Saturday, September 09, 2006 ;

Sat go Mount ElizaBeth HospitaL agaiN as I had an appointment.. This time we were earlier!!!
So in a few min we went in le.. as usual, the doC use the long long thing to capture inside my ear... could see tt my ear had recover as there no more yellowish or blackish thing.. then de doctor say there some watery thing so he help me suck out using the equipment..
After that he congulated me said that i no need to cum back le.. as de hOLe in the ear already recoverEd... then i ask him why sometime still feel there sumthing in my ear?? He told mE cox maybe it juz grow back n im nOt used to it.. sO neEd timE to adapt!!! so we thank hiM..
So PeopLe, PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR EAR!!! Cox if u had wat i been through, it like living in heLL!!!! After that went Mos Burger to had breakfast wif Mum!! at ard 12 plus, take mrT wif mummy n I alighted @aMK to meet ah JIa..
We were going sim lim cox she wanted to changed a printer ink. But couldn’t change when we reached de shop.. cox the person say only Epson can change for her and she had to go down Epson service centre to change.. as they nothing could be done so we went walking ard and went to a laptop shop as xj feel like buying..then this cute guy approach us and ask if he can help but told him we look ard first.. then I tell jia cannot buy this cox of certain reason then de cute boy say sumthing but I couldnt hear then I tell him nthing then I say something again he say wat I say?? Then I tell him nothing ar.. then we went out cox too Paiseh as I’m talking bad abt certain brand!!! HeehEe..
Then after walking ard, decided to go orchard.. when we reached, we headed to Borders as I wished to use de voucher tt ah yi gave me when christmaS!!! On the way there, we saw Chen HonG yu!!!! De channel U star.. handsome DaOOoo!!! Though I brought my camera but didn’t get de chance to take photo wif him.. -__- then walked ard border, seeing wat could I buy.. then again saw a idol.. PaUL TwoHilL!!! Same as tv.. the hair infront.. Hee HeE *-*!!! After that went to kino as ah jia was finding a textbook.. looking up n down.. finalli she found de book she wants.. and it’S froM MacGraw hIlL (the previous company I work in). Surprising to see quite a lot of book from tt company!!! Then when we were heading to de cashier counter, we saw one of de member from J3 (the one always wear cap de)!! Ah jia n I think todae is our STAR day!!! 3stars in a dae.. keke ~~ then we shop along all the way to Plaza SIngapura..
By the time we reached there, I almost faint as my leg couldn’t take anymore.. so we went makaN @ ajIshan (where we finalli can Sit) after saying hi to WeiChin @ SasA!!! After having a full dinner, we continue to shop.. went Mark & sPencEr.. wHile browsing, took some clothes to try.. asked Jia to join me too.. after trying some.. I had a piece that I like veri much.. but I couldn’t buY cox it’S price is $89!!!! 0_0 Sian Loi.. I Like It sO much.. then went back to Sasa to bid good-bYe to weiChin but she asked us wait for her.. as there thing tt I nva shop n ah jIa agree so we stay.. till 10plus then we headed to Mrt station!!!

Mum & Me in ReFlecTion

tOp roW, 2Nd Pic is the sHirt i Wan!!!!

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