Friday, March 10, 2006 ;

Ok firstly I wanted to saY.. It’s sO hot in singaPore.. wHy WhY wHY???? Nvm.. so I had to full blast my fan if Not I think I can die of heat… ok I tell little about our Malaysia trip.. first day, Chin, Feng and Me reach First World Hotel at about 4am in the morning.. as we cant get a room cox they say earliest also 5am.. so we seat down and play UNO.. then when 4.30am we saw the queue for getting a number is quite long.. so I & chin go queue up..while queuing we continue ouR game.. by 5am, the queue start moving.. Our queue number is 32.. back to our game.. im losing.. den “DING 0032” it our turn it kinda fast.. n we got tower 2 level 22 room 933.. thot was near.. but it right at the back.. the hotel look clean as it’s new but look errie.. So we went to our room, sleep till 8plus wake up.. play theme park.. most thrilling is the “ Flying Coaster” n most lame is “Space Adventure”.. if u dun believe u all go try bah.. I was sad that the “Sungei Rejang Flume Ride” was under maintenance.. didn’t have the chance to get wet.. after few hours we went back hotel and had a rest.. feel kinda sick.. throat veri pain.. then I went for bath.. then we slept for a while then went to eat dInnEr “ Kenny Roger”..been waiting for this moment.. it’s nice..haha.. then go walk walk ard..saw one jacket I like.. then 12plus le then went to dream of zhou gong.. Next dae.. our alarm clock (chufeng) wake us up… then went to mushroom farm to makan coz we dunno wat to eat.. pay taxi rm10 n u can get there.. we had fish n 2 vegetable.. it veri nice… while eating one cat stare at me so scaRRyyy.. then ask our alarm clock to shoo it away.. ThaNk aLaRm clock.. then finishing our food, we walk ard the farm.. then one kor kor from the farm nice wan drive us up to genting but we told him we haben go.. so he say when want to go up call him.. then we went outside.. that a platform.. 2 viewing machine.. (Later I’ll show the pic aNd yoU all understand) standing there was so cooling.. wish Singapore had this kind of weather.. then ard 2pm we decided to go back hotel but we all were shy to call de kor kor.. so we hire taxi back.. the taxi uncle dunno how to drive loi.. we almost crash with another car.. hurt my lef n cf’s hand.. aiyoyo.. lucki it nt tt serious.. then we put down our thing and went shopping.. todae then is our official SHOPPING DAY.. then see wallet also nt much money so when buying thing also muz think.. then went to make necklace.. can write name on rice.. I wrote “ yanping n zai”.. aiya shld write yan jun.. then saw shan n da niao.. then they go have fun while we continue with our shopping.. after tt we went eat pizza hut..nt veri nice n veri full till one baO za.. then wanchin go play arcade and later we go try the kbox thing.. 1song= rm1.. suddenly saw shan again then she told us gt one malay guy like drunk then he walking around then we scare we go somewhere else.. hee hee.. then take some photo den went back to hotel and shan came find us and we played game then 1 am plus she go back and we slept.. then next dae check out n went ate mac Donald.. then do last min shopping then 2pm go register to return to spore.. that all for my trip to gentIng..

Back to todae, juz slack and organize my comp thing… tml going out wif juniE…

11:46:00 AM

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