Sunday, September 11, 2005 ;

11.15 malI mdm then reach woodlands then had to call other mdm go first if not scare they cannot shake superstar hand.. so when we reach.. not so much ppl la.. then chia n he mdm went dao bao anD bring up to eat. buT i n mali mdm eat at yoshinoya.. super full.. we both cant finish the rice.. then went mos burger buy drink.. you know we saw what.. gt ppl da bian in one of da seat.. lucki the mos quite big separate into 2 spaces.. then de space got shit close first.. dunno who siah.. hee hee.. as i n mali mdm no tix cant shake their hand so we stand at the side near stage.. while waiting.. we saw a gal keep performing in front of the crowd siah.. i n malI though tt was "enterTaining".. oOpX!!! then we can also hear latest news as mani gong zhuo ren yuan are just in front of us.. like the superstar are on the highway, etc.. finally after seating for 2hr... the superstar arrives.. at first jason was nearest to us .. we though we had stand the wrong place ar.. but when they ready to shake ppl hand, jy come over to our side.. we were so hapPi.. he shuai Dao.. omg... so sad tt i cant shke his hand.. also forget wor my mrs chia & mrs he hand coz they wor jy de.. sobz.. after a while the wor shou hui end.. n we headed bak to je.. onli left me n mali, the rest go home.. we were squeeze by mani ppl on the bus when we take shuttle bus to imm.. once we reach.. we were finding where jj.. we went third floor but no stage.. then walk around lvl 1 but still cant find.. saw the information counter there got put jj poster.. then it was at the imm stage!! we ask where the stage is and when we walk pass a lot of jj fan waiting for his signature.. it was daMn crowded so we went to lvl 3 but still we cant see so we decided to go back lvl 1.. reaching lvl 1 near de stage was a carpark then we stood there coz we though jj will cum from there as the security put bar in front of us.. but in the end jj come from the second floor.. i and mali laugh till penGzZ.. we keep moving around, trying to get the best view but still cant.. so we decided to give up.. hee hee.. after 1hr plus.. jj finally sign finish.. n jy had come.. then tok a little n introduce their lao shi " shui sang piao" and sing him a song.. after that the event was finished.. i n Mali mdm was damn leg pain.. then we bought shi lin to eat.. then sir call n we go to take mrt.. i was such a BIG BULB.. wish i can faster go off.. hee hee.. todae indeed was a tiring dae but weird i cant slp.. haha.. mAybe suMone are in mind which make me si mIaN... (i'll update the photo for todae again)

1:08:00 PM

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