Monday, February 26, 2007 ;
HuaT ah!!!!,♥

Today is 初九 which is Tian Gong de Birthday!!! We had to pray on sunday'S night till mondaE 1am plus..

So on sunDay wake up around 1pM.. then ate my lunch - MAc Spicy Burger!!! TheN start helping to clean the house..

Sweep de floor.. keep those wanted & thRow those Unwanted.. Move those sofa as later we need a big space!!! start washing those fruits.. all this take few hOurs.. thEn arounD 6plUs, Mum & Dad went out to buy dinner.. I had de wanToN plus Chao Siew Mee!! it Veri nicE.. n HAd Guo Tie...

The House After CleaniNg & Moving The Sofa

My WantoN plus Chao Siew Mee!!!

GuO Tie~~ YUmmY!!

Finishing the food, my jie & I decided to went CausewaY Point as tml her frenz are coming over to have BBq cuM steamBoat.. so we went to NTUC to see what is needed..

By the time we came home, Mum had already cook crab & fish for praying.. And one sad news is one of my fish is dying!!! he was trying to turn up (when fish die they will turn upside down) but he couldn't.. so I faster move him to another fish tank but couldn't be save.. Let had 1min of silence to pray for him.. I feed him from a small fish to a medium fish siah.. looking him trying to live & I can't do anithing.. It's Made me kinda sad..

As i couldn't do anything, I went back to help Mum.. Putting de thing in place n Busy taking photo.. Finally finish all de work & Mum sweep de floor one last time as she say till tml 12pm den can Sweep..

The Roasted Pig

Roasted Duck~~

Roasted Chicken~~

The ReD CrabBy~~

OthEr OfferiNg IteMs

The OvEralL LooK @_@

When 11pm came.. Dad start to pray.. and it came our turn.. Saying my prayer n hope all come truE!!! tHen when 12am came, we went down stair to burn incense paper.. I wonder why we must burn bamboo also.. So i asked mum. And she told me there a story..

The story goes like this:
Year back, the same day as today.. a group of pirates went to de village where mostly Hokkien live.. then all de Hokkien people went to a bamboo forest n the pirates couldn't find them. So they were saved!! And they believe it's Tian Gong helped them. From then on, they pray with bamboo as an offering item. ..

The Bamboo~~

Ok back to that day, after pilling the incense paper.. we started burning n sincerely pray that Tian Gong will bliss us the whole year!!!

Starting to Pile~~

iN ProCeSs~~

More Piling~~

Pa Started de BurNing~~

HuaT Ar!!!

After that we went home.. Pray our home's God, then ask for permission whether they finish eating.. Only the 2nd time, we were allow to keep the thing.. While keeping, we started to eat also.. waHaettenschweilerS kinda of hungry.. Finishing keeping, watch tv a while And went to sleep as it was a tiring day!!!

After RearranGE~~


1:40:00 AM

Wednesday, February 21, 2007 ;
BlOssoM SenTosA~~,♥

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12:11:00 AM

Sunday, February 18, 2007 ;
My ChiNEse New YeaR!!!,♥

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10:28:00 PM

Wednesday, February 14, 2007 ;
HaPpY VaLenTinE DaY~~,♥

TOday is not only is ValentiNe Day bUt alSo is my BIG day!!!.. After 3Year plus of growth, I finally decided to take it to de professional for some grooming!!! Yeah.. you KnOw what It Is Rite??? Keke.. I'll use Picture to show the result!!!

After at night, i went to date my Sister @ Causeway Point!!! walk around beforE heaDed HomE as it's really Pack with PeopLe!!!

Lastly, I hOpe EveryOne get to sPend their PreciouS tiME with Their Loves ONE!!!

(the Picture i show asap!! hee..)


10:43:00 PM

Thursday, February 08, 2007 ;
LaughTer CuRe EverYthING!!!,♥

HOpe ThIs CliP caN LightEn ur DaY!!! Laugh With de BabY!! You FeEl Better!!!


11:56:00 PM

Saturday, February 03, 2007 ;
2MorO iS BacK!!!,♥

PicutuRe of The Day!! SeE hOw thIN is HE!! (on de Right one is My HuBbY)

My HuBbY is BacK to SpoRE!!! He sO thIn Loi.. u Can SeE thE PiC.. ThIs ForCes Me to Go Diet... HopE i haVe thE wilL!!!

