpe they can!!! JIa U!!!

12:43:00 AM

Sunday, June 18, 2006 ;
PraYing for KoreA,♥

these few days felt so sian.. lazy to do anything.. mum & both sIs haD weNt to thaILand a few Days Le..

Lucki cF came and accompany me.. so i buy lots Of Stuff!! keke..tonight we will cook spagetti for dinner!!! And tonite alsO have FraNce & KoreA MaTcH..

hOpe thEy wiLl wiN!!! that all foR todaY!!


6:38:00 PM

Tuesday, June 13, 2006 ;
The Victory gOes to KOreA!!!,♥

Myspace GlitterMyspace GlitterMyspace GlitterMyspace GlitterMyspace Glitter Myspace GlitterMyspace GlitterMyspace Glitter

i sO haPPiEs noW!!!!! Korea Vs Togo 2:1.. the match is so exciting!!!! todae i was so excited cox i was waiting the match to start.. but b4 that.. i had met chufeng for moviE!!.. we waTch Cars @7.25PM.. the movie VERI NICE!! toUCHING!!! 5 starS out of fivE!!! whEn de show is finiShed it is aLready 930.. the maTch had start 30mIn ago.. so i faster call mum to tunie in for mE.. n mum tell me: 1 goal... then i say whu whu.. she say not korea.. then i was so SAD!!! when on bus i pray tt at least let them Draw then korea also gt point!!! thEn i rush up.. tunE in.. ChEer aloNe when they almosT in!!! during the match Chun-Soo Lee from koRea had yellow card... so sad.. then after few Min he gt free kiCK n HE GOALL!!!!! so happpies!!! i SHOUT!!! finalli de socre on my tv is 1:1.. so mean while i was cooking spagetti.. keep walking in n out.. thEn in my heart i PRAY HArd that they goal again.. and my prayer had been Granted.. @ 72min AHN JUN HWAN (which is my husband.. keke) scoreeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! so shuaiiiiii so now Korea they are defending le.. at ard 91 min. . they got another free kick.. but to my surprise they never kick toward de goal post but to the teammates next to him!!! they want to play safe.. then finalli de whIstlE BLOW!! yeah!!!!!! KOREA WIN!!! Damn happiEs!!! go continUe coOk my spagetti.. see u all sOOn.. SUPPORT KOREA!! keke


the TRAINinG!!!!

THE VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!

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11:58:00 PM


todae cousin came my hse... whole daydoing my thing.. then watch some repeat clip on tv abt korea match!!!! den when ard 4 plus mama started cooking.. then went to help her!!! then after that continue surfing my net n mamam n cousin go buy crab cox they wan to eat!!! had my dInnEr.. then mop the floor as the house feel kinda oily.. after finish mopping, mama & went to neighbourhood de AXS machine pay bills. then after reaching home had a bath again.. then play maple awhile while waiting for braziL match..

11:40:00 PM

Sunday, June 11, 2006 ;

Visit for all your MySpace Graphic needs!!!

Visit for all your MySpace Graphic needs!!! Visit for all your MySpace Graphic needs!!! Visit for all your MySpace Graphic needs!!! Visit for all your MySpace Graphic needs!!!

Visit for all your MySpace Graphic needs!!! Visit for all your MySpace Graphic needs!!! Visit for all your MySpace Graphic needs!!! Visit for all your MySpace Graphic needs!!!

8:00:00 PM

Saturday, June 10, 2006 ;

Just waTcH FinisH 17th GolDeN MeLody AwaRds.. 530 start de till nOw ard 11pLus.. going Midnight Le... THink thIs tiMe tHe aWard KinDa BOring sIaH (cox Mostly i dunnO thE awaEdeEs is whO!!! )..bUt luckI the perofrmances was all intersting... kNOw soMe only.. liKE wUbai.. WanG Li hOrm.. TanyA... JianG HuI... HuanG yI LinG.. this year wu Bai nt sO lUckY.. got in 5nOminAtioNs but Get one onLI.. 2 of the noMinAtion gt this guy call hU De Fu.. take away wubai away.. he say to be 30year nva come out le.. haIz.. once come out can defeat wUbaI oHh!!! sO qiANG!!! then the GuO yu nan Yu Ren was fuNNi.. had de same pan Jiang ren - Karen Mok.. lucki this time she say correctly.. overall i think they shld let those get award sing mah.. if nt those come one also can perform if nt they just sit there.. so Sian!!!! tt my OpiniOn La.. HEe Hee.. tt all .. tml Mum haD to Pray Le.. cya sOOn... Counting Down to Kores VS toGo..3 daYs!!!!

