Sunday, November 11, 2007 ;
22Nd BirThdaY cELbratIon 3,♥

Today after work, rush home as later I'll be meeting Cowcify as they going to celebrate my 22nD BirthdaY!!! So excited mAn!!! keke

So by 3pm, we - JIa, Feng & me were waiting for cHIn to pick us up as she would be driving a CAR not Pick-up. After a while, our driver & denise camE!!! We went to VivO to walked around!!! Denise also brought her HP!!! It 's Look veri Nice!!! Then, we went to de Pet Safari to see doggy!!! There still 2 Retrivers, 3 toy poodles and other dogs... They were just Damn KawaII!!!! How I wish I had theM!!!

Then, went to Daiso and shopped ard. Finishing our shopping, our stomach start to protest!!! So we had many suggestion but decided to go Harbour Front shopping centre for AjiseN!!! But looking at the directories, there no Ajisen around. ThereFore, we went to Pastamania!!!

Filling up our stomach, we were thinking what we should do next. Then, Denise n Chin said they had craving for singing.. Me tOO!!! So, our next stop: AMK KbOX!!! But sadly, Jia could not go as she need to be home by 1!!!

So on the way to AMK, they all give me SUPRISE 1 - A veri big card which is Pink colour with lot of our photo!!! realli appreciate it siaH!!! Thank u guys for putting so much effort!!! Loving it!!!

Continue-InG our journey, we had fun in the car. When we reached AMK, we bid gD-Bye to Jia!!! And NExt, it"s Party time!!! (** too Bad jIa Can't ComE!!!) We had room 25!!! We sang so much song and this time each of us had our own song to sing n Chin had recorded it down!! We were all acting like we were opening our own concert, asking audience to sing.. JUsT DamN CRAZY!!! keke.. Hope chin can send me the video n u AlL will understand!!! keke...

Then suddenly, "PIANG"!!! Something had broken!!! Our immediate action was to find a plastic bag and clear up de mess so that no one would notice.. keke!!! Then, we continue to sing!!! We sing till 1.45am and sunddenly they Give me SUPRISE 2 - SIng me a birthday Song!! I didn't even notice they had choose de song!!! And sunddenly, it's Just appear!!!

Finishing de song, Denise passed me a present which was also SURPRISE 3!!! They asked me to open it. So i pend it loi.. It's soft!!! So when I opened, It was a t-shirt and short!! I was surprised they knew my size. BUT to a closer look!!! You all know wat!!!! IT'S MY OWN CLOTHE!!!! As previously, I had lend Chin my clothe when we went to my aunt house!! Nice SUprISe.. I AM REALLI SHOCK!!! keke..

Inside the short, they put a thumbdrive!!! I was wondering what it was and chin Ask Denise to give me the real gift.. nO more Prank le!!! keke.. They sure thInk hard to giv me surpriseS!!! I LOVE THEM SOOOOOOOOOO MUCh!!!!!!! THANK COWCIFY!!! ThanK For using so much ThinKIng JUicE for the surpRises!!! I'lL treat u all a cuP of ORang Juice k!! HAha!!!

Then, we all went home and had our beauty sleep!!! OH YAH, the present they gave me is R4 and 2GB Memory card for my DS!! thank Guy!!! Had a EnjOyaBLE & UNFORGETABLE 22nD BiRthday!!!! MUACK!!!

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