Wednesday, July 12, 2006 ;

todae was such a chaotic daE!!! whU should we blame lei??? caN You'lL tell Me??? here goes de story :

sunday, my jie, mum & me went to C***** (dun wan say the name if not they sue me) to buy washing machine. So after walking around, seeing some model, a promotor came and promote us one.. then we decided to buy.. so we ask them to deliver on tuesday.. so when on tuesday morning my mum ask them dun deliver on tuesday but wednesday as todae my mum need to pray and had no time.. and they say ok.. wed 2 to 5pm.. so todae the machine should arrive at 3 to 5pM but it came earlier @ ard 10.30aM. when i wake up as i want to go toilet, they were fixing the machine then after that i went back to my bed. after few minutes, i decided to wake up. so i went to see the machine..

then my mum say: is this size de meh.. i thot should be bigger!!! indeed i see the machine paste a 7Kg sticker.

then i told my mum i thot we order 8.5Kg..

then my mum say: yaloi.. i tell the delivery man u all send wrong.. i order 8.5 de!!!

Then the delivery man didn't double check if the model is correct mah den answer to my mum: correct, 7kg is just de machine weight!!! so my mum didnt think much and cox my mum didnt noe how to check the model issit correct on the invoice so she signed on the invoice.
So after knowing what had happened just now, i take the invoice number and double check with the model number.. and indeed they send wrongly. So my mum called up them. Talking about the calling.. I'm also fed uP.. i and mum dunno try how many related phone call.. but no ones pick up..finaly after trying such a long time the causeway department de finally answer my call.. so my mum speak to them and they say they call the store man and check and will call bacK..
Then my mum went to work then at ard 12 plus mum called & asked me whether they call.. but didn't.. so my mum called again.. Then my mum back from work and told us that they will come and change for us between 2 to 5pM.. so we waitEd..

aT ard 4.30pM.. my elder sis decided to called them to check whether they are coming or not as it going to be 5pm.. then de delivery man say they're coming to collect de 7Kg one then go causewaY collect de 8.5Kg. Then my sis put down de phone. Then we told our mum what they say.

My mum felt weird.. why must come collect n later come back give us again?? why cant he go n take de 8.5 one then come to do together. And my mum say go causeway point take izzit de display one cox normally the store should be in the warehouse?

So my sis called again n they assured us it a new piece.

so ard 5 plUs they camE, take away de 7Kg de and my mum ask them bring back @ 730Pm..
then @ ard 715 they came, so we open the door and let them in. As mum haben reach home, i called her & tell her that they reached.. My mum was so angry cox my mum scare they gave us a display piece .

So by the time my mum reach home, she go ask de delivery man izzit old one.. they denied.. then my mum go outside see the box thing.. they no styrofoam or anithing just a box. then my mum asked my sis when they deliver the box izzit open..

then my sis say: when i open the door already the machine is outside..

So my mum say: if its a new machine, they sould open when they reach the client home. Cox in the morning when they delivered they did open when reach our house but why this time they open earlier.

then my mum was damn fed up and they couldnt answer my mum one simply question that is why did they open in advance?

so the deliver man called the warehouse head and let him explain to my mum..therefoRe, my mum ask normali when a delivery man deliver what de procedure?

the head told us the delivery man will come to our hse then open . And when my mum want his full name, he didn't want to give. If he didnt say anything wrong, why is he scared of telling us his name. Then he also kept avoiding answering why this time they open b4 hand.. so he cant answer so we put down the phone. thEn my mum went down stair take the machine box as one of the delivery man take the box away n keep it in his car. When my mum take back de box then we reliased they use the 7kG machine box to carry de 8.5Kg. So how could that be a new piece. If not where de 8.5Kg box?

then the delivery man also go away without teeling us anithing. then my sis called up causeway point de but no one listen. So we called the delivery man and they told us they will ask them to call us. But they didn't call so we went down to causeway point.

Then one of the consultant talk to us.. then after telling him wat happen. he told us it might be deliver to wrong customer. So my mum was nt convinced so she say she wan t to see the other customer invoice or anithing tt can prove they did buy de 7Kg machine. So the consultnat called n check. Then he ask us our delivery should be ytd rite then we say yeah. But we just change de date, they should be no reason they send wrongly.

So the consultant say they send the wrong machine to another family n the family didnt tell them. So they say also they delivery man wrong. Then mu mum was thinking to reject the machine but we told her since we pay full amount le n we need the machine. then mu mum agree that next day they give us a new one.. and ask us believe them. So, the problem is solved after such a long day. i think next time when we go buy anithing we wouldn't go there le bah except those buy n take away things.

overall, my mum didnt mind the machine is came from where but why they lie to us is a new piece?? why they dun wan to tell my mum they ytd deliver wrongly?? So you all tell me shld we trust them again??

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