Wednesday, May 10, 2006 ;

tuesdAy... went to deLi witH mum & sIs.. had a few spOon of soup & 1 bItE of breaD thEn i went tO taKE mRt le.. coz shan waNna eat seOuL Garden.. so she waNt to go earlIer.. iN the enD shE was late.. thenwe headed to aljunied.. on the way we saw a guy look like Ken Hirai.. sUm1 fiNd hiM HandSomE woRx.. not Me... then reach le we take cab to tosHIba centre.. todaE quite a Lot oF ppL. i Gt 40 n on the queue nUmbEr was onli 31.. so we seated then i told shan i hOpe wUn gt "c" cox of sOme reason.. oUt of sudden, the queue jump quite fast.. then when both c & steward was ok.. i realli pray hard tt steward wun press first coz if steward press is 39 den c will press my number.. and my nightmare come.. steward sit down n press cox c had go drink water.. n c press 40.. so !@#$%^ next time i cant say anithing bad if nt it will happen to Me.. so i go to his counter.. todae he so cheeky siah.. keep saying my adappter will explode mah?? then teach me how to coil if not i buy 10 also will spoilt all.. unless i'm rich then i cant continue to do the wrong way.. then saw my laptop also muz woah.. lastly i thot he wan to test my adapter so ask him be-careful.. he again say realli will explode?? dunno why he keep smiling n laughing like tt.. then test finish he congrate me n say do u saw de shuai ge over at de counter.. ask me go ask the guy how much n buy from there.. then we went n he say no stock n $100++ so i say nvm n we went take buS.. thEn to orchard.. eat seoul garden.. went kinokuniya (dunno how spell) n bought a book.. then went home.. see tv.. makan.. slp...

weDnesDay.. waiting for shan call as she dunno wan go sch mah.. then call me say she nva go so we decide to go bugis to find my adapter.. decided to meet 12 plus.. so i continue to slp.. but i wake up le.. kinda late so tell shan meet 1.. by the time i came out of bath.. shan say dun wan go le.. so i change back to home clothe.. but she sms me again say wan go.. but i told her i change so in the end we didn'T go.. so slack whole dae at home..

tHurdaY.. fiNalli we met.. we met at bUgiS.. she late again.. then when she reach we went straight tO sIm Lim.. find find.. found one $38.. second shop $88 then third shOp $168.. so we decided to go first shop.. it a replacement battery but i think can use can le loi.. so i bought it.. aftEr tt went to bUgis vIllaGe to walk ard.. bought ear ring.. then went to suntec coz shan wan buy one shoe.. then buy le dhe suddenly say wan buy nail polish.. so we take mrt to orchard.. went to The Face Shop.. but didn'T have wat she want.. so go to another The Face shop which was near.. onli at wisma.. when we gt there.. onli see left the tester.. then i approach the sales girl.. she help me check but also give a negative answer.. so she suggest tt we try other outlet and then she offer to help us check..then ask us wan which outlet.. bugis.. we faster say no no.. (cox we juz came from there) then he say plaza.. then we say ok.. n finalli she give us a positive answer.. n so again we walk all the way down to plaza singapura.. damn hot!!! then after we buy.. it 5.50Pm.. so we went home anD i met up with chIn to retuRn hEr adapter.. then reach home faster try.. lUcki it worK!!! then went to watch tv... i continue the blog on fri coz it happen in the morning of fridaE..

friday... ard 2.50am.. was waiting to watch <> alone in the living room.. family all slept.. when reformatting my comp i heard LOUD pong pong sound.. begining to fear.. coz when pong sound was heard i could feel a bit of vibration.. thot gt car accident and all car collide tt why gt pong pong sound.. so i faster knock on my mum door.. but she couldn't hear.. so i use my hp call her.. then ask her cum out see wat hapPen.. then i follow her to open door.. and to my shock saw big fire.. from my hse can see so the fire was ard ten story hiGh (newsPaper write de) then my mum woke up dad, i wake up my sis then dad went to see.. then he remember sumthing and ask my mum bring his clothe as his lorry was juzt in front of the burning factory.. my mum was worried so my smaller sis accompany her go down also.. then after that my elder sis went down also.. then mum told us papa lorry was ok.. phew.. when we were kinda near the factory.. the fire suddenly became big .. i can feel de hotness and we all (with other ppl also) woah and move backward.. then my papa ask us go first a few fire engine came.. then fire getting bigger coz while the fire fighter was spraying water at first factory, then the fire begin to spread to second.. so more and more fire engine was there.. i withness the whole progress.. the fire fighter was de HERO!!! finalli after one hOur the fire was put off.. and it already 4plus in the morning.. then i went back continue my reformat.. then went bath.. by the time i wan slp is already 6am.. then i again went out see how the suituation.. no more fire.. a lot of white smoke... then finalli i went to slp.. wake up 1pm plus.. went out see the factory how.. then think saw a few ppl there n a fire engine.. maybe they scare still will have fire.. then rest of the day juz slack... tml going out.. n tml is voting daY.. too Bad i'M nOt 21 yEt..

** thE FirE waS Big **

** ThE fIrE **

** thE FirE EnGInE **

** tHe wHitE sMokE aFter tHE Fire waS pUt Off **

** the PlaCe nOw waS a HolE aS 3 factoRy was kNock DOwN bY thE FirE **

saTurdaY.. wanted to wak up 10am to see SupErBands repeat coz i wanna see BRODS.. but wake up 10min late.. then i miss it.. they were 1sT or 2Nd grp.. sianZ.. bUt LuckI jUnIE gt tape it.. hee hEe.. then lay down a while coz was tired.. then wake up alreasy 1130pM so faster went bath.. then met up with cf at aMK and shan @ Far east.. then we shop ard.. buy a hair clip.. flOwer de.. sO cUtE!!! then we just walk ard orchard.. at heeren i bought a shoe.. theN went to PS.. then went hoMe coz it'S alReadY 8pM.. then reach hOME 9 plus.. bath den makAn.. then again wait for >

sUndaY... went to wanchin hse to let wanchin see why i get less GB.. then when reach he rhouse.. she see like nothing wrong.. so i open her computer see how mani zgb she have.. and i zFOUND OUT actualli it the same..juz tt my c & d drive are together.. then i continue dwl thing tt i need then waited her dad to come home coz she wan drive me home.. then ard 5 we went to lib to return book n met up with ah jia coz she was in the library too..then went to pet shop coz she want to pet for her hamster.. then went home.. play pangya.. went to buy dinner.. came back eat then see waiting to see xin yuan.. last ep..

mondae.. slack at home.. see superbands.. GetTiNg tO lIkE BrOds More .. tOdaY thEY raP.. Judges say nOt so GooD sO mUst jia you..

tuesday.. Lucki Brods was in but jin bao yuan tuan was out.. then met up with chin n feng @ cwp to see MI3.. few part was confuse coz speak too fast.. but overall was amazing!!! then went hoME..

toDay.. cOOk spagetti for dinner.. at home.. watch tv.. slacK..

2:53:00 AM

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