TodaE MeeT uP witH Cf at 12 coX she Wanna watch Pokemon first. Then we faster headed down to Toa Payoh de CD Rama as we'Re LatE!!! When we reached, lucky they were not there yet.. so I went to de counter to purchase my cd. I bought 2 as they different version.. then i got 2 PaSs to take photo with them.. I gaVE 1 to cf as she accompany Me go..

At Cd-RamA..PlaYinG GamE!!!

So when they reached, mY hubby walk-in with de sunglasses on!! SO COOL!!!! then talk abt their album & started Playng GamE!! cF keep pointing at me as My HubbY was chOosing ppL to be a team With HIm!!! thEn he ask cf to go up as he saY: You keep Saboing Ur FrenZ, U comE up!!! But in the eNd, Cf is too shY to go up!! KekE!!

After playing GamE, the photo Session start!!! I'M so nervous cox I nva take aNi Picture wif mY huBbY b4!!! wHen it's Cf turn.. it kInda FunNi.. cox cf nva poSt Just standing straight, thE hOSt say she Look Like PrinciPal.. SO THE BIG MOMENT had arrived, it'S miNE turn.. i walked over.. thE first thing is tt YanFu put his hand on my shoulder, Hear some laughter, actually i wanted to turn to say what he post but his hand kind of Pressing my hair, so i couldn't!!! As for my hubby, hE too put his hand on my shoulderr..I'M de MOST blissful WifE in ThE wORld!!! whahahah!!

TheN aRd 2, i went to Bishan to meet JunIe for mY huBby autoGraph seSsion!! Stand quite froNt.. When they came out, They sing 朋友出去走走, 被骗了 & 找到你。Finishing the lastline, We ask for an echo.. but they went for a rest first b4 deciding to sing 围巾。After which they started to sign de aLbum!!! Another chance to get clOse to my HubBy!! And i Made a card for him & put an ANgeL inside for Him.. what i write For him is the creation of JunIe & ME.. n also a Idea from Chin.. i Paste de thing got u all to sEE.. i Have combine all their 14 Songs together!!!

The Card i Made For Him!!! BELow is wHat I wroTe:

"就让我播 <大明星狂想曲> 迎接你再来新加坡. 当我和 <朋友出去走走>时, 她告诉我2moro 要来了,我高兴到把她的 <围巾>扯了一个洞。。 回到家, 我在镜子里看到了<两个我> 。。。一个再跟你玩 <男生女生配>。。另一个我 <牵着你>在沙滩上跳 但是就是 <少了><刺激2006> 。。

到了晚上,我和朋友到街上走走,看见一间店,他的店名叫 <夏天不打烊>,不知不觉我们随着音乐走了进去.我点了<塔基拉BON>。。喝下第一口觉得有种浓烈的感觉。。仿佛想要个<初吻>。。 而在店里的角落, 我还发现有人在弹吉他.我便闭上眼睛, 仿佛听到你在对我弹吉他。。。但是被人一叫,才发现 <被编了>>。。所以我确定在 3-2-2007,一定要 <找到你>。"

Then we saw ppl pasting their name on the i also paste. One put chinese nAme n one English!!! thEn JunIe help Me take de English naMe de!!! So, it our tuRn.. when yanFu writing de name.. i saw hiM write wrong.. he wrote "Yan Ring" keke sO funNi.. i muz go register my new name.. so cutes of him!!! Lucki my chinese naME he wrote correctly.. n My huBby wrote 加油 for me!! then when my Hubby wanna shake hand with JunIe but juNie hand was full of thing.. so they dunno which hand to shake, my Hubby give a funni looK!! DAmn kawaII loI11 keke after which we went down, waiting for them to sign finish b4 we go.. How i wish i could follow him back.. BUt i Had to take care of our Home in Spore..KekE!!! (This Post best vIew at UniCodE)

alL of My YaN Jun HuBby

Yes ThIS is It!! mY naME haD chANgED!!!

He write JIa YoU tO mE!! swEeTsS!!!


11:30:00 PM

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