Saturday, April 15, 2006 ;

in the lift when theY caMe.. yanJun weaR pINk.. sHUai daOOoo!!!!

todaE waS the second hapPIeSsSss daE in mY wHolE LifE!!!! cOz i saW 2mOrO agaIn.. at fiRsT was thiNkinG of noT goIng coZ havE theIr sigNatURe whEn theY weNt bishAN.. n nO onE waS fReE..iF aLonE go wiLl bE loNEy buT LuCkY cf n JUnIE DeciDed to gO wiF mE.. i waS daMN haPPi loI!!! sO i do a caRd foR yaN juN till 5am in thE morniNG.. then slp a while.. 10 wake up do the enveloPE part.. thEn it was a LittlE bit mErge coZ i gaN qioNg then toucH it when it Not Dry yet as it acalyic paInt.. as i no time le so can'T reDo.. so rush to meet cf n went novena as she want to ask her frenz thing.. then meet xj coz she suddenly sms me say wan go wif us.. then after that went far east shop as cf finding shirt for dinner as her frenz getting married.. then it 2pm le so went to meet juNIE.. theN went to thE pLACE that i want to go de whOle daE.. WISMA lvl 1.. when on the escalator can hear 2moro song le!!! sO exciteD.. wooHOO.. so HIGH.. then went to buy his gai baN cd.. then wanted to go queue but the sercurity guard " FrancIs" say onli gt cd den can go in... so i acc cf thay all first!!! so in The enD didnT realli geT gd pIC as laSt tiME.. buT muz thanK to JUnIE coz lucki gt her camera if nt i think todae wuN haVE anI phOto at all!!! so wait for an hour.. they finAlli came.. n they came doWn fRom lvl 3.. oMG!!! they they sing shAbu ShaBU.. shao le.. qiaN zhe nI.. n ci jI 2006... i shld had stnad in front when i reach coz they gt to shake hand wiTH theM wheN they siNginG!!! then after siNginG.. they startEd signing... i faster rush iN.. n queue uP.. mY heart was juMPing so fast lei.. oMG.. i'm getting neaRer... theN when on stage.. this time yanjun first.. so give hiM de Cd.. then laTer pass hiM de card.. he seE.. then saY i dRaW verI nIce.. i think i say thank u then shake hand.. i was dsMn exciteD i couLDn't reMembEr wat i say to hIM.. omg then proceed to hIs bRo.. n say xie xie alSo.. then went off stagE le.. bUt my heart are still veri hiGh... feeL likE huGginG YanJUn!!! then we wanted take more pic theN went 2nd flOor see caN take mah..
but onli can see their head.. then went they say byE bYe.. they turn so fast so didn"T get the chance to take.. then they went to take de lift to go back.. when they stop at lvl 2.. i wave at yanfu as he facing my sidE.. he gt wavEd back.. whY yanjun nva tuRn to my sIDe alsO.. heE hEE.. buT was ConteNdEd that yan Fu gt waVE n gt to shake yanjun hand.. then after that weNt shOpPiNg then 10 plUS reacH hOmE.. hOpE 2mORo will coMe see mY bLoG coz i gt write in my carD.. if thEy sEEing thIS.. Wanted to tell theM i cant write in chinese.. so sOrrY.. wanted to tell thEM yan JUn n YAn fU .. yoU 2 are de BEST.. hoPe thaT waTeveR u do.. u all can chenG gonG.. love u alwaYSssSS!! faSteR coMe baCk sPore ok... if not i will haVE xianG si BInG... if can add me msn.. hahahA.. i muz bE dreaMIng.. hOpe tml their charity show will be a success!!! i sure willwatch n record!!! Lastly i want to tell u all
HOPE u LIKE MY caRD!!! (update photo tml as photo wif junIe n my foNt color is piNK coz yanjun wear pink todaE)

yanFu wavinG at ME whEn goiN hoME.. yanFu also shuaI !! the pic a Bit bLUr..

YanJun LooK sO cuTe wHen hE Is DriNKinG

11:50:00 PM

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