11:58:00 PM

Thursday, June 08, 2006 ;

todae went to Blk 163 find papa'S wOrkEr!!! cox mama want bring dumplinG for them to eat.. then couldn't find de pLace cox they too many place block as that area was having renovation for lift all tt... so we walk one big round den finalli get to de place we want!!! after giving them de foOD, mum called dAd!!! thhen dad ask us buy drink for them!!! so went to de neighbOuRHooD shOp to bUY... mama buy bubBlE tea for theM!!! after that, went to take mrt to waIpo hsE!!! cousIn wanted to eat nuggets so i bought my breakfast there too... had de FAn-tastic Meal.. when finished my meal at waIpo hse.. went to use ah yi comp.. but it was kinda irritating cox keep DC..then ard 6pm when home as cousin need to go for ballet class!!!! then when we reach home... mum asked me want to eat wat for dinner as todae onli me, mama & papa eat onli.. so i requested to go buy beehoon eat.. so when to kopithaim order our food n seat papa lorry back as papa was there... had my meal.. watch tv.. yAWnZzz.. that all for todaE!!!

10:19:00 PM

Wednesday, June 07, 2006 ;

My DiNnER.... FirsT CoLlaGe DoNe!!! kEKe!!!!

ytd stay at home.. NvA go watCh OmeN.. Haiz!!! HOpe nExt weeK caN watCh baH!!! then todae when sheng xiong with mummy!!! bought pearl.. those bubble tea de.. then bought coffee pockey!! hOpE it's NICE!!! then ask mama cOOk yu chI sOuP.. n mama boUght chicken wing.. yuMmy!!! tonite going to have a feast.. keke.. all my favourite!!! so when home le prepare diNNer.. then when bath m HAd my feast while watChiNg yonG bU yan Pai!!! thinK todae sTop Here cox i want go see my 9pM sHOW!!! mIsS ME!!!!

8:52:00 PM

Monday, June 05, 2006 ;

rise @ 6PlUs.. went bath before going HomE.. while BathiNg.. i forget to take out insiDe dE ***.. then when i Reliase it;s a bit wet.. no choice i had to wear.. then when on mrt i found out mY shirT a Bit wet cOx of tt wEt b** then when reach home.. mama wan go buy breakfast so i accompany her go!!! then when come back she asked me to accompany her go MAYBANK @ 888 so i go had a bath aGaIN if not i Feel sO sticky.. keke!!! then went to walk ard den go to ntuc as wnted to buy some drinks.. but couldn't fiND so ask Mum whether could go to civil centre dE.. thEn shE saY ok LOi.. so went to take Bus.. when reach cwp.. as usual mama wan go shOPpIng.. so when metro.. theN muM bUY B** den de aunty ask Me waN maH.. den i saw de oNe i LikE so I buY Loi.. hee Hee!!! iT's exPensIve Man!!! keke.. then continue to walk aRd!!! thEn my toEs veri paIn le cox wear new shOE.. then ask mama Faster.. so in the end we headed to where we should be goinG - NTUC!!! bought wat we want and went hOme.. theN help mUm prepare diNNer.. then saw my Leg got bLister.. first tiMe siah!!! theN watch suPerBanD.. BroDs todae not so GD.. HoPe they can get thROuGH.. off to My resuLt show in 1 HouR timE.. sEE ya SooN...

