Monday, January 29, 2007 ;
FahRenhEit is HERE!!!,♥

VideO Using mY Hp!!! sO cLosE!!!

Yesterday was DAMN high.. Finally saw my WuZun and other memBer of FahRenhEit!!! I Met uP wif Cf & headeD to ImM. When we reached there, we went to find JuNie & Pres Mdm but they was listening to de Prudential ppL toking abt de Saving plaN stuff.. So Cf and I decided to go Daiso as we had something to buy and we didn't went to queue as the queue was supEr long.. If we went to queue, we can'T see them perform!!!

After buying what we needed, we went to third floor to find a gd pLace to see thEm. But the Chinese New Year decorations thingy seem to block our view.. Therefore, JuNie & pres went lvl 2 to find a better plaCe.. And they Found it!!! then we seat down chit-chat & I continue to do de card as i cant finish it thot i do till sundae morning.. And i gave WuZun a angel tt can hang on Hp.. hOpe i couLd pass to Him!! ArounD 5pM, everyoNe seeM to stand.. so we followed de crowd.. Then we started to test our camera, get de Best place, best angle before they came at 6plUs.. whOle iMm seem to go crazy.. B4 they start to sign, they sang 3songs!!! Then Pres & me went to queue uP!! it's Super LonG.. WonDer we wilL get their signature?? Waited for 2hr, we were still in de carpark.. bY 930Pm we totally nva move.. peopLe infront of us said there another queue.. Onli they move finish theN we will MovE.. So we wanna try to go other queue but we saw it was also veri long n FahRenhEit only signed till 10:10PM.. so we decided not to queue and move infront to see them performed the last song.. Lucki we get to stand at 2nd line.. it's really close to theM!!! While waiting for them to sign finish, someone infront me ask de people videoing (think from media) to pass to them.. then she ask anymore, i faster handed to her.. when she taken mine, she said they only accept cards and i told her it's A card!!! mAybe becox i put in a transparent folder, she thot is gift.. Ho[e WuZun will get it, cox we made an angel keychian for him... i Have onE too!!! Then WuZun was first to sign finish.. n came infront to tallk to us.. he say: yoou all haben get signature?? Never mind.. u all have V.I.P place!!! then rest of the three came forward too.. n say some word.. finishing all their individual speech, they crowd together n discuss something!!! thEn wuzun ask : Do U knOw wat we r going to sing?? theN we shOUt "ChaO xi HuaN nI"!! i shouted kinda loud, wonder wuzun heard it!! keke...tHEn they Say : SiNGApore, wo Men ChaO xi Huan NI!! sO i use my hp to take some pic & 1video (thE aboove onE).. BUT i'm sad cox all de photo kinda blur & i'm sOOO STupiD cox i nva take my camera out & thEY WERE SOOO CLOSE... hOpe pres pic were ok!!! After finished singing, they say Bye n gO LE!!! and so i went hoME le.... HoPe they will be BAck SooN n saw mY carD n visit MY bLOg Ps: i'lL uPdate more pIC when pres Send Me.. & i wanna THanK a few girls.. they r veri sweet!!! Thank GaLsS!!!

My WuZuN !!!

FahRenhEit aT iMm!!!


4:01:00 PM

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