Saturday, September 15, 2007 ;
Eat is what we dO TodaY!!!,♥

Today woke up at 4.30am as we were going to Malaysia -Kluang with a tour.. But I'm still having stomachache since yesterday. So, Mum asked whether I still can go.. To my determination, I said I can and I started to feel less pain after I eaten 2 panadols!!!

By 545aM, we went to take Taxi. When we reached there, alot of people were there already!!! After a while, we were asked to board de bus.. There were 3 bus in total that were going together.. For us, we were arranged in BUs 1.. When we board the bus, we realised there were name tag tOO. They even write for us the white card (the card we alway need to fill in when we go Malaysia) in advance!!!

First Stop - Kampong. We went to a kampong to eat Nasi Lamak as our breakfast!!! While queue-ing for the food, we saw they were selling some fried Quail.. BEside de oil pot, there was a cage and inside is the real Quail.. EEk.. I think those who eat infront of the real Bird is really cruel.. Ok enough of the Quail!! Back to de breakfast, I like the fried mushroom. It was delicious especially with de sauce. Finishing our rice, we went to a room where there mani mushroom in it.. People with perfume are not advisable to go in as the mushroom is sensitive, just like my Nose.. HEe Hee. After that, Mum went to buy mushroom, powder to fried with de mushroom and de special sauce.. Then we board de bus for our next destination!!

Second Stop - Organic Farm. When we reached the farm.. We can see many Dragon Fruits Trees. Other than dragon fruits, they also planted many other vegetables... Seeing all of it.. We proceed to de shop there and brought lot of thing!!! Total bills : RM114.

Third Stop - Lunch. Before having our Lunch at a restaurant, the pastor asked us to sing a Christian song with action.. After that a few people were ask to go infront, not to sing but a surprise Birthday celebration was held for them as their birthday was in Sept. Then, our lunch started.. The food were nice.. When boarding the bus, I began to feel de pain in my stomach, so I ate another 2 panadoLs!! Jialat!!!

Fourth Stop - Malay Biscuit Factory. When we reached there, we saw rubber trees. Therefore, the tour guide told us about how the people cut rubber tree - the supervisor would come and check if they cut properly, how long can a rubber tree provide rubber etc... After that, we had our dessert - some tapioca, green bean soup, cakes etc.. Other thank eating, there also people making biscuit which we can try.. It taste yummy!!!

Fifth Stop - Fu zhou Noodle Factory. This noodle was so famous that no really eveyone was interested in de making of de noodles But buying it.. Even the tour guide had to help de people there.. keke..

Sixth Stop - Tea BreaK. OMG.. Our stomach really cannot take it anymore and yet there was tea time for us.. There were 3dishes (I only get to take photo of 2 dishes!!). The tour guide told us that we have tea time because those ang moh country also have tea time mah.. they have cakes and biscuit.. so we have noodles.. Haha!!!

Seventh Stop - Jusco Shopping Centre. Finally, a destination that we no need to eat. We were given a hour + a few min to shop. As previous month we came before, so we didn't shop much.. Just brought some sushi, Bread, One green tea moon cake (coz I wan), wedges etc... This time we didn't brought any gums.. keke..

Last stop - Dinner. Our final stop of the day.. We had our dinner at some seafood restaurant (same as the previous month we came). The food was kinda de same just the first dish had some changes.. Finishing our food, all of the people were asked to take a group photo before boarding de bus..

So about an hour, reached Singapore custom.. Scanning through my things. Once again when I went through the scanner, the door beeps.. But the officer never stop me as he was talking to Liyi.. What should I say.. I let you all think yourself..

Back to Singapore, we were allow to alight at PIE as there bus for us to go home.. So we bid good-bye to other, thanking them for a wonderful trip..

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