10:30:00 PM

Sunday, June 04, 2006 ;

Todae was a long day.. wake up ard 10plus.. call mei mei to wake up but she continue slp.. then i was so tired.. then see still earli.. so continue my slept too.. dunno why so tired.. den wake up already 12plus.. then mei mei was in i continue to lie on bed... to wait for her to come out.. i waited so long siah..alomost 45min inside... dunno wait she doing inside... then i faster go in bathn cox i gotta meet cf at amk @ 1.30pM.. then i come out.. already 1Pm.. i'lL still need to go hoMe take clothes coz tonitego cf hse live.. so i hurry go take bus.. as 913 is a loop bus.. so i faster when up change.. eat abit n faster when downstair as i take when i go home.. im able to take de bus coz my mei didnt get down de Bus so when it coming back my mei calleD!!! so ard 2 plus reach amk... then we headed to bishan to see RaiNie.. when we reached there.. it was mountain people mountain see.. so we stand at de side .. wish my hp can take some pic..(the abOVE Pic is FroM RaiNIe FAN CLUB- jOhO) so we waited.. n its becoming more ppl.. suddenly one guy walk pass .. i ask cf it's tt zhi yong - the yes933 dJ?? den she say should not be bah cox he should be at de stage area there.. so we turn n look at de stage as the host is there.. n we laugh cox juz not tt guy whu walk pass us is realli zhi yong... then he ask wait a while cox rainie still preparing.. in the mean time we saw lot of ppl standing infront of us so we decided to move infront... suddenly one guard ask some at de side to move away to other side cox i think they're blocking de way.. so of themtry to squeeze to our side... then there was this guy.. he stand beind me.. he was so close tt was like sticking on me.. so cf ask me move to his side.. de guy hor dunno how to stand de lei.. irritating.. then finalli rainie came out.. she was late by half an hr.. then came out sang 2 song, cut cake as tt day was her birthday n faster proceed to autograph session cox there too mani ppl le.. so ask cf to go line up.. n i waited at outside as i dun have her cd.. then we want to buy drink cox it was damn thirsty.. when i buy de drink.. i drank first as the queue was kinda long n i cant tahan animore.. see How thirsty i am.. then we go buy something to eat n seated at food court.. then we headed to orchard.. as cf wanted to meet her frenz.. when we reach orchard there still time so we walked ard at de popular den seat down to wait for her frenz come.. ard 6.10 we call her den cf'S frenz say actualli 5 reach le but cf didnt rceive her sms.. so after meeting her we went makan first cox cf'S frenz was hungry n we haben eat our dinner.. she bring us to eat spagetti.. i ate trio meat n order peach soda... it was so nice.. then we went to kino to see magazine.. after tt we went home.. so areahing cf hse.. i went bath den came writng this.. cf jie jie baby damn cute.. post some pic later.. then prepare to slp le cox tml cf has work.. so tata!!!

11:14:00 PM

Saturday, June 03, 2006 ;
,♥'S BeEn OfficialLi 2 weEk i diDn"t BloG Le!!! nvM La hor cox for Past 2 wEeKs nothiNg realli haPPen.. eitHer stay At HomE sLack or go cwP sEe MoviEs.. Keke.. haVe seEn OveR thE HeDgE anD X-Men 3... fiNd x-Men 3 niCe but think too sHort.. thot Angel will jOin the X-Men but he Just came Out a while.. and jeAn spEak LittLe.. sO maNi pPl DiE!!! haIz... nOw waitinG foR OMen.. 6/6/06!!! todaE went oUt wif my 5 BuddIeS!!! HaD LotsA fUN... esP on de escaLatoR and UNo stackor at de caFe hOR!!! keke.. will Post more pIcture when nana had senT ME.. bOught my 2Moro maGazInE!!! then went home ard 7 Plus... then went to aH Ma HSE to liVe coz onli ah Ma in thE houSe.. nOw lyinG on xIaOyI's Bed wif de aIr coN on.. so cooLing.. sOooo ReLax.. gtg.. tml had to accOmpany cf go see RaiNIE!!!! Miss Ya!!!

11:38:00 PM

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