Wednesday, November 09, 2005 ;

went hOme half way to sch as my stomach juz feel the pain.. LS 3 times.. nva get to see Him todae but junie tell me sumthing.. he wear the nature colour todae.. dunno izzit .. buy for her.. haiz.. feel sad if yes.. gtg.. wish wed he goes school..

1:06:00 PM

Tuesday, November 08, 2005 ;

* dO they lOOk aLiKE *

wah so tired.. i juz slp for 30min lei.. coz watch finish the show loi.. see finished le.. happy ending.. so nice.. how i wish i got a bf like ella.. the ut todae i think is gone case bah.. then HR lesson was fun.. we won.. and we have chocolate.. then went toshiba with juni to collect her lappy. then cOme home do rj and find my handsome guy pic... and ytd junie told me he got twin brother and is acting the 9pm show in channel 8.. i though was the same guy siah.. they look so alike.. then went to slp coz was super tired + sick + da yi ma.. why i been torutre.. bUt having few glance at Him todae juz make me energize up.. hahaha.. nitez

2:25:00 PM

Monday, November 07, 2005 ;

cough cough.. sick siah.. not love sick..hee hee.. but maybe a bit lai.. whahahha... todae 7am then slp coz watch the sho w loi.. then 1pm wake up..then after that when causeway point wif papa n mama coz bring papa sign up maxonline.. and yes next sat have woreless le.. so it will be maple all day long.. hee hee..then reach lvl 40 can go kill crabby.. then go food court makan.. juz eat a bit porraige and dun feel like eating le.. then walk hOme.. pLay coMp a while and watch reaching for the star.. inside gt one guy damn handsome loi.. when he smile.. it was damn ohh my god.. going to find out whu is he... tml still have ut.. buT juz continue to watch.. buai.. yeah tml can see Him again.. MisSInG HiM LotsA...

3:57:00 PM

Sunday, November 06, 2005 ;

hmm.. slp till 2pm.. hee hee.. no one ask me up then so shiok alone slping in da jie room coz both sis never come hOme.. then mama also slping.. then try to connect ans yes!!! can connect.. play a while then at nite watch jin qu qiang.. was kinda disappointed coz kang ge ge nva get ani jiang.. think coz he nva go so nva get.. lucki sly still have.. then find Jj so cute.. and he veri talented siah.. wish i can play the piano too.. then after that watch sky captain at HBO.. jude Law handsOme.. haha.. then alone in my room again watching reaching for the star.. so Lonely.. when can i get his number n sms Him.. misses Him..

3:31:00 PM

Saturday, November 05, 2005 ;

todae our grp dao mei ar.. 2 coMp down.. then not in the mood to do work.. even cher came tell us we didn't do quite well todae.. sad le loi.. C liao.. wish next week we can done better.. as for the 2 comp.. mayi juz need reformat but junie de damn jialat.. need change harddisk.. so i accompany her go toshiba.. reach hOme 8plus le.. then faster do rj.. lucki still can use ppl network.. n todae stun siah.. saw him cut hair.. then face my direction.. juz happies.. bUt dun dare look at him.. juz glance when he didnt notice.. oppx.. feel like peeking tom.. hee hee.. bo bian whu ask him so handsoMe.. hahha. cHerIsH hIm LotsA...

2:27:00 PM

Friday, November 04, 2005 ;

todae mama pray again.. so went home earli to help her.. todae singtel connection also stop le.. can't use internet.. bUt still can online coz still ppl wireless.. hee hee i kNow i'm jian bUt nO choice.. quite unstable.. but still can use.. how am i going to survive for the rest of the week till papa go sign up maxonline??? i also dunno.. hee hee..then have a fun time wif cedric.. coz he play games wif me online.. haha.. it was fun.. test his skills.. he quite pro worx.. then went to da jie room slp coz lonely in my room as smallest sis went ah ma hse. then have a feeling bu xiang go sch but coz in junie team n wanted to see sUmoNe.. so i prOmise mali to go.. 3days le... tml wish can see.. Pray~ aNd waNted tO teLL Him .. ( LoOk aT tHe Pic)

3:40:00 PM

Thursday, November 03, 2005 ;

suppoes to do project.. but members are working.. so never do.. still at ah ma house.. chatting wif nana, pres, mali and junie.. then later nana go le.. we saw miss ivy online then wanna ask which class she drop so add her in to the conversation... then slowly kenny also added in then next is cheng dong.. our yi ge hong.. hee hee.. have fun chatting with them..then went home change cloth and going back to ah ma house afterward. gOing DeePer for Him.. do hE kNow?? 2days nva see le..

3:11:00 PM

Wednesday, November 02, 2005 ;

Holidaes... bUt juz stay at hOme.. pLay coMp then now at ah ma house.. hee hee.. nthing to do so come and play coMp coz is wireless.. yeah.. bye.. thInking of Him.. 1 day nva see Him le..

2:51:00 PM

Tuesday, November 01, 2005 ;

fiNalli all the soNg is bEen tranfer In to mY hP.. nO need go sERvice ceNtre.. bUt ytd was tough nIte.. tranfer tiLl 2.30am.. todae have UT sOmemOre.. hOpe can Pass.. then todae intrusion lesson was wif nana n pres Mdm.. at first wanna go but Decided to staY... have a fun lesson wif thEm.. then next week can choose own grp.. duNno mali they all wan me mah?? worrissss.. toDae gt sEe HIm.. jU zhAppies.. diD he Notice???

1:48:00 PM

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